All You Need To Master the Game - Guide for Pokemon: FireRed

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    All you need t master the game is a great stratage and good pokemon. Im not 
going to tell the best team you can get because i have allready made a FAQ on 
that. If you want to see that got to the FAQ The all time best pokemon team. Im 
going to teach you the basicis to mastering the game.

 1. I recommend you starting with Chamander. It is an all around alsome 
pokemon. It is super strong and has great defense. When you level it up to 
level 36 it will evolve into chazard. That is a great pokemon when you get it. 
It can learn a veriety of attackes.

 2. Make sure you have a lot of potions with you, and make sure you train. You 
may think it is a waste of time, But it will pay off alsomely in the long run.

 3. When get new pokemon mke sure you train them as much as your starter. 
Because if you only train your starter all the rest of pokemon will be weak. 
And you need a strong back up for your starter.

       That is all you need to master the game.

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