All 7 dragonballs for Goku - Guide for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

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Phrase 1:  Saiyan Saga

Dragon Radar (C3R2)
   It is located somewhere in the plains that is northeast off the
   red marker. Search for a ??? marker
1st Dragonball (C4R1)
   Within the snowy continent, you will find a ??? marker near the
   forest located near Muscle Tower. Make use of the radar to aid

2nd Dragonball (C1R2)
   Within the hilly region of main continent, search the northwest
   region & there is an island off the mountains. You will find a
   ??? marker. Use your Dragon Radar to aid you.

Phrase 2:  Namek Saga
3rd Dragonball (Between C3R1 & C4R1)
   The dragonball can found on island north off the northeast
   continent where you find the red marker. Use the radar to aid you.

4th Dragonball (C1R2)
   Within the region, you will find a couple of small islands.
   Within one of them has a ??? marker. It is located on an island 
   southwest off Northwest continent. Use the radar to aid you.

Phrase 3:  Androids Saga/Cell Games
5th Dragonball (C4R4)
   Proceed to the ocean where the compass is located on the World Map.
   You will be able to find your fifth Dragonball! Use your radar
   to aid you!

Phrase 4:  Buu Saga
6th Dragonball (C3R4)
   There is a small patch of island that is located east from the
   World Tournament Stage. Use your radar to assist you.

7th Dragonball (C2R1)
   Proceed northeast from North City and search the mountains area.
   You will find the 7th and last Dragonball here! Use the radar to
   assist you.

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