All Upgrades - Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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Bomb Bag #1- Buy from Barnes in Kakariko for 120 Rupees after beating the 
Goron Mines
Bomb Bag #2- Unblock Zora's River by helping Iza in Upper Zora's River
Bomb Bag #3- Put on Iron Boots and Zora's Armor in the pool in the throne room 
of Zora's domain and use a Water Bomb to blow up the rock which reveals a 
Goron. He gives you the last bomb bag
Giant Bomb Bag- This doubles the capacity of all bomb bags. Get it by scoring 
atleast 25 points in Iza's Rapid River Ride

Big Quiver- Beat STAR Tent mini-game on level one in Castle Town West Branch. 
Clawshot required. Holds 60 arrows
Giant Quiver- Beat STAR Tent mini-game on level two in Castle Town West 
Branch. Double Clawshot required. Holds 100 arrows

Big Wallet- Give one Golden Bug to Agitha. Holds 600 Rupees
Giant Wallet- Give all Golden Bugs to Agitha. Holds 1000 Rupees

Wooden Shield- If you burn your Ordon Shield, you can buy a Wooden Shield from 
Malo Mart in Kakariko Village
Hylian Shield- Buy for 200 rupees in Kakariko Village

Talk to the Goron sitting on the eastern gate at Castle Town. He needs some 
Hot Springwater. Now donate 1000 Rupees to the Goron inside the Malo Mart to 
fix the bridge. Now talk to Gor Liggs outside of Malo Mart and he will give 
you some Hot Springwater to deliver to the Goron outside the gate. It will 
cool off so hurry. Now walk along the edge of Hyrule Field while dodging maybe 
one enemy and go over to the Goron and throw the water on him. He is revived! 
Now he comes back and drops off a Piece of Heart to you. Now go over to Malo 
Mart and donate 200 Rupees to open a Malo Mart in Castle Town. Now go to 
Castle Town Central Square and on the southeast is the new Malo Mart. Enter 
and buy the Magic Armor for 589 Rupees!

After showing Malo and Talo your bow skills. Go to Malo Mart and buy it for 
100 Rupees.

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