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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - About Celia & A Guide Redone
By Nathan Maltba(Harvestmoonking3301)

Dear Reader,
	This is the almost done Full Version of “About Celia & A Guide”  so 
please enjoy. 

   I have been very busy lately, working on Harvest Moon: Magical Melody but I 
have now got the time to continue this Faq/Walkthough. During "Chapter 1" You 
WILL HAVE TO FIND A WIFE. If you don't the game will end, simple, but there is 
some people that don't listen. Anyway you will have to give Celia any flower 
everyday so she will be able to acept your proposel in "The Begaining Summer 
Year 1". Her diary is upstairs in the plant at Vesta's Farm. Hint: Get to know 
as many People as you can in the first chapter so you can get stuff in the 
second chapter. After 1 full year (40 days)

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