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Pokemon ranger 
This is all about getting the ultra rare MANAPHY.
(Note: To do ALL of this you must beat Gondor and complete the game)
1.	Unlock Mission
2.	Beat Mission
3.	Transfer Manaphy
4.	Manaphy egg beginning 
5.	Manaphy Secrets
1.	Access ranger net first. When the screen shows “Select a Mission” 
press R+X+Left on directional pad. You should see “Enter the password has been 
added”. If it doesn’t, do it again. If it worked, it should save. After it is 
done saving, turn off the power. Access Ranger net again, and “Enter the 
password” should be under “Select a mission”. Tap it (obviously.) Next enter 
the code. Oh yeah the code is P8M2--9D6F--43H7. Now you get “Recover the 
precious egg”. YAY!
2.	Open up “Select a Mission”. Tap “Recover the Precious Egg”. You should 
start as Camoren, or whoever the summerland leader is. He will get the egg. If 
you want to now about what the rest is go to chapter four. But the mission is 
Prof. Hastings gets robbed of the manaphy egg. You go and find it. First 
you’re in the lyra forest. By the tall grass there should be a politoed. 
Capture it (duh). Next, go over to the big rocks. Use politoed on one and a 
grunt should appear, you must capture all three gravelers. Next go up to where 
the other grunts are. It should be where the fork is. One should say he 
planted mushroom on the right path. Keep following them and you should find 
grunts. Keep going till you see a weird mushroom. Keep following the grunts 
and you should see another weird mushroom. The grunt will start looking and 
the mushroom will move! That is because it is really a parasect. Keep 
following the grunts and fight more. You will go in a circle. Next go to the 
tree. Capture the Swellow. Go over to where the first parasect is. The grunts 
will talk. Your partner will talk to you. Now use Swellows ability to move 
parasect. Follow the grunts again this time you won’t have to fight. They will 
go into the grassy area. Now you have them cornered. But the grunt will use to 
Scthers and a Venesuar. Defeat them. My tip on this is use Plusle or Minun to 
stun the two Scthers. After you capture them just make sure you go fast 
because you have to circle Venesuar 17 TIMES. The good part is Venesuar is 
slow moving so if you do it fast it is easy! After you capture them the grunt 
will run away! FOLLOW HIM!!!! But when you get there the grunt will captured 
by none other then good ol’ Gondor. Wait, GONDOR! Luckily he changed his ways 
and gives you the Manaphy egg. YOU NOW HAVE THE MANAPHY EGG!!!!!!!!!-----------
3.	Now time to transfer. Access Ranger Net. Select “Check the egg” 
under “ Select a mission”. Next tap the egg and send message will appear. Tap 
it. Get your second DS ready with Diamond OR Pearl. Go to the title screen. A 
message will appear and press A. Select “Link with Pokemon ranger”.  Tap or 
select transfer once link is established. Once this is complete press A and 
start the game. Go to the nearest pokemart and talk to the guy in green (who 
is a sinnoh ranger.) He will give you the egg. Hooray now hatch it and you 
will have the ultra rare MANAPHY!!!!!!!!!--------------------------------------
4.	Camoren goes to Prof. Harding and gives him the egg and Prof. Harding 
decides to go to ringtown to see if other rangers know what it is. On His way 
go rock squad steals the egg and that’s where you go 
in.                                                ----------------------------
5.	One of the greatest secrets is that MANAPHY IS BREEDABLE!!!!!  But it 
only breeds a also rare phione. The last thing is that Manaphy has the move 
heart swap that only he knows!!!!!!          

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