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      \\  \======  ***  ****  *  ** **  *   *  ** ***** **  * ======/  //
       \\  \===== *  ** *  ** *****  ***    ***** ***   ***** =====/  //
        \\        ***** ****  * ***  ***    * *** **    * ***        //
         \\  \=== *  ** * *** * * *  ***    * * * ***** *  ** ===/  //
||                                                                           ||
||             #########           ##########         ##########             ||
||             ##########          ##########         ##########             ||
||             ###   ####      *      ####      *       ####  ##             ||
||             ########      *****    ####    *****   ##  ####               ||
||             ###  ####      * *     ####     * *    ##########             ||
||             ###   ####             ####            ##########             ||
||                                                                           ||
                                                                   |PC Version|
                        [ P L A Y E R ' S   G U I D E ]

                                  Version 0.2

                                  BY: MimicMasterAX ([email protected])

=====================[ T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S ]=====================

01                                                                 INTRODUCTION
02                                                                     CONTROLS
03                                                               USE OF PLASTIC
                                                                   - Structures
                                                                        - Units
                                                           - Special Characters
04                                                    FORMATIONS AND STRATEGIES
                                                                       - Basics
                                                                   - Formations
                                                                   - Strategies
05                                                                  WALKTHROUGH
                                                                     - Campaign
                                                                - Great Battles
06                                                       IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS
                                                         - Copyright Agreements
                                                                      - History
                                                                      - Contact
                                                                    - Thanks To
                                                         - Author's Final Notes

- To find the latest version of this guide, always check
- I made this guide for you guys to read, not to rip off. Please respect my
- I actually made this for you to read the whole thing...
- I'm being getting things from lots of people saying this is the PS2 version.
  the same, but this is the PC version.

==========================[ I N T R O D U C T I O N ]==========================

    Hello. Welcome to my guide of Army Men: RTS. I've noticed there are some
exploitable aspects of this game, so I decided to make this guide, just in
case one of you need some help... Anyways, have fun reading. If you want to
find some thing, SEARCH using your Internet Browser's functions.

    We all know those green plastic guys. Okay, well, most of us anyways. There
was times when we use magnifying glass to melt the guys. ... ... You mean you
guys NEVER done that? Awww.... This game features all the Mens of Plastic in an
epic adventure to save the house (you thought it was the world, huh?). The Real
Time Strategy aspect of this game makes it a tempting game to try out. If you
havn't tried it yet, go to to
download the demo before you buy it.

    The story? Well, lets just say four words: BLITZ - BRAINS - TAN - DESTROY.
For more information, watch the intro.

==============================[ C O N T R O L S ]==============================

Mouse: move around
Right Mouse Button: hold and move mouse to navigate quickly
Middle Mouse Button: use AND function (rotate tempted building)
Mouse Wheel: Zoom in or out
CTRL + Right Mouse Button: Zoom in or out
Up, Down, Left, Right: move arond
Space: Jump to last interest point

Left Mouse Button: select current unit
Left Mouse Button: hold to form selection box
Left Mouse Button: assign unit to go/do ...
Right Mouse Button: de-select unit
CTRL + Left Mouse Button: select all units of the highlighted kind
SHIFT + Left Mouse Button: add units to selection
CTRL + (1/2/3/4): create Squads
(1/2/3/4): select created Squades
SHIFT + (1/2/3/4): jump to squad
E: select every unit
G: select group (by selecting multiple units together, you form groups
   automatically. Note that this is not squad, but groups.
H: de-select unit

J: Joke

========================[ U S E   O F   P L A S T I C ]========================


NOTE: You can melt structures. They take some time, but they will give back
      half the amount that they are worth.

-=< HQ >=-
From: Bulldozer
You Need To Build: Nothing
Plastic / Electricity: 400 / 0
Notes: Build this, build this
Rally Flag: Square

-< Upgrade: Super HQ >-
You Need To Build: HQ, Resource Depot, Barracks
Plastic / Electricity: 400 / 0
Notes: Rush for this ASAP, after getting a simple squad

-< Upgrade: Super Duper HQ >-
You Need To Build: Garage
Plastic / Electricity: 600 / 0
Notes: Wait until you have money pouring in before tempting this

-=< Resource Depot >=-
From: Bulldozer
You Need To Build: Nothing
Plastic / Electricity: 500 / 0
Notes: I usually build this before HQ, question of speed of harvesting

-=< Barracks >=-
From: Bulldozer
You Need To Build: HQ
Plastic / Electricity: 300 / 0
Notes: Get this up ASAP, set a rally point, and start cranking out units
Rally Flag: Triangle

-< Upgrade: Super Barracks >-
You Need To Build: Super HQ
Plastic / Electricity: 400 / 0
Notes: Get this one right after you upgrade the Super HQ, and build Snipers

-=< Garage >=-
From: Bulldozer
You Need To Build: Super HQ
Plastic / Electricity: 400 / 0
Notes: After upgrading the Super Barracks, build him, and form some Medics
Rally Flag: Chomp Head

-< Upgrade: Super Garage >-
You Need To Build: Super Duper HQ
Plastic / Electricity: 400 / 0
Notes: Unless you like Air Combat, forget about this one

-=< Guard Tower >=-
From: Bulldozer
You Need To Build: HQ
Plastic / Electricity: 200 / 0
Infantry / Armor / Air: ****.... / ***..... / ***.....
Notes: Your basic perimeter defense. Build this thingy everywhere in your base

-=< Pillbox >=-
From: Bulldozer
You Need To Build: Super HQ
Plastic / Electricity: 300 / 0
Infantry / Armor / Air: *****... / ****.... / ........
Notes: You may have 1 or 2 in the base, since it's a sitting duck against air

-=< AA Gun >=-
From: Bulldozer
You Need To Build: Super HQ
Plastic / Electricity: 150 / 0
Infantry / Armor / Air: ........ / ........ / ********
Notes: Where ever you've seen enemies crawling into your base, build 1 of these

-=< Barbed Wire Post >=-
From: Bulldozer
You Need To Build: HQ
Plastic / Electricity: 50 / 0
Notes: I rarely use them, normally waste of plastic


<< Chemical Silo >>
Infantry / Armor / Air: ........ / ........ / ........

<< Ant Nursery >>
Infantry / Armor / Air: ........ / ........ / ........
<< Healer >>
Infantry / Armor / Air: ........ / ........ / ........
Notes: Take these out ASAP to prevent them from healing Blintz or the Acid

<< Acid Gun >>
Infantry / Armor / Air: ******** / ******** / ********
Notes: Take these out with Sniper/Mortar Man/Air Strike/Magnifying Glass

<< Blintz >>
Infantry / Armor / Air: ........ / ........ / ........


NOTE: There is a building limit. Once achieved it (I think it's 100), you can't
      build structure nor units anymore before some of your units dies. Stupid,
      since you can't kill your own units.

--- Bulldozer ---
From: HQ
Plastic / Electricity: 200 / 0
Notes: If you got one when you start, that should be enough

--- Dump Truck ---
From: HQ
Plastic / Electricity: 150 / 0
Notes: After HQ is done, build 3 or 4 of these. When you are rich, make more

--- Radio Operator ---
From: Super Duper HQ
Plastic / Electricity: 400 / 0
Notes: Use this when you want to play cheap

<= Paratroopers =>
From: Radio Operator
Plastic / Electricity: 500 / 200
Infantry / Armor / Air: *****... / ****.... / *****...
Notes: They are for the last minute defense or the first minute attack

<= Magnifying Glass =>
From: Radio Operator
Plastic / Electricity: 100 / 300
Infantry / Armor / Air: ******.. / ******.. / ........
Notes: When deployed, they do hurt alot

<= Bombing Run =>
From: Radio Operator
Plastic / Electricity: 200 / 400
Infantry / Armor / Air: ******** / ******** / ********
Notes: Peek inside the enemy base, and blow them to the garbage can with this

--- Grunt ---
From: Barracks
Plastic / Electricity: 50 / 0
Infantry / Armor / Air: *....... / *....... / *.......
Notes: These are almost shit. Use them only when you don't have the choice

--- Grenadier ---
From: Barracks
Plastic / Electricity: 75 / 0
Infantry / Armor / Air: **...... / **...... / *.......
Notes: Used for defense, works well against ARMOR

--- Mine Sweeper ---
From: Barracks
Plastic / Electricity: 50 / 0
Infantry / Armor / Air: ........ / ........ / ........
Notes: You need atleast 1 of these for every attack squad you make

--- Machine Gunner ---
From: Super Barracks
Plastic / Electricity: 100 / 0
Infantry / Armor / Air: ***..... / *....... / *.......
Notes: These are for base defenses, since they do take time loading their guns

--- Bazooka Man ---
From: Super Barracks
Plastic / Electricity: 125 / 0
Infantry / Armor / Air: **...... / ****.... / ****....
Notes: Build 4-6 of these for each squad, they work nicely against ARMOR

--- Mortar Man ---
From: Super Barracks
Plastic / Electricity: 50 / 0
Infantry / Armor / Air: ........ / **...... / ........
Notes: Get yourself 4-8 of these when you attack, they break plastic like tofu

--- Sniper ---
From: Super Barracks
Plastic / Electricity: 250 / 0
Infantry / Armor / Air: ******** / ........ / ........
Notes: Every squad needs these. Bases also need these. They are valuable

--- Minelayer ---
From: Garage
Plastic / Electricity: 100 / 100
Infantry / Armor / Air: ........ / ........ / ........
Notes: Use them for base defense around the base, not inside

<= Mine =>
From: Minelayer
Plastic / Electricity: 50 / 0
Infantry / Armor / Air: ******** / ******** / ........
Notes: These things can really hurt huge groups of enemies. Every mine has
       a range, so they can also scout for units.

--- Medic ---
From: Garage
Plastic / Electricity: 100 / 150
Infantry / Armor / Air: ........ / ........ / ........
Notes: You always need Medic, build build build

--- Half-Truck ---
From: Garage
Plastic / Electricity: 100 / 150
Infantry / Armor / Air: *****... / ***..... / ***.....
Notes: 2 in every ARMOR group to bring down aircraft and soldiers

--- Tank ---
From: Garage
Plastic / Electricity: 200 / 250
Infantry / Armor / Air: ***..... / ******.. / ........
Notes: Best in offensive groups of 4 or more

--- Chopper ---
From: Super Garage
Plastic / Electricity: 150 / 250
Infantry / Armor / Air: *****... / ****.... / ****....
Notes: You can finish a game quickly with 8-10 Choppers and 4 Medics

--- DumDum ---
From: Super Garage
Plastic / Electricity: 50 / 150
Infantry / Armor / Air: ******** / ******** / ........
Notes: If you want to take out a HUGE group, create a diversion and send him in

------------------------------[Special Characters]-----------------------------

*** Sarge ***
Infantry / Armor / Air: ******.. / ****.... / ****....
Notes: Use him in all battles, even though you are risking losing. Sarge shoots
       like a pro, so you must wish that there were more than 1 of him.

*** Hoover ***
Infantry / Armor / Air: ........ / ........ / ........
Notes: Hoover is a scare baby. But his mine sweep range is higher than a normal
       Mine Sweeper. Protect him at all cost, and have fun listening to his

*** Sharp ***
Infantry / Armor / Air: ........ / ******.. / ........
Notes: He is a Mortar Pro. Keep him out of sight of the enemies and fire away.

*** Scorch ***
Infantry / Armor / Air: ******.. / ****.... / ........
Notes: Scorch is a treasure! He is the only flamethrower in the game. USE HIM

*** Riff ***
Infantry / Armor / Air: ****.... / ******.. / ******..
Notes: He is not your average zooker. He can do more damage to ARMOR units than
       any other unit.

*** Thick ***
Infantry / Armor / Air: ******.. / **...... / ........
Notes: Nice Machine Gunner. I usually don't build Gunners if he is around and
       let him guard the base.

*** Bulleye ***
Infantry / Armor / Air: ******** / ........ / ........
Notes: Wow! Bulleye is the ultimate unit razor. He has the longest sight range
       and his firepower is stronger than a normal sniper. DON'T EVER LOSE HIM.

*** Vikki ***
Infantry / Armor / Air: ******.. / ****.... / ****....
Notes: She is the female couter-part of Sarge. But she's more soft than that
       strict drill sargent.

=============[ F O R M A T I O N S   A N D   S T R A T E G I E S ]=============


- As soon as you hear "enemy sighted" or see red circles in the Mini-Map, press
  SPACE to see what's happening and try taking out enemies ASAP.
- NEVER leave wounded enemies escape.
- You want to win, not to survive. It's okay to lose some units.
- Rushing is good, but only for Great Battles and Multiplayer Games.
- Build a decent base before attacking, never leave a base without 2 Towers and
  1 AA Gun.
- You want to harvest lots of goodies. If you see a huge supply out there,
  build lots of Dump Trucks.
- Remember to rotate the building, never make them too close to each other.
- Remember to use Rally Points. These flags could make the difference in a
- Always aim for Construction Buildings first. Or you could just destroy the
  Resource Depot.
- When you start a game, build HQ-Dump Truck-Resource Depot-Barracks-
  Guard Tower-Mine Sweeper-Super HQ-Super Barracks-Sniper-Garage-Medic-AA Gun-
  Super Duper HQ-Super Garage-Pillbox-Radio Operator.
- Never stop with your Bulldozer when building basic defense. After he set the
  plastic, move on and build another building.
- The above statement can land you into a crisis, if you don't know how to
  avoid it: when you start building and rush to get things up, don't forget to
  first FINISH building 2 or 3 Dump Trucks. If you, when you set your base, you
  will be stuck with half-done structures and little or no harvesting units.


|> Basic Formation <|
Grunt (4-6), Grenadier (2-4), Mine Sweeper
Cost: 400 - 650 / 0 - 0
Notes: This it used when you don't have anything else available. Send them
       scouting or out to destroy small amounts of enemies.

|> Advance Formation <|
Grunt (8), Grenader (4), Mine Sweeper (2), Bazooka Man (6), Sniper (2), Medic
Cost: 2150 / 150
Notes: This is a attack squad. They can take care of some enemies before going

|> Elite Formation <|
Mine Sweeper (2), Bazooka Man (8), Sniper (4), Medic (4-6), Half-Truck (2-4),
Tank (2), Chopper (4)
Cost: 3700 - 4100 / 2400 - 3000
Notes: This is an ultimate attack form. They can take out almost anything.

|> Structure Chomper <|
Mortar Man (6-8), Grunt (2), Medic
Cost: 1100 - 1400 / 150 - 150
Notes: Always use this when you want to take out buildings.

|> Armor Team <|
Half-Truck (4), Tank (4), Medic (4), Chopper (4)
Cost: 2400 / 3400
Notes: Use this squad when you want to take out things fast and clean (and not
       get sniped).

|> Defence Formation <|
Guard Tower (2), Pillbox, AA Gun (2), Sniper (2), Bazooka Man (4), Tank, Medic
Cost: 2300 / 400
Notes: At every entrance, you got to have one of these. (This formation if for
       the last few missions, Great Battles, and Multiplayer only.


Guerrilla Tactic: Rush in a group of heavy destruction, attack for atmost 10
                  seconds, and run!

Decoy: Send a team of Grunts through the enemy lines, let them be killed, and
       at the mean time, send in your main formation and take out the enemy.

Eyes Of Lynx: Send a group of 3 Snipers in the front line, they have wonderful
             sight range. They also will take out pesky Tan soldiers. Also use
             this to send Air Strikes.

Lure'em In: Send an unit into the enemy range, let them chase that unit, and
            destroy that unit when it's close to your troops.

Scouting: If you have Choppers, send them in groups of 2 after destroying
          AA Guns everywhere to scout for left-overs.

===========================[ W A L K T H R O U G H ]===========================

NOTE: These informations are based on the NORMAL setting, so there.
NOTE: There won't be any walkthrough for Boot Camp. If you can't pass through
      these, you mostly shouldn't be playing this game...


 |The Thin Green Line| (The Thin Blue Line)

Mission Objective: Push through the Tan defense perimeter (easy)
Secondary Objectives: Finish in under 7 minutes (easy)
                      Defeat all Tans (easy)
Starting Units: Sarge, Grunt (12), Barracks
Plastic / Electricity: 1500 / 0
Strategy: This is basically a walk in the park. Start building more Grunts,
          and take it slowly towards the left. After passing the fence, form
          2 squads of 12 or more grunts and keep pushing it. On the far right
          route is a Weapon Boost. Right after that, behind the rock, there is
          a grunt. The right side have 2 Towers. Blow up the barrels to finish
          one, and attack the other ASAP, then the units. The left side have
          also 2 Towers, but this time, you'll destroy both if you blow up the
          barrels. Keep searching for left-over soldiers until you hear the
          sound. After you are done, head to the X.
My Record: 6 Minutes 02 Seconds

 |Behind the Tan Curtain| (Behind the Enemy Lines)

Mission Objective: Destroy the Tan base in Central Yard (easy)
Secondary Objectives: Destroy all mines (moderate)
                      Spend less than 4000 Plastic (easy)
New Units: Bulldozer, Dump Truck, Mine Sweeper, Medic, Half-Truck, Guard Tower
Starting Units: Bulldozer, Sarge, Riff, Scorch, Grunt (4), HQ
Plastic / Electricity: 2000 / 800
Strategy: Start the technology rush. In the mean while, take what you have as
          units with a Mine Sweeper and send them to the lower-left side. Kill
          the Tans and return. In the mean while, place 2 Guard Towers, and
          build 6 Grunts and 1 more Mine Sweeper. When you return, you should
          have enough to upgrade and build a Garage. Get yourself 4 Medics and
          2 Half-Trucks. Go to Secondary Objectives Screen and make sure you
          are using less than 4000 Plastic. Now form 3 squads: Sarge/Riff/
          Scorch/Grunt(2)/Grenadier(2)/Mine Sweeper, Grunt(6)/Grenadier(2)/Mine
          Sweeper, Half-Truck/Medic(2), Half-truck/Medic(2). Push fowards to
          the North, but go slowly. You can't afford losing units since you
          have a limit to respect. When you see 2 paths, seperate the groups
          into 2 (1 and 3, 2 and 4). In the southern path, there is a tank.
          Don't panic, if you have healed all your men before engaging this,
          and you have 2 Medics on the tail, you won't lose any men. At the
          base, there will be around 15 Grunts waiting for you. Destroy the
          Towers from both side, destroy the Resource Depot, and let the
          south side start the attack on the Barracks while the north side
          move in for the kills.
Mine Location: around the bike (3)
               after the turn after the bike (3)
               north of bike (3)
               after 1st clip (2)
               farther after 1st clip (1)
               after 2nd clip (1)
               northern path (4)
               left side of the pond (3)
               after rock and skull sign (1)
               near HQ (1)
My Record: 17 Minutes 20 Seconds

 |A Few Green Men| (A Few Small Men)

Mission Objective: Locate the power source (easy)
Secondary Objectives: Locate Reinforcements (easy)
                      Finish in under 8 minutes (easy)
Starting Units: Sarge, Riff, Scorch, Hoover, Thick
Strategy: Head North, making them all into 1 squad. Move quickly, but make
          sure Hoover is 1 of the first to explore. When you see a beach
          ball, blow it, it will attract 2 Grunts. Take care of them, move
          West, then South to find the Reinforcements, 2 Grunts and a
          Grenadier. They will be added to your squad. Head back to where
          the beach ball was and head North. In the northern corner is 2
          enemy Grunts and a Health Boost. Then head for the North-Western
          entrance of the platform. Head East, and when you see the Guard
          Tower, rush to it's right and destroy the crates. Same thing with
          the Resource Depot. There is an ammo crate hidden behind the
          Depot, so finish that one off first. Walk up to the Garden Lamp,
          and watch the scene. Then, walk off the platform to the right.
          Keep going towards the extraction point, and you will be greeted
          by 5 Grunts. Finish them off and say goodbye to the garden.
My Record: 6 Minutes 50 Seconds
Secret Code: Color Me Stupid

 |Full Plastic Jacket| (Full Metal Jacket)

Mission Objective: Find a way into the house (easy)
Secondary Objectives: Pick up all Bonuses (easy)
                      Finish in under 30 minutes (easy)
New Units: Minelayer, Mine, Bazooka Man, Machine Gunner, Tank, AA Gun
Starting Units: Bulldozer, Sarge, Hoover, Scorch, Riff
Plastic / Electricity: 2000 / 800
Strategy: Start by forming squad 1 and start building a base around the Dog
          Bowl. Crank out Dump Trucks to increase production and secure base
          with 1 Guard Tower in each entrance (North-West, North-East, South).
          Now march North-West with squad 1 and destroy the units. Run back
          immediately or you will be chased by Half-Truck and Tanks. Build
          5 Medics, 12 Bazooka Men, 1 Mine Sweeper, 2 Half-Truck. Form these
          four squads: Sarge and heroes/8 Bazooka Men/1 Half-Truck; 3 Medics;
          4 Bazooka Men/1 Half-Truck; Medic. There is a last Medic. He will
          stay in the base to heal structures. Squad 1 and 2 goes North,
          destroys the small base when giving choice of North or East, then
          destroy the North base too. Watch out, there are 2 or 3 Choppers
          waiting for you. Get the Full Health Bonus too. Squad 3 and 4 head
          for the South-East side. There will be some enemies, but your men
          can take care of them. Now go for the Weapon Boost, and then, try
          joining the other squads. Now Squad 1 head towards the Dog House.
          You don't care if you loose 1 or 2 men, you want to be on time to
          finish this.
Bonuses: Full Health: North-West
         Weapon Boost: South-East, North of Frizbee
My Record: 18 Minutes 31 Seconds

 |It Came From The Basement| (It Came From The ...)

Mission Objective: Escape the basement via the stairs (moderate)
Secondary Objectives: No Heroes lost (moderate)
                      Pick up all Bonuses (easy)
Starting Units: Sarge, Thick, Hoover, Bullseye, Scorch
Strategy: Bullseye will be a one man squad while the others will be squad
          2. Head up quickly with squad 2 closely followed by Bullseye, so
          he can take out enemies without taking damage. Head for the Speed
          Boost, and charge for the Eastern exit now. You will see a scene,
          then have 6 minutes to finish the mission. Don't forget to re-squad
          your men. Kill the bugs fast and run East. Don't try going North,
          there will be lots of bugs and no reward. Head East fast and watch
          out for more bugs on the way. When you see boxes to the South, go
          for the Full Health Bonus. Now run for your life towards the stairs,
          since you will be blocked by too many troops to handle (even a Guard
          Tower!). Just run up the stair and hope you don't lose a heroe. If
          you still have time, take your time sniping each enemy off the map.
Bonuses: Speed Boost: North-West corner
         Full Health: South of the boxes, left side
My Record: 8 Minutes 5 Seconds

 |Courage Under Groceries| (?)

Mission Objective: Find and Reinforce the Green Kitchen Base (easy)
Changed Objective: Remove the 3 remaining AA Turrets (moderate)
Secondary Objectives: Destroy all Cockroaches (moderate)
                      Finish in under 35 minutes (moderate)
New Units: Mortar Man, Mortar, Pillbox
Starting Units: Sarge, Hoover, Scorch, Bullseye, Thick
Plastic / Electricity: 2000 / 800
Strategy: You're aiming for the base, but first head left until you kill the
          first cochroach. Now head towards the base, watch out for Grunts.
          At the base, build a Bulldozer, start a small base, build 3 Dump
          Trucks, and start the tech rush. Leave Bullseye in the North
          entrance and start building 2 squads: Sarge and cie/8 Bazooka Man,
          3 Medics. Get yourself 1 more Medic and 2 Tanks for your base. Now
          each entrance of the base should be with: 1 Guard Tower, 1 Pillbox,
          1 AA Gun, 1 Tank, 1 Medic (that's for the base it's self). Now head
          south. Make your way South, West, North, to the first base. If you
          take some time to heal after each battle, you can survive the thing
          without any losses. In the mean time, get yourself squad 3 with 12
          Bazooka Men and squad 4 with 3 Medic. Squad 1 and 2 goes for North
          turret while 3 and 4 goes for East turret. They will all join up
          at the last turret, and you'll win the mission after destroying it.
          But squad 1 and 2 will path through a Weapon Boost first. Take out
          the ammo box first, take the bonus, and finish off the remaining
My Record: 30 Minutes 21 Seconds

 |Dishes Of Valor| (Medal Of Valor)

Mission Objective: destroy the Chemical Weapon factory (easy)
Secondary Objectives: destroy all Containers (easy)
                      finish in under 35 minutes (moderate)
New Units: Sniper, Chopper
Starting Units: Bulldozer, Sarge, Riff, Sharp, Thick, Scorch
Plastic / Electricity: 2000 / 800
Strategy: Start a base, but don't hog in the bottom section. There is a watch
          North of you, but search for it, it's kind of very NORTH. Anyways,
          scout with your troops and maybe you have to take care of a Half-
          Truck, like me. After that, wait till you have 3 Medics by your side
          before exploring again. Protect your base with 3 Guard Towers (1 to
          the left, 2 to the right) and AA Guns. You should build a squad of
          Sarge and company and 12 Bazooka Men. These can take care of
          anything. You might also want to add 2 or 3 Snipers, seeing that
          they are available. If you have extra cash, start a force of 6-8
          Choppers. Now head North, and then West, to find the Chemical
          factory. Don't finish it off before taking care of the Containers.
Containers: left of big turn from North to West
            very North-East of map
            behind the Guard Tower and the Pillbox, right after the turn
            right of Super Garage
            left of Super Garage
            in front of the 2 bibs
My Record: 21 Minutes 25 Seconds

 |From Here To The Sofa| (From Here To Eternalty)

Mission Objective: Eliminate the Tan to capture the PlayStation 2 computer
                   entertainment system. (easy)
Secondary Objectives: Drop a Paratrooper Air Strike (easy)
                      Destroy all Ants (easy)
New Units: Radio Communicator
Starting Units: Bulldozer, Sarge, Sharp, Thick, Scorch, Riff
Plastic / Electricity: 2000 / 800
Strategy: Finally, you don't have to race against the clock. But right after
          you start, there will be a Chopper attacking your base. Take the
          time to build a good defense system then upgrade. When you see you
          will start needing plastic, form a group and head to the North-
          East to find some. Install another base there, and build up a
          strong force. Leave 2 tanks and 2 snipers at the second base and
          take the troops to the East. After destroying the base there,
          find the operative, destroy the surrounding Barbed Wires, and
          build a Paratroopers right away before you lose him (by accident).
          Now head North-East to find 2 Ant Colonies. Take care of these,
          and zoom in onto the base. Chop away slowly, and be careful since
          there are around 5 Choppers and 2 Tanks there to scare you away.
          After that's taken care of, move your Mortar Men West and find the
          two last Pillboxes. Take care of that, and walk up to the console.
          That's it. For a change, you might want to replace ARMOR by AIR so
          less units can hit you.
My Record: 28 Minutes 30 Seconds

 |Fistful Of Plastic| (Fistful of Anger)

Mission Objective: Protect the villagers as they make their escape. (moderate)
Secondary Objectives: Save all villagers (moderate - hard)
                      Spend less than 10,000 Plastic (moderate)
New Units: Paratroopers
Starting Units: Bulldozer, Sarge, Thick, Riff, Scorch, Hoover, Bullseye
Plastic / Electricity: 2000 / 800
Strategy: Let me summarize what you got to do here: there will be 30 Legos
          Men and they want to get across the map. You are their loyal
          escort. If one of them die (they are weak and can't defend alone),
          you can kiss the Secondary Objective goodbye. They always move in
          groups of 3. If you let more than 3 Legos die, it's game over for
          you. If you try a full ARMOR protection and go over the Plastic
          limit, that's a no no too. So how do you win at this? Start with
          the basics. Place a HQ and Resource Depot to the right of the base.
          Protect it with 1 Guard Tower to the North only. Crank out 3 more
          Dump Trucks. Now Go to Lego Town and build a Guard Tower at the
          South Entrance. Now head to the West entrance and build a barrack.
          START BUILDING 10 or 15 Grunts, adding them to your initial group
          each time. In the mean time, take your units North of the trail
          and take out enemies before the Lego mens start their journey. In
          the meantime, construct 2 Guard Towers at the Barrack, North and
          South. Upgrade your structures, and build a Tank for defense at the
          Barracks. Build also 6 Medics: 1 for original base, 1 for the second
          base, 2 for your squad, and 2 that are going to make another squad.
          Keep turning out Bazooka Men, Grunts and Snipers at the Barracks and
          make them into squad 2. Squad 2 will escort any newcomers to the
          middle point and then will be taken over by squad 1. Keep building
          Bazooka Men until you are almost at the Plastic limit. Now send those
          to your squad 1, but through the rails (on the right side) because
          if you go around the big box, there will be an ENORMOUS amount of
          enemies waiting for you. You still want to take them out though, so
          send squad 2 to take care of them. If you continue healing and
          escorting, you will win. If you really can't keep up with later
          enemies, don't build as much Bazooka Men, instead upgrade HQ again to
          build a Radio Operative. Then start building Paratroopers. They are
          pretty strong against anything, just guide them to destroy 1 enemy
          at a time.
My Record: Everybody will finish at the same time.

 |Baths Of Glory| (War Of Glory)

Mission Objective: 
Secondary Objectives: 
New Units: 
Starting Units: 
Plastic / Electricity:  / 
My Record: 

 |One Man Army| (...)

Mission Objective: 
Secondary Objectives: 
New Units: 
Starting Units: 
Plastic / Electricity:  / 
My Record: 

 |Derailment| (?)

Mission Objective: 
Secondary Objectives: 
New Units: 
Starting Units: 
Plastic / Electricity:  / 
My Record: 

 |Village Of The Tanned| (Village Of The Damned)

Mission Objective: 
Secondary Objectives: 
New Units: 
Starting Units: 
Plastic / Electricity:  / 
My Record: 

 |Scorched Turf| (?)

Mission Objective: 
Secondary Objectives: 
New Units: 
Starting Units: 
Plastic / Electricity:  / 
My Record: 

 |Heart Of Plastic| (Heart Of The Enemy)

Mission Objective: 
Secondary Objectives: 
New Units: 
Starting Units: 
Plastic / Electricity:  / 
My Record: 61 Minutes

--------------------------------[Great Battles]--------------------------------

<* Garden Siege *>

Mission Objective: Destroy all Tan buildings (moderate)
Secondary Objectives: Destroy all Containers (easy)
                      Finish in under 30 minutes (moderate)
Starting Units: Bulldozer, Half-Truck, Sarge, Riff, Scorch, Thick
Plastic / Electricity: 2000 / 800
Strategy: Explore to the North, taking out Tan and 2 Half-Trucks. Head back,
          add a Mine Sweeper and 2 Grenadiers to your team. Do the tech rush.
          Get yourself 4 Bazooka Man and 2 Snipers. Now explore to the West.
          In the mean time, defend your base from the North and the West with
          2 Guard Towers each, and AA Gun. (They will also need a tank and a
          medic). Rush West to find the Weapon Boost inside the Rock Triangle.
          Watch out for the 2 Grunts, Machine Gunner and the Half-Truck though.
          Head back, get yourself healed, and start building an Elite
          Formation. Head West again, this time to the end. Take care of that
          tiny base, build a Resource Depot, and head north. There will be lots
          of Tans, so watch out. Keep going North, but don't mount the
          platform. Instead, head East and head for the other platform on that
          side. Watch out for DumDums! Now Go up the platform, let your Medics
          be second after the tanks, and start destroying their defense. Leave
          the HQ undestroyed while you search for other Containers to the
          left. Finally, destroy all remaining structures and units.
My Record: 26 Minutes 45 Seconds

<* Blind Path *>

Mission Objective: Demolish the Tan forces at the Attic Pass
Secondary Objectives: Finish in under 30 minutes
                      Spend less than 12,000 plastic
Starting Units: HQ, Guard Tower (2), Bulldozer, Sarge, Scorch, Grunt (2), Tank
Plastic / Electricity: 2000 / 1000
Strategy: Start a normal base, with a Garage and a Super Barracks, as well as
          defense perimeters at West and East sides of the base. The enemy will
          attack mostly with Grenaders, so to counter those, you need Snipers.
          Start 2 attack groups of 15 or more at each side, including atleast 3
          Snipers and a Tank. Also preferable if you have some Mortar Men along.
          Build 7 Medics, 3 for each squad, and 1 for base healing. Now move
          simulaniously both squads West and East. If you have reached 20 Minutes
          now, there is no way you can finish in less than 30 Minutes. Just head
          North, push through defenses each time, and you should win.
My Record: 28 Minutes 01 Seconds

<** Basement Baloney **>

Mission Objective: 
Secondary Objectives: 
Starting Units: 
Plastic / Electricity:  / 
My Record: 

<*** Bathroom Blitz ***>

Mission Objective: 
Secondary Objectives: 
Starting Units: 
Plastic / Electricity:  / 
My Record: 

<*** Flooded Follies ***>

Unlocked By: Obtain atleast 4 medals
Mission Objective: 
Secondary Objectives: 
Starting Units: 
Plastic / Electricity:  / 
My Record: 

<**** Tricycle Treatery ****>

Unlocked By: Obtain all medals with atleast Silver Rank
Mission Objective: 
Secondary Objectives: 
Starting Units: 
Plastic / Electricity:  / 
My Record: 

<**** Waterway War ****>

Unlocked By: Finishing Campaign
Mission Objective: 
Secondary Objectives: 
Starting Units: 
Plastic / Electricity:  / 
My Record: 

<***** *****>

Unlocked By:
Mission Objective: 
Secondary Objectives: 
Starting Units: 
Plastic / Electricity:  / 
My Record: 

================[ I M P O R T A N T   I N F O R M A T I O N S ]================

-----------------------------[Copyright Agreements]----------------------------

    All materials in this document are copyrighted by MimicMasterAX. Some are
taken from the game , by 3DO/Pandemic. You may not take this
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                  Great Battles 1-2--> done
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                  Basic Outlines-----> done
                  Controls           > done
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-----------------------------[Author's Final Notes]----------------------------

    Well, that's it for now, I guess I've just made my fifth official game
guide. Well, it feels damn good if you ask me. You got more questions? Drop
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    I'm off playing Tactic Ogre: Knights of Lodis now, later guys.

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