All Bosses Except O-dor - Thats Comin' Next Month - Guide for I-Ninja

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Tekayama: Just keep on hitting circle, square, and then triangle until your laser 
power builds up. Once this happens, hit circle then immediately hold X until the 
lock on cursors look like a square then release X. He will back up and start 
shooting missiles at u. Just dodge these using the left analog. Once he stops 
shooting missiles at u, he will come at u again. Just repeat what I told u to do 
before. U will eventually beat him.

Ventis: Just dodge the direction the arrows on the sides of the screen tell u to, 
but watch out for mines. Stay low. Try to get all the blue and yellow power-ups, 
because they will help u the most(rapid fire and homin’ missiles)homing missiles are 
used with circle). To dodge the spiral mines, you should go as low as possible, 
then, when you are about to get hit, barrel roll to the left, not the right. WATCH 
OUT FOR HIS CHOMP ATTACK! He will back up stay there for a second then swim at you 
fast and try to eat your ship. DODGE THIS! IT HURTS A LOT! My advice, try to shoot 
homin’ missiles when he is about to attack sometimes, it stops him from attackin’. U 
will destroy him if u do this right guarenteed! If u have questions, e-mail me at 
[email protected]

The Demon that I forget his name: concentrate on the ghost ranx he sends out at u. 
but watch out for his lightning balls too shoot them first. When your power blasters 
build up shoot at him when he is not shooting anything at u.

Malakai: Just run around the rox while he is shooting stuff at u change directions 
when necessary collect shurikens until u have eight and shoot them all at once. He 
will summon lightning just jump over this like jump rope. Keep doing this until he 
sucks up the lava. Then just dodge the ice and shock waves. WARNING! He can 
teleport! Just fight him like a normal ranx while dodging his blows.


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