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Welcome back!!!!!!!!!

1. Intro
2. Chao Races and toys
3. Chao boxes
4. Performing
5. Special eggs
6. Closing

Welcome back!  This is All about chao Guide two.  It makes me proud to write these 
guides.  I enjoy doing this.  My email dress is [email protected]  I forgot to put that 
in Guide 1.  Sorry

                              Chao Races and toys
The chao Races are located in the cave in chao garden by the waterfall.  There are 4 
competitons:Swimming,Running,strength,and flying.  If you win  all of them your chao 
will earn a medal and  a toy.  You need these tools like a shovel  and water bucket 
to plant seeds.  You cant plant without them.

                                Chao boxes
There are three chao boxes in each stage.  The first one contains a chao key,the 
second contains small animals,the third contins a special animal.  

At certain times your chao might perform wat it learned in school.  It is really 

                       Special eggs
At certain times the black market will sell eggs.  They are chao!!!  Visit the black 
markt after u get an emblem.

That raps it up.  Look for guide three comi

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