Act One -Ashes- 14-Years After Emergence Day - Guide for Gears of War

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Gears of War Act One Strategy Guide

MA strategys(tm)

Note- This is being played in single player on Insane.

Act 1
14-years after emergence day
	You’re in a cell when you hear Dom approach the door.  Jack will rip 
the door and you will be free to go.  When your ready to play, walk out of you 
cell and to the right where Dom is standing in the door way.  If you have 
never played the game take training if you have, just go to combat.  I’m not 
going to describe it because it’s training.  When you press combat head strait 
to get a Cog tag.  On the left side of the room Dom will be standing by a 
door, go and kick it down and grab both boxes of ammo if you playing solo, 
only one if you playing co-op.
Tip—Be nice to you co-op friend he might save you life someday.
	There’s a bridge that 2 Locust will come and attack.  Take cover and 
kill them.
 Hint—This game is not a run and gun game, you will get killed very fast if 
you play it like one.
	After dealing with the locust, jump over obstacles until you reach a 
pile of grenades grab them.  Head through the door that is now on you left, 
there are 2 Locust running around kill them and then toss a grenade under the 
window were the third is shooting at you.  There’s some ammo and a Cog tag in 
the far right corner of the room.  Head to the center of the room and turn 
toward the door the Locust are cutting through, take cover in front of it and 
get ready to toss a grenade when the open it.  After you kill them, head 
outside and to your left were a Cog tag and some ammo sits.  Kill the 4 Locust 
in the court yard then book it to the raven to get extracted.

Trail By Fire
(Coming soon)

This is a work in progress and will have updates shortly, I will be expanding 
it to cover the game and have all the Cog tag Locations.

Give me credit if you want to use it on another website
Also contact me at [email protected]
Or on my Gamertag Snipe343

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