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Hiya everyone!It's me again.
I haven't done my chao guides since way back!
So I made the experts guide.Enjoy!

         We all know about it from
    my last FAQ..BUT.I need to say
   your chao when it rebirths sometimes
    It gains new stats like:SABDE
     Or something like that.
  It also subtracts stats like this:
   It was 1225,so it turns to 122.5!

    I didn't get to explain much about this so..
       I will tell you more.
      When your chao dies,nothing appears
   After the cacoon.It basically dissapears.
    AND this is when rebirth comes around.
 At the age of 5,it dies or rebirths.Depends on what you did to it.
   For example if you spoiled it the chao probably lives.
    If it hates you cause you abused it too much,It will die.
  And if it loves you with all it's heart,it will live for sure.
                     Chaos Chao

         Well,back to chaos chao!Now,you heard what I said last time,
    Right?Anyways...gather those 21 animals and NO CHAOS DRIVES!
              And pet your chao/give animals with dark or light character..
      Or switch for netural.
                         Appearances And Expressions

           Yes,I added a new part to my faqs.The appearances depend
        on what animals/evolution types they get.Lets say my chao is netural,
      And I give him a unicorn.He gets either a horn on him,or hooves.
                            Ok time for expressions.
              When your chao is looking normal like all the time,
                    It has nothing on its mind really...
         When your chao has a question mark,it is thinking,"What should I do?"
              When its a squiggly mark,it's pretty much mad.
                                  My Chao

  Well,my chao have grown big.I might as well tell you what they look like now.

                          Blu:Reborn with ram horns.
                          Devin/AKA Sonic:Reborn,dark normal/swimming type.
                          AKA Ninja chao.
                          Sonic*New Addition*:Gold Running/... Type.
                          AKA Super Sonic Chao
                          Shadow*new Addition*:Running/None Dark type.
                          AKA Basic Shadow Chao
                          Nick*Never told you yet*:Flying/none type.
                        Also has a twin named nick,which is none/none dark type.
                         Chappy *Never mentioned*:Grey dark chao none/none type.
                         Well that's it.
                                  Copyright @August 25th,2007.
                                  Charity for chao please!^.^

                                       Cya next time!

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