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         ================= About*the*Characters=================
                          By: The Dragoon Demon

The Characters:

                          About the Characters 
      Character: Dart
      ===============   Dart is a human
      Father: Zeig
      Mother:Claire( I would say that it is Herschal's daughter Claire, you 
will agree with me after see all the cutscenes)
     Weapon: Swords( His best weapon is the Soul Eater it has a Attack stat of 
          Dart is the main character,( He is my favorite character), He is 
strong and the only character you can't replace for another character for your 
battle team. You start out with Dart and you get chased by the dragon 
Feyrbrand, you are saved by Rose,(no she is not on your team yet)she then 
leaves and you start off on your adventure. You then find out that shana was 
taken to the Hellana Prison, and go to get her, that is how your adventure 
starts off. Dart is the leader on this adventure, is brave,strong,and cool( All 
your team thinks so and I do too). He is the Red-Eyed  Dragon Dragoon.

  Character: Shana
  ================  Shana is a human
  Element: Light
  Mother and father: Names Unknown
  Weapon: Bow
     Shana is Dart's sweetheart and is the chosen one, I will not say who in 
particular who she is. Shana is pretty much weak. She can be useful though. 
Shana is pretty much the second main character. She has dragoon spells that 
heal your characters on your battle team. She has a sister but you do not find 
out who she is until a certain point in the game( I will not tell you who she 
is). Shana is a too good to others kind of person. Shana is the Silver Dragon 

 Character: Lavitz 
============= Lavitz is a human
Element: Wind
Father: Servi
Mother: Name Unknown
Weapon: Spears, Lances

    Lavitz is a knight of Basil. He is very good to use at the beginning of the 
game, until he is killed by a certain someone on disk one. Lavitz is from the 
Capital Bale. His father was the strongest knight of Basil( until killed by his 
good friend Greham). Lavitz taught King Albert how to use a spear, and lance. 
Lavitz was one of Dart’s closest friends, as well as one of Albert’s. Lavitz is 
the Jade Dragon Dragoon.  

Character: Rose 
============ Rose is a human
Element: Darkness
Parents: Unknown
Weapon: Rapiers, Daggers, Sword ( she has the strongest weapon in the game, the 
Dragon Buster)

    Rose Is cruel, but cool. She is one of the original Dragoons from the 
Dragon Campaign. She loves Zeig, and was his fiancée, until he was killed in 
the Dragon Campaign. She knows a lot about dragoons. She is a little bit older 
than 11,000 years old, around 11,025 years old. (She is one of my favorite 
characters.) Rose falls in love with Dart because she sees Zeig in Dart. Rose 
is the Dark Dragon Dragoon.

 Character: Haschel 
============== Haschel is a human
Element: Lightning
Parents: Unknown
Weapon: Gloves, Fists

    Haschel is a older man, and the master of The Martial Arts Rouge School. He 
is quite funny to listen to and watch during the game. He set off on a quest to 
find his daughter Claire around 20 yrs ago. He joins your team after the Hero 
Competition in Lohan is over. He likes girls a lot too. Haschel is the Thunder 
Dragon Dragoon.

Character: Albert
============ Albert is a human
Element: Wind
Father: Former King Carlo
Mother: Unknown
Weapon: Spears, Lances 

     Albert is the son of King Carlo who was killed by Albert’s Uncle Emperor 
Doel. Albert then became the King of Serdio. He was a close friend of Lavitz. 
When Lavitz is killed by a certain someone Albert joins your team to carry out 
Lavitz’s dream. Albert then became the new Jade Dragon Dragoon. 

 Character: Meru 
============ Meru is a Wingly 
Element: Water
Parents: Names Unknown
Weapon: Hammers

       Meru is a dancer, and she is a very energetic person. She likes to pull 
pranks on people and wants Dart to love her. She joins your team on disk 2. She 
likes to learn about Romance. She is considered to be one of the stronger 
Dragoons. She was kicked out of the Wingly Forest when she left to live with 
humans.  Meru is the Blue Dragon Dragoon. 

 Character: Kongul
============= Kongul is a Giganto
Element: Earth
Parents: Unknown  (Has a brother named Indora, Indora was the strongest 
Weapon: Axes  

    Kongul is the last of his kind. All his people were killed in a battle, and 
he was found by Emperor Doel. Doel promised him that together they would create 
a world where everyone was equal. You fight him 2 times. After you kill Emperor 
Doel he sets off on his own  and looks for Dart and Dart’s companions. After 
you defeat Gehrich in the Home of Gigantos Kongul saves your whole team from 
the pillar that falls and in the direction of the team. Kongul then joins your 
team because he thinks Dart can help him make everyone equal. Kongul is the 
Golden Dragon Dragoon.

Character: Miranda
============== Miranda is a human
Element: Light
Parent: Real mother unknown, Adopted mother  Queen Theresa
Father: Unkown 
Weapon: Bows

           Miranda is the First Sacred Sister of Mille Seasua. She is sometimes 
harsh to others. Her real mother abandoned her when she was little. She was 
found by Queen Theresa and lived in Deningrad with her as Theresa’s adopted 
daughter. She hates roses because  her mother liked them and they were always 
behind of where her mother sat at in their house.  When Shana could no longer  
bear beng a dragoon  Miranda took her place as a dragoon. Miranda is the new 
Silver Dragon Dragoon.  

 Character: Zeig
=========== Zeig is a human
Element: Fire
Parents: Unknown
Weapon: Sword

      Zeig is not a playable character. He is one of the original Dragoons from 
the Dragon Campaign. He lead the humans to victory in the Dragon Campaign when 
he killed Melbu Frauhma. Zeig was the Red-Eyed Dragon Dragoon, and the father 
of Dart. Zieg claims to be Emperor Diaz. He awakens the God of Destruction at 
the end of the game. Zeig and Rose die after the fight with Melbu Frahma in the 
explosion of the moon, so they would die together like they wanted to.

 Character: Claire
============= Claire is a human
Element: Unknown
Father: Haschel
Mother: Unknown
Weapon: Fists

      Claire is not a playable character. She is a boss on the moon. Some 
people think she is Dart’s mother but we are not sure. ( She looks like Dart’s 
mother from the cut scenes, and has Dart’s mother’s name.) She is Haschel’s 
daughter and a good fighter too. Claire’s mother is unknown to me. Claire is a 
spirit on the moon that never sets.

 Character: Lloyd
============= Lloyd is a wingly
Element: Unknown
Parents: Unknown
Weapon: Swords

        Lloyd is a character you cannot use. You meet Lloyd at the Hero 
Competition in Lohan. He is working for Emperor Diaz. He started the war, 
burned down the village Seles, took Shana away, and steals the moon objects for 
Emperor Diaz. He is also the person  who killed Lavitz. He later becomes the 
first Divine Dragon Dragoon, and Dart becomes the second one after Lloyd dies 
on the moon.

  This faq might be updated by me in the Future. Please do not copy this fact 
on any other website, if you do please give the credit to me thank you.

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