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                              Sonic Adventure 2 Battle-chao
2.Raising your chao

3. Rings
4. About the author

First I would like to thank all people who are reading this.  This is book one on All 
about chao. I must ask that after reading this you would email me telling me that you 
have read this guide and please give me complements.  I will be Writing book 2 on 
chao very soon.  My hopes on writing guides in the future are very high. Enjoy!!!!!

Chao are creatures that are cute,lovable,tiny creatures.  They come in many 
colors,shapes,and sizes.  You must raise your chao well.  

                          Raising your chao
To raise your chao you must find a chao key in each stage.  (This will be described 
in Guide two soon).  This key will take you to chao world.  When u go to chao garden, 
every small animal and chao drive you found will be put in chao garden.

Now you are probably thinking, What the heck do rings have to do with chao.  They 
have 1 reason to do with them and thats to buy stuff.  To buy stuff u have to go to 
Black Market to buy stuff that is healthy for your chao.  (Explained in guide 2)

                     About the author
My full name is Bryan Patrick Ault.  I live in a home in Indiana.  (Southcentral)
My little brother Andrew, (THE SQUIRT) watches me play this game.  Sorry I didnt make 
this long.  Guide 2 will be longer

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