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1)	All About Cecilia 
2)	Girl Friend?
3)	1 More To Go! 
4)	Propose!
5)	Marriage!
6)	Your Son
7)	You Die
8)	The End!

Alright, time to learn about Ms. Farmer! Well, most of this is a rumor, but go with 
me here! Alright, she was NOT born in that farm where she now lives and works. No, 
she was born in Town. She will sometimes talk about her life there. She was sent to 
the farm by her parents and brother to live and work when she was 13.The owner, 
(can’t remember her name. She’s fairly large), and her son, Marvin, where thrilled. 
Marvin over the years develops a crush on Cecilia, and is mad and upset if you’re 
trying to woo her. Keep this is mind, if you want to be friends with Marvin, stay 
away from Cecilia. 

Okay, now about YOU. Alright, you’ve met your fathers friend, (also forget his 
name. Kind of looks like a monkey), he’s introduced you to all the towns folk, and 
you’ve met your cow and the dog of your choice. You just start out, thinking, “Wow. 
This is what I’m going to be doing forever”. Wrong. So you hear gorilla boy talking 
to you about how your father wanted you to start a family on the farm. So, you’ve 
seen Cecilia and think she’s pretty. You decide to have her as a wife. You run over 
to the farm and talk to her. She says she’d love to come over and see your crops 
sometime. (don’t count on it, she never does) You go up to her room in the attic 
and look for her diary. (you’ll find it by clicking on her bed when it 
says “Look”)  At first it will say, “He is…” then will have one heart. You try 
again, but she’s not growing any hearts. You give up on marrying her and Marvin is 
pleased. Well, are you NUTS?!? She won’t grow hearts by talking, so give her many 
gifts. She likes veg’s, ores which you find in the dig, flowers and eggs. (Note: 
she will be your girlfriend when she has two hearts for you)

Whoa! THAT took a long time! But she’s finally got 3 hearts for you!! Now, you’re 
on Marvin’s bad side. Ohhh…! Alright, time to give her gift, and LOTS of ‘em! 
Remember to give her ONE gift per day, and she will soon be yours!

YAH!!! 4 hearts! By now, you’ve probably got the Blue Feather from the Harvest 
Sprites. So, with it in hand, run up to Cecilia’s farm. (Marvin will stay close to 
her) You hand it to her, and she’ll ask, “Really? For me?” (Do NOT tease her with 
it. Teasing is when she asks, “Really?” and you say no. If she turns you down, talk 
to the owner) Say YES. And you will be magically transported into the Spring on 
a “date” with her. She will talk about her father gave her mother a Blue Feather so 
long ago and how she wished for one. Then, you will appear at he entrance to the 
Spring. Run over to Cecilia’s farm. She will be happy and will smile all day. The 
owner will say she is happy for both you and your bride-to-be. Marvin, however, 
will NOT be happy. He will state that she will break the marriage. Note: she never 
will. (before you get married, you will need the following. 1 sheep, a calf and a 
cow, a pond, a few chickens.)

The wedding bells are ringing! You wake up on the last day of the year, and, no 
matter what time it is, there will be a cut seen where you run to Cecilia’s farm 
and get Hitched. The owner is happy and says she is in your hands now. Marvin will 
be crying and will ask for her to come back, and the owner gets mad. Then, you with 
your wife, run to the town and tell the people you’re married. (no words) Then, you 
appear at your farm and Monkey Man talks. You and Cecilia go into your house and 
she asks for a pet name to call you. Then the screen goes black and it says, “A few 
years later”. You hear a baby in the backround…

It’s a boy! Cecilia’s baby is the cutest out of all of the babies. So, you name 
him. (I chose Max, so let’s stick to that) Max has green overalls and brown hair 
and eyes. He’s down to earth like his momma and loves plants. (duh!) It’s pretty 
likely he will take over the farm. But, there is ONE weakness… he HATES animals! 
He’s scared to death around ‘em! But he likes the ducks. Just stand clear of them, 
okay? He will usually be home. He likes it when your there for his dinner, (6 pm), 
and his bedtime, (9 pm.) he will always ask for you to pick him up. Do it. It may 
be annoying, and it may spoil him, but you DO ant him to like you, right? I’m still 
working on my toddler, so I can’t tell you about his childhood! 

Well, you and Cecilia have grown old together, and your son has grown up. You and 
Cecilia die, and, if you raised him right, Max will take over the farm. (sorry, you 
can’ play him! Once your dead, your dead!) 

Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed my first Walkthrough! If you have any 
questions, let me know at [email protected]! Now, for some Q and A…
							Q: why do you need a pond?
							A: For the ducks

Q: will your son love you even if you don’t pick him up?
A: well, if you do some times, I guess.

Well, that’s all for now! See yah!



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