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By Daveizcool

Titans: theyre big, bad, mojo-fueled, and big. Boy, are these guys just plane 
STRONG. Im Daveizcool, and im here to tell all about the evil titans of this 
game. Did i mention theyre big?
Theres about 15 differently powered titans in this game, and Crash can jack 
them all. How special you are. Either way, they are all huge and can bust 
through all kinds of obsticles in your path.Theyre also broken up into groups. 
some are quick as lightning, some are incredibly slow and strong, and some are 
just plane spazez.Here they are:

Controlls for titans:

B-Normal move
Z-Power move
-(Minus button)- See titan's controlls/ How to use mojo moves (must jack him 

Titans with claws
these enemies have claws that crush stuff, but you can still jack them.

1) Spike- The first titan you can jack.hes ok, but i love his mojo move. he 
brings spikes up from the ground and kills everyone  around u. its just that 
his normal move isnt that strong. Also, his power move isnt impressive. 
Mutation: I think a badger

2) Ratcicle- Once you encounter this guy, be prepared for the worst. He can 
freeze enemies in his tracks as his mojo move. his normal attacks are stronger 
than spike's, and his power move is cooler...or colder. Mutation:Rat

3) Battler- the only trace of these guys flying is when u use his power attack: 
he jumps in the air, then swoops down. Hes cool, but u dont press B,B with him. 
nuthin will happen. his normal attack is actually B,Z,B. its like some cool 
ninja move. His mojo move kicks butt, though. Gusts of wind flying in every 
direction, thats sick. Mutation: Bat

> ..................
Ranged Titans
They move quick and fire projectiles, but die in only a few hits!

4) Snipe- This guy is encountered in level 2. he runs so quick, and launches 
razor sharp feathers at his enemies. I love his power move: lurching at foes 
with huge claws. Also, his mojo move lets him fire 4 feathers at once at 4 
targets! (this is the same with all ranged titans) Mutation: I think a bunny

5) Stench- I hate this guy. Hes the same thing as Snipe, but fires stink bombs 
instead of feathers. his power move is different too: he swipes his claws at 
enemies. Mutation: skunk/bird-skunk body, bird beak

6) Ee-letric- This titan is cool. Hes the same as Snipe and Stench, and he 
launches balls of electricity when you press B. his mojo move and power moves 
are completely different. for his power move, He sends electric waves from his 
hands to his enemies, with a pretty far reach. His mojo move can lock onto 5 
targets, and calls lightning from the sky onto each target!!! Mutation: Eel

Big Titans
These guys are the baddest of the bad, and the biggest of the big!

7)Goar- Hes not so big, but hes so powerful, with large teeth growing out of 
his mouth. He only has a 2-hit combo for his normal attack, and he charges 
forward at his targets with his power move. I really dont get his mojo move 
though: he yells and paralyzez enemies infront of him. I think that they should 
be blown 20 miles away by this! Mutation: Bear

8) Shellephant- Wow, this guy is big! you first find him locked in a cage in a 
koo-ala village. kill them all, and hes yours for the destruction! Press B, and 
he'll punch the ground. press it again when his fist hits the ground and keep 
doin that, and you got yourself an infiniti combo! He can swipe enemies away 
with his trunk when you press Z, and shaking the wii remote will lead you to a 
huge fire blast! controll this with the nunchuck. Mutation: Elephant/crab- 
elephant body, crab-shelled back

9)Rhinoroller- Do you normally see rhinos rollong around the streets? neither 
do i, but thats what these guys do for a living.he has no normal combo: press B 
and he attacks with his horn. How special. His other moves are cool, though. 
Press Z, and you begin rolling around the place. Rotate the Wii remote like you 
would on a fishing rod, and you do the same thing, but as long as you can keep 
it up. Mutation: Rhino

10) Scorporilla- I saved the best big Titan for last! This guy's so sick. He's 
got a huge scorpion-like tail, and LARGE muscles. I want him for a pet. Press 
B, and he swings his arm, then his tail. Use your power move, and your scorpion 
tail strikes the ground infront of you. Finally, his mojo move causes an 
earthquake by punching the ground like Donkey Kong does in Super Smash Bros. 
Melee! Mutation: Gorilla/Scorpion- gorilla body, scorpion back & tail.

%   %   %   %   %
Safe walking Titans
They can walk on grounds that Crash cant!

11) Sludge- Yuck. when you jack this guy, notice you jump into the center of 
his body. :P  Anyway, he has the sickest move. Hold down C, and you go 
underground. You can move around like this, too-its a lot quicker than walking. 
then, press B and you do an upper-cut-like thing! His normal combo has a far 
reach, and his power move can really ko someone with a huge clap of his hand. 
His mojo move is the grossest of all. He, like throws up or something. Keep 
shaking the wii remote, and move around using the controll stick on the 
nunchuck.He can walk safely on acid. Mutation: Slime

12) Magmadon- He's like some sort of boxing champ- he has pro wrestling moves, 
too. Press B, and youll punch the ground. when your fist hits the ground, press 
B again. You can do another punch! Pressing Z will lead you into a body slam, 
and his mojo move will make lava erupt from the ground and strike anyone ahead 
of you. He can walk safely in lava. Mutation: Turtle

Boss Titans (stars-*- tell you how to win the level)
These guys are required to jack if you wanna, i dunno...beat the game?

13)Yuktopus- this guys a hole mess of mutations. His normal combo does nothing 
except for swing his tenticle at enemies. Press Z, and cover your ears. Youll 
hear nothing but a loud  backpipe for about 3 seconds, stunning any enemies 
around you. Finally, his mojo move releases a mojo ray, which blasts all 
enemies in your way. *Beat the level*: destroy all stone pillars on the 
platform. Mutation: Duck/octopus/backpipe/ray gun- duck feet, left hand 
tentacle, right hand mojo ray gun, bakpipes on his back.

14) Uka-Uka- this is Aku-Aku's evil brother. He used a mojo ray on himself, and 
he now has a titan's body.It's kind of hard to explain his controlls- he 
borrows ideas from other titans. press minus to find out how to use him. *Beat 
the level*: Use any of Uka-Uka's attacks to break the Mojo tanks- there are 3.

15) Arachnina- Nina Cortex's high powered robot. Her Mojo move transforms the 
robot into a spider, and blasts a huge ray around the stage.Press B 2 times and 
she'll punch, then use the huge saw on her hand. pressing Z will launch the saw 
like a boomerang. *Beat the Level and the Game*- Walk up to any of the 3 
spinning cogs on the floor and press Z (when it explodes, you jump off of 
Arachnina) Once you do that, the game is over!!!!!

This is only the property of me, Daveizcool, blah blah blah, just dont copy my 

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