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 W  W  W    W  W  W    FFFFFFFFF      RRRRRRR      A        W  W  W
 W  W  W    W  W  W    F              R     R     A A       W  W  W
 W  W  W    W  W  W    FFFFFF         RRRRRRR      A        W  W  W
 W  W  W    W  W  W    F              R     R    A   A      W  W  W
 W  W  W    W  W  W    FFFFFF         RRRRRRR   A     A     W  W  W
 W  W  W    W  W  W    F              R R      AAAAAAAAA    W  W  W
 W  W  W    W  W  W    F              R  R    A         A   W  W  W
 WWWWWWW    WWWWWWW    F              R   R  A           A  WWWWWWW

                     ***Al Snow FAQ Version 1.0***
                     Game Created by: THQ
                     FAQ Created by: Brakker-Z Ryan Rider

Table Of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Updates
3. Info on him
4. Moves
5. Did You Know?
6. Credits
7. Conclusion
8. Copyright Info

1. Introduction
Hey everyone! I used to make mini-FAQs for WWF No Mercy, so now i'll do the same 
for as many wrestlers as possible for WWF Raw! Enjoy!

~Brakker-Z Ryan Rider.

2. Updates
Version 1.0- 02-25-02: Just starting it; Put his in-game biography, moves and 
started the Did you Know? section.

3. Info on him
Height: 6`0"
Weight: 234 Ibs.
From: Lima, Ohio
Finishing Move: Snow Plow™
Favorite Quote: "What does everybody want?"
Career Highlights: Hardcore Champion, Tag Team Champion, European Champion

Distressed over treatment by Federation brass in the past, Al Snow claims he has 
been psychologically traumatized as a result of his former "gimmicks", which 
including Avatar and Leif Cassidy. But in time, Al proved himself as a legitimate 
WWF Superstar. Currently he can be seen training WWF hopefuls on MTV's popular 
WWF Tough Enough series.

4. Moves
>= Right
<= Left
CP= Control Pad
AS= Analog stick
/= "Or"
Superstar Standing:

Grapple                         A
American Jab R                  X     
Body Punch R                   >X
Low Drop Kick 2                 A^
American Jab L                 A
Shift To Back Grapple           B
Throw Opponent into Ropes       AN+B
Elbow                           X
Knee Attack                    >X
Toe Kick                       A
Russian Leg Sweep               A^/¡    
Back Elbow                      X
Waist Elbow                  X
Back Headbutt                   X^/¡   
Front Grapple-Strong:
Powerbomb                       A
M Back Drop                  A
Al Snow Headbutt                A^¡
Manhattan Drop                  X
Powerbomb Whip               X
Northern Lights Suplex 2        X^¡
Snow Plow(v-meter flashing)     A+B
Shift To Back Grapple           B
Throw Opponent into Ropes       AN+B
Break Grapple                   Y	
Back Grapple-Strong:
Sleeper Hold                    A
Leg Trip                     A
German Suplex Whip              A^¡
Back Lariat				  X
Atomic Drop                  X
School Boy                      X^¡
Back Drop 3(v-meter)            A+B
Opponent on Ground:
Stomping                        X   
Elbow                           CP+X
Opponent Lying on Back:
Head Pound(upper body)          CP+A
Head Pound(v-meter flashing)    A+B
Half Boston Crab(lower body)    CP+A
Half Boston Crab(meter flashing)A+B
Opponent Lying on Stomach:
Face Pound(upper body):         CP+A
Face Pound(v-meter flashing)    A+B
Knee Crusher(lower body)        CP+A
Knee Crusher(v-meter flashing)  A+B
Running at Opponent:
Clothesline                     X
Clothesline(v-meter flashing)   A+B
Neckbreaker(front)              A
Bulldoging Head Lock(back)      A     
Elbow Drop 1(opponent 1)        X
Counter Running Opponent:
Shoulder Through                A
Power Slam                      CP/AN+A
Power Slam(v-meter flashing)    A+B
Back Elbow                      X
Back Elbow                      CP/AN+X
Opponent Leaning on Turnbuckle:
Tackle(front)                   A/X
Punch(front)                    A/X^¡
Headbutt(front)              A/X
Suplex(v-meter flashing)        A+B
Corner Pull Down(back)          A/X
Corner Push Combo(back)         A/X^¡
Lariat(back)                 A/X
Back Drop(v-meter flashing)     A+B
Superstar on Corner Post:
Double Axe Handle                X
Diving Leg Drop                  A
Moonsault Kurt(v-meter flashing) A+B
Superstar on Second Turnbuckle:
Dropkick(towards corner)         CP+A
Opponent on Corner Post:
Wave Rope(opponent facing ring)  A
Toprope Thrust(o facing outside) A
Superstar on Apron Grappling Opponent in Ring:
Front Rope Stun Gun(o facing out)A
Drop(opponent facing ring)       A
Superstar In-Ring Grappling Opponent on Apron:
Stun Gun                         A
Flying Attack from Ring to Outside:
Plancha(towards rope)            CP+A
Baseball Slide Kick(running)     AN+A
Flying Attack from Apron to Outside:
Double Axe Handle(towards outsideCP+A
Double Axe Handle(running)       AN+A
Flying Attack from Apron to Ring:
Swan Dive Drop Kick(towards ring)CP+A
Check Hand                       B
Common Tanut 1                   CP+B
Taunt(on corner post)            B
Taunt(in corner)                 B
Taunt(on apron)                  B

5. Did You Know...
-Al Snow also competed in the WWF under the names, Avatar and Leif Cassidy.

-Al Snow was once in a stable. 

-Al's stable's name was 'The Job Squad'. The members included Al, Hardcore Holly, 
Scorpio, The Blue Meanie, and Gillberg.

-Al Snow has had 3 items he's talked to under the Al Snow gimmick: Head, Pierre 
(a deer head), and Pepper (a small Chiwahua).

-When Al had his Leif Cassidy gimmick, he was a member of a tag team with Marty 
Jannety called the New Rockers.

If you know any more Did You Knows for Al Snow, please e-mail me at 
[email protected] or [email protected]

6. Credits
Thanks to Prima's Official Strategy guide for WWF Raw for the move list. I took 
the Move List from Prima's Official Strategy guide, as there is no in-game 
movelist unlike No Mercy.

Thanks to you for reading my FAQ.

7. Conclusion
I hope this FAQ came in handy and you liked it! If you have any questions or 
comments or any ideas please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] or 
[email protected]

8. Copyright Info
This FAQ is Copyright (c)2002 Ryan Rider, this faq may not be used without 
permission except on the following sites:

Tim's Vault:
RP Gamer:

Thanks Everyone!!

-Ryan Rider

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