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                                  Beating Acterra                        
Go to Acterra and walk into the metal walkway. and then you will see a hole 
jump down it.find a door open another door and walk towards the shield 
and fight Noxus.(the bounty hunter) Enemies will keep coming out of a 
recommendation is to kill the door and then the enemies. walk up in the 
platform under the bridge and another door with enemies will the 
same.then a box-looking enemy will appear in a small sand colored room...der 
kill it.a bunch of green enemies will appear kill them and the door they come remember the sand colored room turn on your scan visor and deactivate 
the proxy lock in that room the other proxy locks are at the tops of both 
bridge stands and in the room where the shield is and on the wall of  you are 
about to go in.(if you go on an elevator in another sand colored room and 
cross the bridge and exit the tunnel from another exit and the next wall will 
be a proxy lock the one where i said was on the wall) a lot of doors will open 
enter the skinny one and get the artifact. then enter the door closest to 
proxy lock #1.fall into the energy stand in the room in front of you.turn on 
your scan visor and unlock the proxy lock and unlock the other ones 
after.beware! harmful birds coming and the keep coming unless you kill the 
parana looking things on the wires.once you kill them the jump where you 
dropped to get in will work again and a scanner will open.go to the jump and 
come up to the place you turn on your scanner and go to the curvy 
walk way and deactivate the switch.go back to the place where you fought the 
birds and enter the steps.fight the bird and the thing it comes from and enter 
the walk way.I don't know if you go in that when you first start but it might 
just take you to the end of walk way?.it will show you a beam you will get. it 
is called: Super Cooled Magma beam (which you need to get to the boss and beat 
him)its pretty easy to get just go to the orange enemy kill him and continue 
up the scan the proxy lock inside the flashing thing.this may take a 
couple tries.go to alt-form and enter the little hole. jump on the tiny 
platform with a morphball bomb.get on the platform and use the boost to get on 
the moving platform when it reaches the top move to the wall.jump on top and 
go on the next platform.that platform does not go ahead of you if you don't 
move it will bring you to three boards. cross those carefully and go left until 
you fall down a hole and get back to regular mode fast.pick up the beam they 
showed you when you is a brown circle with a symbol on it.equip 
that beam and go to the red shield and kill the triangle.shoot the the 
triangle on the other shield in the place you entered (in the ice place) jump 
inside (non alt-form) and get the lia. shot the box looking enemy and go down 
the on the platform and get the articraft. now go back to the place you went 
after the first artifact (where proxy lock one was) and there will be a red 
shield blocking a door. shoot it with super cooled magma (the beam you shot 
the triangles with) go to alt-form and go the path to the right and get the 
swirly thing. a entrance to your final articraft will open. lay a bomb and get 
the articraft. a boss portal will open. if you found the ship deck portal 
jump on the white rocks and go into the portal.

Open the doors run up to him and shoot the red things under him east of him 
and west of him when he comes off shoot him.reapet until he dies.use super 
Bounty hunter

equip missiles and shoot him like crazy. 

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