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Alright, this is my second walkthrough, so don’t expect complete perfection!

Q an A

You: Well, you start out with your own farm. One cow. You get to name your person, 
though it is always a boy.

Takukauku: Your dad’s best friend. He will be the one buying & selling your stuff. 
He will also help you with questions.

Dad: Well…your dad’s sorta died, so let’s move on.

Cecilia: She lives and works at Vesta’s farm. You can learn more about her down at 
my girl’s section

Muffy: Muffy is, what I think, the prettiest.  She lives and works at the Blue Bar. 
Learn more about her at the girls section

Nami: She’s the red-head. She’s hard to get and down right un-friendly. Learn more 
about her in the girl’s section

Vesta: The owner of the farm next to yours. She’s fairly large and has red hair. You 
should try planting your crops in the shape of hers. She has come to love Cecilia 
like a daughter, so the more you befriend Cecilia, the more you befriend her.

Marlin: Vesta’s son. I personally think he looks like Elvis. He has a MAJOR crush on 
Cecilia, so the more you befriend her, the more Marlin dis-likes you.

Carter: Carter is an archeologist. He works at the dig, which is found one the right 
of the waterfall behind Vesta’s farm. You can usually find him in the dig. But in 
the early mornings, he’ll send Flora down to the dig while he stretches. But he will 
go in at 9. 

Flora: Flora is Carter’s lab partner. (She’s an adult, so no, you can’t marry her) 
She has short red hair and glasses. She is mostly in the dig, before and after 
Carter, digging. But she will sometimes go for walks next to the river. 

Chris: Chris is Wally’s wife and Hugh’s mother. She works in town and you will only 
see her in the mornings on her way out, or late at night. She has short red hair, 
(there are tons of red-heads in this game), glasses, and a stiff dress. 
Wally: Wally is Chris’s husband and Hugh’s father. He LOVES to exercise, and will be 
up at 6 training with Hugh. I’m not sure, but I think he trains people in Town.

Hugh: Hugh is Chris’s and Wally’s son. He, like his father, loves to run and will be 
up with him while he is training. In chapter two, he kind of looks like a teen and 
his clothes change.  I’m not sure why, but some time’s you can catch him crying next 
to the well. 

Daryl: He is a wacky scientist. His face looks like it exploded. He doesn’t like it 
when you’re in his house, and, if you don’t befriend him, he will often trespass on 
your farm. 

Cody: An artist. He lives in a trailer. He is cranky and your son will be mean if 
your show him Cody.

Romana: She’s a rich old lady. You can find her at her mansion; she never leaves and 
when she does, never leaves her yard. She has two cats and if you befriend her, she 
will give you one in the fall of chapter 2.

Sebastian: Romana’s long-time butler. He will be nice to you. And he will say how 
the years he has been working with Romana have flew by. I think he has a crush on 

 Lumina: Romana’s granddaughter. She’s not spoiled, but very nice. She will some 
time’s play the piano, but only some times. She is a possible wife for your son. 

Cecilia: A farm girl who works and lives at Vesta’s farm. She has brown eyes, brown 
hair, wears a shaggy dress, and is the easiest to woo. To make her grow hearts for 
you, give her gifts. To see how many hearts she has for you, look in her diary. You 
can find it by clicking “Look” when you go to her bed. She will be the most helpful 
with the farm work, but in chapter 2, never leaves the house. 
Likes: Ores, flowers, eggs, and veg. 
Dislikes: Fossils, When you tease her with the Blue Feather

Muffy: The flirty little blond chick. She lives and works at the Blue Bar. (By the 
way it opens at 10 am) Next to Cecilia, she is the easiest to woo. She has blonde 
hair, green eyes, and wears a 70’s dress. You need to give her gifts to win her 
over. But I don’t see why you want to marry HER. The other two are much more helpful 
around the farm. Give her gifts before and after her job. You can find her diary 
behind the plant in the Blue Bar. If you marry her she will ask to still work at the 
Blue Bar. If you accept, she will never be home.
Likes: Flowers, Coins, Ores, Whatever catches her eye, and a certain kind of fish
Dislikes: Fossils, Weird Stuff

Nami: The wonderer. She is a HUGE tomboy and keeps to herself. She lives at the 
Hotel Inn, but locks the door when she is not home. You will have to stay up WAY 
late to check her diary in her room, or be their at 9 am. She has red hair, brown 
eyes, a wears a tee-shirt and shaggy pants. She may act un-friendly, but is truly 
hiding what she feels. She has no job, but will CONSTANTLY roam around Forget-Me-
Not. She is the hardest to woo.
Likes: Good Home Cooking, Weird Stuff, Fossils
Dislikes-flowers; manly everything 

Yes! Now that you know the characters, let’s move on! Now, before you get married, 
you need the following. 2 sheep, one cow and calf, less then 6 chickens, a pond. So, 
time to pick your bride! Will it be Ms. Farmer, Ms. Flirty, or Ms. I Hate You? 
Remember; make them have four hearts for you before you propose. FOUR. So, you give 
them a Blue Feather and you engaged! They won’t live with you ‘till the end of the 
year. So, you wait until the day comes!
Cecilia’s wedding: You will go to Cecilia’s farm and Vesta and Marlin are there. You 
are married, and Marling will beg Cecilia to come back. Then you will run of with 
your wife to tell people about your marriage. 
Muffy’s wedding: You will go to the Blue Bar and the owner will start talking and 
stuff. Then, you will run of and tell the people you are married. She will ask if 
she could still work at the Blue Bar. You will get a discount there if you marry her.
Nami’s wedding: You will go to the Inner Inn and their owners and their son will 
give her away. They will talk and then you run of to tell people you’re married. 
Note: If you don’t marry Nami, she’ll leave.

Once you come home the screen will darken and it’ll say, “A Few Years Later” You now 
have a son! And boy are they CUTE!!

Cecilia’s baby: Cecilia’s will be down-to-earth like his mom, and will look like 
both you and Cecilia. He will have brown hair, brown eyes, and wear green. His 
mother gets up at 6 and so does he. He is OBSEST with plants, but will be afraid of 
animals. He will say, “Fwowers are pwetty” a LOT. If not, he will ask you to “Cawwy” 
him. If you don’t, you’ll leave him standing with his arms open. If you talk to him 
he will say, “Cawwy…?” he’s so cute I just HAVE to do it! He will ask, “Do you think 
animals are cute?” Say he’s cuter and he will start to like animals. He doesn’t go 
far, and if you bring him far from home, he will walk home.

Muffy’s baby: Muffy’s will be a little trouble maker. He will look all like Muffy 
and nothing like you. He will wear blue overalls, green eyes, and blond hair. He 
will travel far. Once, when he stayed out late past his bedtime, Muffy got scared 
and said you need to watch him to! But he never gets in trouble. He likes animals, 
but it’s usually not his dream to take over the family farm.

Nami’s baby: One word: perfect. He, un-like his mom, will never leave the house. He 
will have brown eyes, red overalls, and red hair. He will be helpful with the farm 
work when he is older and might take over the farm. His mom is usually never home, 
so, he puts himself to sleep.

Cow- both male and female. Can order. Give Fodder
Chicken- Also order. Get them birdfeed
Duck- to get ducks you must have a pond and it must be the 
                 of the second year in the fall. You wife will wake you and say 
there are ducks. Feed birdfeed
Sheep: order. Are kept in barn. Eat Fodder. Sheer wool.
Horse: in the first summer Takakura will say there is a new barn member and he will 
have bought you a horse!
Goat: in the second spring Van will be selling them
Dog: in the beginning you choose a dog. Pointy ears or long ones. But, befriend 
Carter, and he will give you a chuwawa
Cat: befriend Romana and in the second fall you will have a cat!

				Coming Soon!

Well, that’s it for now. E-mail me at [email protected] if you have any 

Q: Where did Muggy used to work?
A: She was a secretary in the city

Q: How do You Befriend People?
A: Give them gifts. Each person has their own likes and dislikes

Q: How can I make my son love me?
A: Pick him up, talk to him, and give him toys  




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