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Game Name:Neophyte III
Type of game:Action RPG
Creator:Aliensoft and Microcosm Inc.
Game Copyright:Alien Software, 1999
Game content age rating:8 and up
Type of guide:FAQ/Walkthrough
E-Mail:[email protected]
Guide copyright:Chaz5000, 2001
Guide content age rating:All Ages
Version Number:1.00
Table of Contents:
Section 1. About the game       A1
Section 2. Commands             A2
Section 3. General suggestions  A3
Section 4. FAQ                  A4
  Section 1:About the game  A1
  From Webster's dictionary:
    "Neopyhte: Noun, A beginner at some work, art, etc; Novice"
  Neophyte 3 takes place in a fiction world, divided into clans.  You play
as Neika, a novice warrior, and a member of the Roji clan.  Your mother 
informs you one morning that you should visit the Wise Woman, who lives in a
cave a little bit west of your village.  
  The game takes off from here, in a typical "Coming of Age" story, but a 
small event gets in the way-Alien Software, the creators of the game, 
disbanded.  This leaves the player hanging after 3-4 hours of gameplay.  
  The game can be obtained from either: 
 "The Home of the Underdogs( OR
 Alien Software's homepage(
A new feature has been putin this guide that will appear in my future guides:
Content age rating for the game and guide.  Similar to the ESRB's system, this
feature gives you another view(Or in some cases, the only view) of a game's
appropriateness for children, decided as a combonation of content and 
difficulty, i.e. Commander Keen 3 gets 9 and up, not for content, but rather
for difficulty.

  This guide is split up into 4 sections, explained below.
 About the game:An introduction to the guide, and an explanation of the game
 Commands:Section taken from the manual.  List of commands for each key
 General suggestions:Tips such as "Save Often" for the beginner(Or Neophyte)
 FAQ:Frequently Asked Questions-Specific clues for the game
  Go ahead and use this guide, but I have one request:Only use it when you
NEED it.  Don't cheat yourself by just skimming the list.  To help prevent 
people seeing the next answer by accident, I have encoded the answers in a
high security encryption(Pig Latin).  If you were not taught this foreign
language in school, tough noogies!
  Section 2:Commands  A2
(From the manual)
You can use the keyboard or joypad to control Neika.  You can change the
inputs from the Options menu.  Here is a summary of the default commands:
Command		Keyboard		Joystick		
-------		--------		--------		
Move		Arrow keys or           Dir-Pad
                Numerical keypad
Use Magic	Alt                     Button 1		
Attack          Ctrl                    Button 3
Interact/Talk   Spacebar                Button 3
Walk            X                       Button 4
Inventory       I                       Button 2
Help            F1
Save            F2
Load            F3
AutoSave        F5
AutoLoad        F6
Toggle Sound    S
Toggle Music    M
Exit/Resume     ESC
Press the spacebar (or joystick button 3) to talk to a person, to pick up an
object, to read a bookshelf or a sign, or open a chest.  You have to be in 
front of the object or chest, but you only have to be near the person to
talk.  Some special objects can also be picked up by pressing the spacebar
(or joystick button 3).
While the mouse can be used in the inventory and menus, it is suggested that
you use the joystick/keyboard in those screens.
  Section 3:General suggestions  A3
  1.  Save frequently and save often
  2.  Being backed into a corner can be the best way to fight monsters
  3.  You CAN throw most of the rocks
  4.  Don't upgrade your armor frequently-only buy the best
  5.  Stay off the mountain top until you're at least level 5
  6.  The Wise Woman's cave is a good place to level up
  7.  Sleep in your bed frequently
  8.  If you get stuck, wander to every screen twice
  9.  Also check the bookshelves and talk to the Wise Woman and your Mom
  10. Save frequently-ESPECIALLY each time before you shape-shift
  Section 4:The FAQ
  Q. I just started the game:What do I do?
  A. Inkthay oofusgay-ifhay ouyay arehay illstay uckstay, ogay ownstairsday.
  Q. I head downstairs and talk to Mom.  What next?
  A. Exithay ootay ethay outhsay(otay eavelay ouryay ousehay), enthay exithay
owntay otay ethay orthnay.  Uckchay ethay aygray ocksray athay ethay ogday.
Ouyay on'tday eednay otay ogay ownday ethay oldgay ockray's itpay(Ouya illway
dersatndunay enwhay ithay ishay imetay.)
  Q. Yeah, now what?
  A. Ogay easthay otay ethay extnay eenscray.  Alktay otay ethay apeshay 
iftershay.  Abgray otway ofhay ethay inesvay-ethay otway onhay eitherhay
endhay.  Eadhay orthnay.
  Q. How do I solve this post thingy puzzle?
  A. Onnectcay ethay ostspay byhay ollowingfay isthay artchay:
       4              3
       5              1
    Onnectcay onehay otay otway, owtay otay eethray, eethary otay ourfay,
ourfay otay otway, otway otay ivefay, ivefay otay onehay, onehay otay 
eethray, eethray otay ixsay, ixsay otay ourfay, ourfay otay ivefay.
  Q. Chaz5000 put a lot of work into that solution.  How can I ever thank him?
  A. Az5000chay akestay iftgay ertificatescay omfray aticallypray anyhay 
ternetinay etailerray.  Az5000chay eferspray Iftiesfay andhay undredshay.
  Q. I've got grapes and a glove, what next?
  A. Eturnray otay owntay, andhay ogay outhay ethay easthay itexay.  Ollowfay
ethay athpay otay ethay icespay ovegray.  Etgay ahay icespay, etrunray otay
  Q. I've got all the ingredients-what next?
  A. Ivegay ethay apesgray otay ethay oldhay adylay otay etgay eatay.  Ivegay
icespay otay ethay efchay orfay akescay.
  Q. Then what do I do?
  A. Alktay otay Aunyay inhay ethay erneastay ousehay.  Eavelay owntay andhay
etgay uggedmay.  Asechay ethay umbnay-ullskay, tilunay eythay ickkay ethay 
oglay.  Ogay otay ouryay ownaty, andhay alktay otay Om-may.  Enevay isitvay
ethay Iseway Omanway.
  Q. How do I cross the river?
  A. Alkway otay everyhay eenscray, entahy ogay otay ethay Igbay Eetray.
Atchway ethay enescay, enthay opchay ethay eedsway and ogay easthay.
Etgay ethay irdbay, andhay imbclay ethay eetray.  Alktay otay Ommamay irdbay,
andhay imbclay ownday.  Ownay ouyay ancay osscray ethay iverray.
  Q. I crossed the river, but the thieves locked me out of their house!
  A. Isitvay ahay ewfay other-hay utshay, andhay ouyay ouldshay oonsay
etgay ahay equencesay.  Terafay ethay eenscray ishay erovay, alktay otay
ethay owntay eaderlay tilunay ouyay etgay ickedkay outhay ofhay owntay.
Ogay ackbay inhay otay ownaty, andhay ogay inhay otay ethay eivesthay uthay.
Ightfay emthay, andhay etgay ouryay asketbay.  Ogay ackbay otay ethay Iseway
Omanway's avecay.  Alktay otay erhay, andhay evelay ethay avecay.
  Q. It's dark...
  A. Eahyay, osay?
  Q. What do I do?
  A. Ogay otay ethay erothay owntay, andhay alktay otay ethay eaderlay.
Elltay imhay atthay otheranay anclay ansplay otay artstay ahay arway!
Ogay otay edbay inhay ethay stairsupay oomray.
  Q. Hmm, nice pigmentation on his son-how do I fix that?
  A. Ogay ackbay crossacay ethay iverray andhay otay ethay owntay.  Alktay 
otay ethay adguybay.  Enthay tackatay!  Terafay ethay attlebay, alkway onehay
eenscray uphay.  Alktay otay imhay ainagay.  Ouryay eindfray ishay uredcay,
and ownay ouyay ouldshay isitvay ethay igbay eetray.  Alktay otay ethay 
irdbay, enthay ogay ackbay otay Iseway Omamway's avecay.  Alktay otay erhay,
itexay oughthray ethay unnelstay, andhay ightfay ethay iderspay.  Amegay
Veroay!  Ouyay Inway!
  Q. Yay, I won!  How cool is that?
  A. Eallyray oolcay
  Q. Wait...But isn't there more?  What about the Wise Woman's predictions?
  A. Onay, asalay, erhay ibesvay otgay ossedcray ithway indblay timismopay.
Ethay estray ofhay ethay amegay oesn'tday istexay.  Ahway.
Barry Manilow, for being the Studio Musician with New York City Rhythym
who writes the Beautiful Music that Makes the Whole World Sing.
 Thus ends the second in a series of FAQs by Chaz5000 for games that hardly
anybody cares about, the first being "Wandering Hamster" from the Hamster

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