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The Characters
The Characters of Kokiri Forest and the Forest Temple

Link:Your character!
Saria:Small green Forest Girl(Best Friend)
Deku Tree:Big Tree and Ruler of the Forest
Navi:Your annoying fairy
Forest Girls:The girls who live in the forest 
Forest Boys:The boys that live in the forest
Baby Deku Tree:The new Deku Tree.Still Growing
Shop Owner:The owner of The Kokiri Forest shop
Skull Kids:The weird creatures in the Lost Woods
Queen Ghoma:Boss of Deku tree
Phantom Ganon:Boss of Forest Temple 
Characters of Death Mountain and Kakariko Village

Link:You again
Navi:Duh...your Fairy
Gorons:Weird rock like creatures that live on Death Mountain
King Goron:The king of all Gorons
Cucco Lady:The Owner of all The Cuccos
Dampe:The Graveyard owner
Kid:The kid who plays in Dampe`s graveyard
Workers:The workers who run around th eTown
Old Guy:the guy who`s in charge of the workers
King Dodongo:Boss of Dodongo`s Cavern
Volvagia:Boss of Fire Temple
Link:A little Goron named after you (freaky)
Characters of Zora`s Domain and the Water Temple
Navi:That annoying Fairy again
Zoras:The creatures that live in Zora`s Domain
Princess Ruto:The Princess of Zora`s Domain.Your Fiance!:D
The King:The king of Zora`s Domain and father of Princess Ruto
Lord Jabu-Jabu:Giant Royal Fish that lives in Zora`s Domain
Barinade:Boss of Lord Jabu-Jabu`s Belly
Morpha:Boss of Water Temple
Dark Link:Your Shadow.Mini-Boss of the Water Temple
Characers of The Shadow Temple
Impa:Lady you have to help defeat the boss of the shadow temple
Bongo-Bongo:Boss of The Shadow Temple
Characters From The Spirit Temple

Garudo Girl:The Sage for the Spirit Temple.She is a Gerudo Girl..I forget her 
TwinRova:Boss of the Spirit Temple
Characters From Ganon`s Castle

Link:You know who that is
Navi:Of course
Princess Zelda:Your Girly Friend!i mean the main character of the game
Ganondorf:Part-Boss Of the game
Ganon:The final boss of the game
Other Characters

Malon:Girl who lives at Lon-Lon Ranch
Talon:Malon`s Dad.He`s very Lazy
Epona:Your Horse

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FAQ by Aubrey Riggs
Created September 17, 2008

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