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i really think this is a great game and i really hope you like this FAQ. It 
will tell you most of the basics for star wars battle front II. i really 
enjoyed and i hope you do to. (if you dont get something in ur first try, dont 
worry you will eventually get it).

Scout vehicles
Medium assault vehicles
Heavy assault vehicles
Multi-purpose starfighters
Scout fighters 
Attack transport flyers

Here is a list of the different modes you can do while playing in instant 
1 flag ctf
2 flag ctf

Here are a list of different units:         *only available in space

Rebal alliance:
Rebal soldier
Rebal marksman
Rebal smuggler
Bothan spy
Wookie warrior
Rebel pilot*
Rebal marine*

Galactic empire:
Shock trooper
Scout trooper
Imperial engineer
Imperial officer
Dark trooper
Imperial pilot*
Imperial marine*

Clone trooper
Heavy trooper
Clone sharpshooter
Clone engineer
Clone commander
Jet trooper
Clone pilot*
Clone marine*


Super battle droid
Assauld droid
Assassin droid
Engineer droid
Pilot droid*
Droid marine*

Here are what the objects in the battlefield are:
White container-extra ammo
Blue tank-extra health
Yellow tank-extra stamina
Green tank-extra defense 
Red tank-increases attack

here are weaknesses to some of the people or things you may fight in star wars 
battlefront II

            enemy                               the weakness

            at-at----------------------------- front of neck
            at-st----------------------------- legs
            at-te----------------------------- back part of neck 
            geonosion------------------------- wings
            speeder bike---------------------- unknown
            wampa----------------------------- chin/face
            alliance aac---------------------- back of missle shooter
            ift-t----------------------------- unknown
            speeder bike---------------------- front end
            spider walker--------------------- bottom of middle ball
            ewok------------------------------ head
            hero/villain----------------------arm/back of head         
here are some characters not mentioned in the unit section

darth vader
darth maul
darth tyrannios (count dooku)
darth sidious (the emperer)
anakin skywalker
princess leigha organa
luke skywalker
queen amidala


                                   for now...

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