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   Hi! This is my very first walkthrough. I will tell you how to get Celia, about 
ect.Below is the contents as you see.

1.Girl Friend!
2.More Love
3.Three Hearts
5.Marrige at Last
6.Aw how cute!
7.Nice Life...right?
8.Other Stuff
9. FAQ

-~-~Girl Freind!-~-~-~
 Ok, as you know, Celia lives close to your farm. Now its good she does because in 
order for her to REALLY like you, you have to give her gifts! heres what she likes: 
Flowers,Ores,Vegs,and eggs. But dont give her ANY fossils OR bones! she hates those!
It may take a while for her to have 4 hearts, but it will happen if you follow this 
FAQ! now after she has alot of gifts and at least 2 hearts, she'll be your 
girlfriend! so give her gifts!

-~-~More Love-~-~-
 You'll get cutscenes with her, the first starts at her first heart.And when I got 
her, i kept giving her gifts. You can only give her one gift each day. and just in 
case, heres a small map of your and her farm below.

|                  CELIA's FARM                       |                            
|                                                     |
|     |-------- |             |----------|            |            
|     |---TENTS--|            |          |            |
|     |-------- |             |          |            |
|                             |--HOUSES--|            |
|                             |          |            |
|         |--------------|    |----------|            |
|         |    FEILD     |                            |
|         ---------------      |BRIDGE TO  TOWN|      |
|                 YOUR FARM                           | 
|                                                     | 
|            |---------|   _____     |-LS--|          |
|        |DH||   YH    ||W||_CC_|    |-----|          |
|            |---------|                              |
|                                                     |
|     ---|                                            |
|     |FS|           |---TS--|------------|           |  
|     |--|           |-------|   PASTURE   |          |
|                    |  BARN |             |          |
|  |TH-----|         |-------||B|          |          |
|  |-------|                 |-------------|          |
|                                                     |
       *wow that took me a long time!

YOUR FARM codes: YH= your house
                 FS=food storage
                 TS=tool shed
                 LS:locked shed                      
                 DH:dog house
                 TH:takukuru's house
                 CC:chicken coop
well now that youve seen her and your farm lets move on.

~-~-~-Three Hearts-~-~
Once she has 3 hearts as you of course know she needs one more! just keep giving 
her more gifts  and one VERY important thing, on the first day of your first summer 
you will get the blue feather to engage. She'll have four hearts one day in the 
summer so save the feather.Back to the hearts.....three hearts, give her more gifts 
when it happens! and soon she will have four!Also you dont have to give her the 
blue feather by the end of winter, she'll propose to you herself.

 Finally, when she has four hearts, Give her the blue feather! a cutscene where you 
have a "date" with her for engagment at the spring.Then wait paiently for the first 
of the next year. But engaging is easy so lets go on.

 Now the moment youve been waiting for! Marrige! on the first day of the next year 
you will wake up or jus wait and a cutscene will come up where you run out of the 
house and go to celia's farm and blah blah blah then you go with celia to tell 
everyone bout your marrige but no text.

-~-~-~Aw How Cute!-~-~-~
In the text after you go home with her it will say "A few years later" and then 
they will ask you to name your charetor again with a nickname and then you will see 
celia's and your son. He is ADORABLE. We are gonna talk bout him and since i named 
him Tom lets call him tom in this FAQ. you can buy toys for tom from Van. they will 
stay in a little box next to his bed and he will sometimes play with them. each 
chapter he will grow, and on the third chapter he'll become a kid. and on the 
fourth, a bigger kid, i think or a teen, im not sure but you can find out right? 
well you'll enjoy it.I might 
talk bout tom in the other chapter now lets move on shall we?

-~-~What a Great Life!-~-~
 Tom will begen to grow up and when he's all grown up at the end of the game you 
die. Wasnt that a great life? sorry i couldnt tell you about ALL of his stages i 
didnt get that far!

-~-~Other Stuff-~-~
 o  <-------I drew a stick person!Ehem, sorry. Back to Celia and Tom...
\|/          Now, I forgot a few things up there, so here they are. 
/\           This is how you will direct Tom to his intrests.

             * Keep animals out in pasture alot
             * Milk cow by your bare hands
             * Feed your animals snacks (eg. carrots, apples...)
             * Show him eggs, milk...
             Coming soon. Sorry.
Yeah, I have to do it another time, sorry for the inconvinionce. Other walkthroughs 
have all of them.        

Ok, here is the FAQ, if none of your quetions are answerd, e-mail me.At the bottem 
of the page is my e-mail address.
Q:What do I do when my charactor is hungry?
A:pick up some food, then eat it, same with tiredness, just go to sleep in that 
matter!But on to the quetions about Celia...
Q:What happens if I say no to Ceila's praposement?
A:Then you break ceila's heart and then its game over.
Q: Would celia see me looking at her diary and then hate me?
A:No, she wont see you even if shes facing your way.
    Well,no more quetions here, but more soon!

Well thats it! if you have quetions, or anything i dont have email me my address 
is [email protected]

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