Area 2-Part 2 - Guide for Luigi's Mansion

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                                   LUIGI'S MANSION

Area 2 Part 2


We left off at the key on the pillar!
Area 2 Part 2

Get the key, and go to the room left of the door to the Foyer.  Defeat all the 
ghosts and collect Mario's hat in the Washing Machine.  Go to the floating 
candlestick, and make it on fire!  A butler will appear.  Follow him to the 
butler's room.  When he sits on the chair, vacuum him up!  Get the key, and go 
to the Piano Room.  Set all the insturments off, and go to the Piano.  Guess 
the right answer to the quiz.  Suck up all the papers, and get her!  When your 
done, go to the dinery.  Get this ghost, by lighting all the candles.  THEN 
suck up all of his food.  Avoid all fireballs, and get him!  Go in the next 
room, and get the ghost in the fridge!  Water the fire door, and go outside.  
Get the doggy, by getting the skeliton, and a bone will be laying there.  The 
doggy will go to the bone, then suck him up!  Go in Scanner Mode, and scan the 
little hole where the sparkly is.  A mist will come and get you!  Knock on 
some graves until ghosts come out!  Get them and go to the tall grave.


It's pretty easy, get the black guys and shoot them at Bogmire and get him!  A 
key witha chest will be there! AREA 3 AWAITS YOU!


THE END!       

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