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Armored Trooper VOTOMs- Woodo and Kummen
FAQ version 0.3
By Scopedog([email protected])

In short, I love this game, and since I'm the star of it, I figured I
might as well write a guide to it.  Everything that appears here is stuff
I figured out through playing.  I don't know any Japanese and therefore
can't read the instruction manual(the few translations herein come from
my sister).  Many thanks go to Neil Nadelman for making it possible for
myself and others similarly impaired to clearly understand the TV
series(if only he could make it possible for me to likewise understand
the OVAs ^_^.)

Note: I use a regular controller to play and prefer Control Type B.

Part 1: The Mission Disk

Bottom line- until you get auto-aim, keep the levels at 1, 10, 10, 5.
What this means is that you walk very slowly, turn very quickly, recover
PR quickly, and have the heaviest armor, respectively.  In game terms, it
means you can walk and shoot forever without running out of PR and roller
dash for a very long time.  You still have to adjust the rates quite
often during play but I've found these levels to be the most sensible,

The default layout of the Mission Disk screen is as follows:

        Leg muscle cylinder      (1-10): 5
        Upper arm muscle cylinder(1-10): 5
        Heart-lung generator     (1-10): 5
        Armor class     (Light0-5Heavy): 3
        Special ability : Kick

        Weight            (kg)  : 7626 Turning efficiency     (%): 70
        Speed efficiencies(km/h)       Acceleration efficiency(%): 67
                Walking speed     : 16 Accuracy               (%): 79
                RD time speed     : 41 PR Fluid Recover power    :  5
                RD time top speed : 82

Weight and Walking speed are self-explanatory but RD(Roller Dash) time
speed is the speed at which you idle and top speed is the highest speed
you can  accelerate to.  Turning efficiency is the rate at which you
spend SPR while turning, acceleration efficiency is the rate at which you
spend SPR while accelerating, and accuracy is the the rate at which you
spend PR while looking up and down.  PR fluid recovery power is

Part 2: The Levels

I've got no idea what the mission screens say or what the mission
requirements for each level really are, but my basic strategy is to kill
everything except the truck in Mission 3.

Mission 1

Special ability: Kick

There are 2 really good strategies for defeating Conin.  The first and
most obvious is to hide behind the closest obstruction and wait for him
to appear in front of you, then just shoot at him with your back to the
wall.  If you can sustain long bursts of succesive hits, he'll keep
moving around and miss you because of it.  The benefit of this strategy
is that, as long as you're close to the wall, he can't get behind you.
It's also good to run to a corner, because then it's even easier to keep
him in your sights.

The second strategy is to roller dash towards him as soon as the battle
starts.  It's a good idea to strafe to the left a little, but when you
see him fire, aim where the fire is coming from, wait several moments,
then roller dash backwards.  As you dash backwards, keep track of where
the fire is coming from and keep shooting there; you'll kill him before
he gets near enough to pull off any fancy footwork.  It's important to
wait before you roller dash backwards because if you don't wait long
enough, he'll go behind the obstruction in front of him instead of coming
straight towards you.

Mission 2

Special ability: Loop Turn, Kick

It's possible to just roller dash through this level.  You ought to set
your mission disk to 1, 10, 10, 0 for this.  When the level starts, set
your SPR rate to at least equal to your PR then just roller dash.  You
don't even need to accelerate.  When you get to the 3 emplacements in
your way, Armored Punch one of them twice and roller dash on through.

It's also possible to kill everything.  To kill the emplacements, walk
close enough to them to be fired upon, then step back and shoot where the
fire came from.  To kill the ATs and the 2 ATs in the Armored Flying
Vehicles, just shoot them while strafing.  Keep in mind throughout the
game that your range is longer than everything but other ATs.

On some TVs you can see the emplacements before they can fire.
'Nuff said.

Mission 3

Special ability: Allround Burst, Loop Turn, Kick

Start out by roller dashing until you're fired upon by the police tank,
then quickly step just out of range and stay there.  Kill the 2
helicopters and the 2 cops with bazookas.  Roller dash to the right of
the gunfire and go right up to the tank and stand to the right of it's
gun.  Armored Punch it 4 times then do the same to the other tank.
Roller Dash straight to where the "o" is:

         I         I
         I         I
         Io        I
        xI         I
_________I         I______
           /     \
       c   I     I
_________           ______
         I         I
         I         I
         I         I

All the copters come from the "x", so as long as you cover that spot, the
truck will be fine.  You don't need to kill anything else but it's fun to
shoot and run over cops at "c" before you head to "o", just make sure no
copters get to the truck.

Mission 4

Special Ability: Allround Burst, Loop Turn, Kick

There's no real strategy to this level, but one loose pattern I've formed
is to turn left and roller dash towards the bazooka cop on the left wall
and run him over(with SPR at twice PR).  Then I turn around and kill the
tanks and cops in the middle of the battlefield.  Then, sticking to the
walls, I work my way, counter-clockwise, from west to north, destroying
tanks and running over bazooka cops(the best way to kill them).

To kill the Brutishdog, just stay behind either of the northern
obstructions until she gets in front of you then fight her the same way
as Conin.  You can also charge and retreat while firing, like Conin,
first, and then hide behind an obstruction; you'll do alot more damage
that way.  It also works to just shoot her as she runs towards you, but
not if you've taken too much damage.

Mission 5

Special ability: Weapon Selector

I always go left here.  The best way to kill the first 2 tanks is to
strafe and fire at them, back and forth between cover until they die;
they'll rarely hit you.  You might want to kill the next 3 copters with
Solid Shooter to conserve missiles, but if you're a bad shot, use
missiles.  Either way, just stand your ground until they're dead; your
roller dash is too slow to evade the missiles they fire.  If you've got
any Solid Shooter left, use that on the next 2 copters, otherrwise use
Vulcan(or missiles if you're a bad shot).  Next, standing on the right
wall of the 3 tank, 2 cop barricade, roller dash sideways and missile the
2 cops, then kill the tanks with machine gun by strafing left and right
in front of them until they're dead.  Now turn on your missiles and put
your SPR at twice PR and roller dash at top speed over the 2 cops that
appear in front of you then turn left and missile the copter behind them.
Roller dash until you're out of the range of bazookas then change to
machine gun and kill the tank behind the wall.  The are 2 more tanks past
it that you can kill without them attacking.  Turn right and vulcan the
2 copters there, but stick to the north wall.  From the right of the
barricade, roller dash left and missile the 2 bazooka cops then kill the
2 tanks by standing on the left of the barricade and shooting from cover.
Next missile the last 2 cops and if you've got any left, missile or SMM
the last 2 tanks, then roller dash to victory.

Mission 6

Special Ability: Allrange Burst, Loop Turn, Double Arm Punch, Kick

Choose Double Arm Punch as your special ability and charge the
Brutishdog.  The only way to win is to Double Arm Punch her at least once
and then fight her like Conin with your back to the north wall.  You can
Double Arm Punch her to death, too.

Mission 7

Special Ability: Allrange Burst, Loop Turn, Double Arm Punch, Kick

All the same old rules apply here.  Run over cops and stand under bazooka
cops to avoid there fire, then step back and shoot them.

Mission 8

Special Ability: Allround Burst, Loop Turn, Double Arm Punch, Kick,
        Allrange Burst

Same old rules.  Step cautiously towards multiple ATs so you only fight
one at a time.  Some ATs charge you, fight these like Conin; the best
tactic is to charge and retreat while firing.

Mission 9

Special Ability: Allround Burst, Loop Turn, Double Arm Punch, Kick,
        Auto Tracking, Allrange Burst

Use Auto Tracking and set your mission disk to 1, 1, 10, 5.  Run over
guerillas and just stand your ground to kill Turtles.  Strafe around
tanks.  Just shoot the missile trucks.

I                                   g         I           Key:
I                 t                    m      I
I         g                  s   m  m         I           y- You
I          m   s                g             I           m- Missile Tank
I          mm     g                           I           t- Tank
I                                             I           g- Guerrilla
I            g                 t           t  I           s- St Turtle
I                                             I
I                      y                      I
I                                             I
I                             m               I
I                            m m              I
I                                s            I
I         t               g                   I
I                                             I
I                                             I
I                                             I

Mission 10

Special Ability: Allround Burst, Loop Turn, Double Arm Punch, Kick,
        Auto Tracking, Allrange Burst

Use Auto Tracking and set your mission disk to 1, 1, 10, 5.  Immediately
Roller dash backwards and keep shooting straight ahead.  When the Turtle
gets close adjust your aim until it dies(with your back to the wall).

Part 3: Extra

These are the faces that come up at the end of each level:

     S  A  B  C  D  E       Key:
   1 Fy Go Va Cc Cc Cc
   2 Fy Ro Ro Cn Cn Cn      Bo- Boro
 L 3 Fy Go Va Cc Cc Cc      Cc- Coconna
 e 4 Fy Is Go Va Cc Cc      Cn- Conin
 v 5 Fy Go Va Cc Is Cc      Fy- Fyana
 e 6 Fy Ro Bo Go Va Is      Go- Gotho
 l 7 Fy Fy Is Bo Bo Is      Is- Iskui
   8 Fy Fy Is Bo Is Bo      Ro- Rochina
   9 Fy Cc Va Go Ka Ka      Va- Vanilla
  10 Fy Go Va Ka Ka Ka      Ka- Kuan

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corrections, complaints, and compliments to [email protected]

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