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     /\Made_By KING YAMI SONIC 111__________________________________________/\
   /\  /\                          Equipment                              /\  /\

  Sorry it was the best i could do... v_v

   okay heres how it goes
      Item Name
      Where You Get It
      What It Does
      Who can use it
      How you get it
      Pros and Cons


  Kokiri Tunic
  Kokiri Forest
  Adult Link,Young Link
  Start the game with this
  Pros:N/A Cons:N/A
  Goron Tunic
  Goron City
  Protects You From Intense Heat
  Adult Link
  Buy In Goron City For 200 Rupees
  Pros:N/A Cons:N/A

  Zora Tunic
  Zoras Domain
  Breath Underwater (good with Iron Boots)
  Adult Link
  Unfreeze King Zora
  Pros:N/A Cons: N/A


  Deku Sheild
  Kokiri Forest
  Sheilds You
  Young Link
  Buy At Kokiri Shop For 40 Rupees
  Pros: Young Link can hold it Cons: Burns Easily

  Hylian Sheild
  Market,Kakariko Graveyard
  Sheilds You
  Young Link,Adult Link
  Buy At Market For 80 Rupees, Find Hero's Grave At night
  Pros:Sheilds you from flames Cons:Can be eaten by a Likelike, Young Link cant 
hold it

  Mirror Sheild
  A Temple (cant remember)
  Sheilds You
  Adult Link
  A Treasure In A Temple
  Pros: Reflects beams, likelikes cant eat it,reflects sunlight Cons:N/A

  Kokiri Sword
  Kokiri Forest
  Attacks Enemies???
  Young Link
  Get Through Training Maze
  Pros:N/A Cons:N/A

  Master Sword
  Temple of Time
  Transports u seven years in the future
  Adult Link
  Get Ocarina of Time,get all treasures,play song of time
  Pros:N/A Cons:N/A

  Biggorons Sword
  Death Mountain
  Attacks Enemies
  Adult Link
  Give Eyedrops to Biggoron
  Pros: 2x Stronger Than The Master Sword Cons:Cant use sheild while equipped


  Kokiri Boots
  Kokiri Forest
  Adult Link,Young Link
  Start the game with this
  Pros and COns: N/A

  Iron Boots
  Ice Cavern
  Lets you go underwater
  Adult Link
  Find in Chest
  Pros:Lets you go underwater Cons:YOu cant run
  Hover Boots
  Shadow Temple???
  Hover for Five seconds
  Adult Link
  Find in Chest
  pros and cons:N/A

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