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           A             M        M M       Y      Y
         A   A           M M     M  M        Y    Y
        A      A         M  M   M   M         Y  Y
       A  A  A A         M   M M    M          Y 
      A          A       M          M          Y
     A            A      M          M          Y

   Hi my name is Brittany McClain. If you want to know about Amy's side then look 
no further because it's right here.All Amy lovers will easily complete her side by 
reading this long page.
The bird(birdie) crashes into Amy and that ugly robot appers and chases them.
Find Sonic in the casino. Amy asks Sonic to be Birdie's bodygaurd but,he says no 
and runs to the Twinkle Park enterance. Meet up with Sonic at Twinkle Park.
 Twinkle Park> Avoid the ugly robot and grab the balloon. Twinkle Circut(optinal)
Exit Twinkle Park elevator
 The ugly robot takes Amy to the Mystic Ruins and abord the Egg Carrier E-102 frees 
Amy from the cellar.
 Walk out of the cellar and play Hedgeog Hammer> Beat 2000 points for the warrior 
feather/beat your high score for the long hammer.
Leave the room and hammer the switch right next to it the door to the Hot Shelter 
is that way.Take the thingy next to the chao garden enterance to the bridge.  
Eggman takes the chaos emerald from Birdie and Sonic appears after that E-102 will 
appear and Amy tries to stop them from fighting then she tries and since no one 
will listen to her she stops them herself by getting in the way and explains that E-
102 is her friend.Then the Egg Carrier loses altitude then Amy takes off with Tails.
 Both Tails and Amy land in Station Square and Birdie lands in Amy's hand. Then she 
waves to Tails and talks to Birdie about his family.
Take the train to the Mystic Ruins and the trolley near the west cave to find the 
eggman city in the jungle.Once to the door .... never mind. Kidding!Once to the 
door a small clip will show. When you enter go where E-102 was released go left 
untill you see 6 switches.Touch them until all of them light that's your key to 
Final Egg. Do the same as the other two stages exept this could get a little 
difficult.After that go to the egg carrier crash site (using the little enterance 
underneath the train.)Then the ugly robot shoots birdie and knocks him down.Then 
Amy gets mad and gives that robot a taste of his own medicine.All done. Check my 
previous FAQ for e-mal adress remember if anything's wrong modify me immedatley.

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