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Beams/combos (in order of collection)
Power Beam, Wave Beam, Ice Beam, Plasma Beam, and the Phazon Beam.

To get the Power Beam: Start a new game!
To get the Wave Beam: In the chapel of the elders, walk over to the beam in the 
back. The beam will go down. 2 baby steegoths will come at you, kill them. 2  more 
will come out after you kill those 2. Time for some fun. A full-grown steegoth will 
come out to play. After it shoots little balls of ice, hit it's head with some 
missiles. Repeat until he goes to heaven. Ta-da!, you now have the wave beam.
Hint: If Mr. S corners you, roll into morph ball, and go under him.

To get the Ice beam: In the Chozo chapel of the elders, right when you walk in, the 
doors lock, and the lights turn off. Time to battle the spirit of the chozo dead. 
This can get tricky: switch to your power beam, drop down, and aim at this guy. He 
will zoom all over the place, making a super missile hard to use, but if you can, 
manage to hit him with one. If not, keep blasting him with your BP. Charge shots 
Hint: no other beam will kill these things.
When the ghost dies, go up the step-like blocks on the left side from facing the 
statue. Up ahead, you will see a pair of red, white and purple holes. Shoot the 
purple one with your wave beam. Lay a morph ball bomb in the hole. In the statue, 
his hands will start to glow. Roll into the hands, and it will roll you to some 
Morph tracks. Ride to a door in the corner. Take the tunnel to the reflecting pool. 
At the bottom of the pool, blow the cover. Roll to the left to the very top. If you 
get eaten by a stone toad, blow it up. Missile the left door on the top leading 
to... THE ICE BEAM!!! On the door to the right, there is a save room.

To get the Plasma Beam: In the geothermal core from the south core tunnel, look up. 
Grapple to the top of a platform find the spinner device, and spin er up! do that 
and jump to the fight platform until you see a morph ball track on a pipe. Follow 
the track to a bunch of tracks and some little crallers. DO NOT run into these, 
blow em' up.The end the track is ice door leading to... THE PLASMA BEAM!!!
Hint: when on the big areas of track, you can spread around, not just follow it 
around. You can dodge the things that way.

To get the Phazon Beam: Get to Metroid Prime.

To get the Super Missiles: Hoboy, go through the labs in Phendrana. In the 
observatory, at the top, there is a floating platform with the missiles you are 
looking for. Also, there is a save room nearby.
Note: this is the only beam combo you need. The others are cool, though.

To get the Ice Spreader: In the shore tunnel, blow up the broken glass with a power 
bomb. Jump down to the platform with the device.

To get the Wavebuster: In the dome of light, blast the weak pillars, and get to the 
top. Your prize for climbing those steps and enduring the puffers is the wavebuster.
WARNING: while shooting this beam, your missles will continuasly drop. I wouldn’t 
use this beam, unless you want to go to your ship to reload.

To get the Flamethrower: In the mining security station, blow up the wall near the 
top with a power bomb.  Scan the console to down the forcefield near the bottom. 
Open the door to get the flamethrower. The same rule of the wavebuster is applied 
to this beam, too.

Morph Ball

Morph Ball Bombs some beetles will come charging at you. Kill them all and a 
bigger, plated beetle will attack. Hit it in the back a few times, and watch it 
drift away. Jump on the platform to… the MBBs!!!!

Morph Ball Boost: In Phendrana Canyon, jump around the platforms and up to… The 

Spider Ball: The SB rocks! Oh, speaking of rocks, in the Quarintine Cave is a rock 
moster. Use the thermal visor to see a glowing rock on Thaarduse’s  figure. Shoot 
it, until the rock blows. Dodge the rocks, and the ice. After you destroy a rock, 
he will roll into a ball (!). Repeat until Thaardus blows up. Go to the center to 
find… THE SB!!!!!

Power Bombs : In the Centeral Dynamo, an invisible drone will come at you. You 
can’t scan it or aim at it. After you have defeated it, you will get access to a 
maze. In the center, you will see… THE PBS!!!!!

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