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        W   W  OOOOO  RRRRR  L      DDD        W   W  AAAAA  RRRRR
        W   W  O   O  R   R  L      D  D       W   W  A   A  R   R
        W W W  O   O  RRRRR  L      D   D      W W W  AAAAA  RRRRR
        W W W  O   O  R  R   L      D  D       W W W  A   A  R  R
        WWWWW  OOOOO  R   R  LLLLL  DDD        WWWWW  A   A  R   R

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                Army Men: World War - Team Assault FAQ
                 1:30 PM CST, Wednesday, May 07, 2003
                       Joshua (XXXAXEXXX)Crook
                           [email protected]
                          FAQ Version: -2.-
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                      |         Table Of Contents          |
                      |  I. THE BASICS                     |
                      |      - The Story                   |
                      |      - Controls                    |
                      |         - On Foot                  |
                      |         - Vehicle                  |
                      |         - Gunner                   |
                      |         - Submarine                |
                      |         - Tank                     |
                      |      - Characters                  |
                      | II. THE GAME                       |
                      |      01: Out Of The Frying Pan...  |
                      |      02: Burn That Bridge          |
                      |      03: ...Into The Tan Camp Fire |
                      |      04: Sub Stalker               |
                      |      05: Underground Battle        |
                      |      06: Dangerous Mazes           |
                      |      07: Aerial Defense Force      |
                      |      08: Desert Swarm              |
                      |      09: Skyline Views             |
                      |      10: Stop That Train           |
                      |      11: High Terrain Tanks        |
                      |      12: City Tour                 |
                      |      13: Search And Demolish       |
                      |      14: Ocean Expidition          |
                      |      15: Advance Team Base Assault |
                      |      16: Fortress of Fire          |
                      |III. Versions                       |
                      | IV. Author's Last Words            |
                      |  V. Thanks To...                   |

The plastic war is now at a standstill. The Green and Tan armies are locked in a 
stalemate. Seeking to gain the advantage in this conflict, the Tan have succeeded 
in developing long-range missiles that will ultimately spell doom for the Green 
forces. Intelligence agents had determined that these long-range missiles exist, 
but they had not discovered their location. Until now...
A Green intelligence agent had a lead on the possible wheareabouts of these 
harbingers of doom. Unfortunately, the agent was discovered before he was able to 
reveal the location of the missile base. In an attempt to rescue this agent and 
ultimately destroy this hidden base, a crack team of Green commandos has been 
assembled. Each member of this team is a specialist in a variety of fields ranging 
from heavy weaponry to linguistics. The fate of the free world depends on the 
succesful completion of this mission. If these brave soldiers fail, the Green 
Nation will have no defense against this seemingly invincible menace.
Most missions will require the expertise of two elite squad members. Choose your 
two squad members carefully, because successfully completing each mission relies 
heavily on their specific skills!
As you work your way through each mission, you must switch back and forth between 
both team members to advance throught the level. Both team members must survive and 
reach each mission's goal in order to succed. GOOD LUCK!


The controls for this game are as follows:


dpad - Move.

∆ - Get in a heavy weapon.
□ - Cycle inventory.
O - Switch to the other character.
X        - Use current weapon.

L1 - Used to sidestep (hold).
L2 - Used to roll (hold). 
R1 - Move up a stance (crawl, crouch, standing).
R2 - Move down a stance (standing, crouch, crawl).

Select - Map screen (hold).
Start - Pauses the game.

Dive - Press R2 while running to dive to the ground, VERY helpful.


dpad - Move.

O - Fast turn.
X - Fire weapon.

L1 - Look back.
R1 - Raise gun.
R2 - Lower gun.

Select - Map screen (hold).
Start - Pauses the game.


dpad - Aim turret.

□ - Switch gun positions.
X - Fire weapon.

Select - Map screen (hold).
Start - Pauses the game.


dpad - Move.

O - Hard turn.
X - Fire weapon.

L1 - Look back.
R1 - Climb.
R2 - Dive.

Select - Map screen (hold).
Start - Pauses the game.


dpad - Aim turret.

□ - Switch weapon.
X      - Fire weapon.

L1 - Left track forward.
L2 - Left track back.
R1 - Right track forward.
R2 - Right track back.
L1 and R2 - Pivot left.
R1 and L2 - Pivot right.

Select - Map screen (hold).
Start - Pauses the game.


There are six characters to choose from in the game and each one has two
special skills.  Each character is also rated in three areas, speed, stealth
and hit points.  Speed is obviously how fast your character can move, higher
stealth means that the enemies are less likely to notice you.  Finally high hit
points means that your character can take a lot of damage.

The characters are listed below:

Xhado [19 Total Points]
AGE: N/A   HT:N/A   WT:N/A
SPECIAL SKILLS:Sniper & Mechanic
05 Speed
06 Stealth
08 Hit Points
EXTRA INFO: Not much information can be compiled about this wagerer of quiet 
aggression. Silent and deadly, Xhado's expertise as a hunter means that his targets 
will most likely never know what hit them.

Boomer [18 Total Points]
REAL:Bjorn "Boomer" Thorson
AGE:26   HT:5'8"   WT:175
SPECIAL SKILLS:Demolition & Linguist
03 Speed
05 Stealth
10 Hit Points
EXTRA INFO: Bjorn Thorson was born to an ambassador and into a household where 
different languages were spoken daily. This being the case, Bjorn has an aptitude 
for language. He studied demolitions when he joined the service and often finds 
himself at odds with his compatriot, Armand, who prefers his instincts to Bjorns by-
the-book approach. This attitude also permeates Thorson's views on personal 
appearance and social behavior.

Armand [18 Total Points]
REAL:Armand "Flambé" Nestor
AGE:24   HT:5'11"   WT:165
SPECIAL SKILLS:Demolition & Communications
04 Speed
04 Stealth
10 Hit Points
EXTRA INFO: Armand Nestor learned his trade (demolitions) from his familyat the 
young age of eleven. The Nestor Demolition Company is world renowned, and has an 
impresssive wake of dust and debris behind it. Armand's clear understanding of 
his "art form" (as he describes it (I personally think its a great definition)) and 
his confidence in his abilities is often mistaken for a disregard for his own life.

Tyke [16 Total Points]
REAL:Tyke "The Tank" Morgan
AGE:28   HT:7'2"   WT:302
SPECIAL SKILLS:Heavy Weapons & Linguist
02 Speed
02 Stealth
12 Hit Points

Squirrel [15 Total Points]
REAL:Gib "Squirrel" Farrel
AGE:21   HT:5'9"   WT:165
SPECIAL SKILLS:Sniper & Communications
06 Speed
01 Stealth
08 Hit Points
EXTRA INFO: Gib Farrel is a self-confessed klutz, except when it comes to his 
job. "Squirrel", as he is commonly referred to, is a crack shot and has very deadly 
aim. However, he'll fumble through everything else he comes in contact with and 
will probably make a lot of noise along the way. He is a competent communications 
officer, but don't ask him to juggle.

Dante [14 Total Points]
REAL:Dante Hernandez
AGE:28   HT:6'3"   WT:225
SPECIAL SKILLS:Heavy Weapons & Repairs
03 Speed
03 Stealth
08 Hit Points

+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+THE GAME+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

Stage 01: Out Of The Frying Pan...

Requirements: Mechanic & Linguist.
Recommended: Xhado & Boomer.

  When you first start the stage your two troops will only be armed with a knife
each.  Run along the path in front of you and stab the guard from behind to get
your first gun.  Turn around with your un-gunned guy and go left along the fence 
until you get to some tents.  Go around them, head to the log and rocks, and crawl 
under the fence.  Then, get up and walk straight until you pick up a gun then go 
over to your partner (exiting the way you entered).  Once done, continue down the 
path until you reach a sign, if your character can't read it bring the other troop 
over to read it.  The sign says that there is a canyon to the left and an outpost 
to the right.

  Crouch if you have to and shoot the group of barrels beyond the sign.  They
will explode and reveal some grenades and a gun.  Divide the grenades as you
see fit and be sure that your unarmed troop grabs the gun.

  Now head left and dive behind the fallen log on the right side of the path.
Two guards will take positions up ahead and begin trying to shoot you, as long
as you're behind the log though they won't succeed.  Get a feel for the timing
of their firing pattern, then position yourself so you're facing the closest
guard.  Quickly rise to a crouching position, fire off a couple shots and lie
down again.  This is THE basic tactic that you will be using time and time
again throughout the game so get used to it.

  Once both guards are dead one of them should drop a medkit, so use if you need
it.  Otherwise continue along the path and dive behind the next set of logs,
then kill the lone enemy beyond.

  Collect the medkit if you need it, otherwise hide behind the wood pile up ahead
as three guards show up ahead.  Run to the little brick wall on your left and
dive behind it when you feel safest, then kill the guards from there.  You
could also sidestep or roll to the side of the wood pile and shoot before
moving back, either way works.

  A fourth guard is over by the green tent on your left so watch out for him and
shoot him just like you did the last three guards.  Destroy the three groups of
barrels in here to kill another guard behind a woodpile, then grab the gun that
he drops.

  Return to your partner and go right along the path this time, hide behind the
logs on your right when you reach them.  Shoot the patrolling guard and walk
through the rocky area on the left side of the path, a guard should hide behind
a wall on your right.  He may or may not see you but once you start shooting,
he will too so be quick.  You should see a wrecked jeep here among some boxes,
shoot the boxes to find some tools.  Pick up the tools with your mechanic and
bring your partner here if needed.  Switch to the tools and use them on the
jeep to fix it, then move both your troops to it.

  At this point one of your troops automatically drives the jeep while you
control the gun.  Basically you want to shoot anything that moves and of course
any barrels or boxes as they tend to explode and cause damage to enemies as
well.  There is an enemy jeep on your right near the start so be sure to
destroy it or it will cause you some pain, otherwise this section is pretty

  Once you leave the jeep simply move both your troops to the bridge (blue square
on radar, red square on map) to end the stage.

Stage 02: Burn That Bridge

Requirements: Sniper & Demolition.
Recommended: Xhado & Boomer.

  Take your sniper and follow the path ahead of you, then dive behind the log on
your left.  Once both guards are dead collect the sniper rifle from one of them
and quickly head back to the log.  Use the sniper rifle on the sniper high up
on the cliff in the distance, then snipe the pair of guards below.

  Continue along the path and as you approach a tree stump a guard will come
running and try to hide behind it.  Shoot him before he gets there for some
grenades, then shoot the boxes behind him for some sniper rifle ammo.  Just
make a note of where it is for now, then come back for it later when you need

  Continue down the path and when it starts to curve look for a small dip in the
mountain peaks.  Run up into this dip and aim at the shrubs below with your
sniper rifle, you should see an enemy behind the tree there.  Shoot him and
continue down to the flat ground, then use the sniper rifle to take out three
guards on the other side of the river.

  Watch as a boat drops off a number of troops farther up river, then use the
sniper rifle on some boxes farther down the river.  When they explode they will
kill a few guards.  Head down the river some more and shoot some more guards,
hide behind the rocks if you have to.  Finally use the sniper rifle on the last
pair of guards up ahead before running towards the bridge.

  As soon as you see the boat in the distance, turn around and run away.  Then
hide behind something because the boat will be constantly shooting you until it
passes you.  Now you can bring your Demolitions troop down here and pick up the
explosives.  Head down the river to the bridge and you should see a message
about this being a good spot to set explosives.  Set some explosives and run
away so you don't get caught in the blast, once the bomb goes off the stage

Stage 03: ...Into The Tan Camp Fire

Requirements: Heavy Weapons & Communications.
Recommended: Squirrel & Tyke.

Although it's not required I really recommend bringing along a sniper for this
stage, it makes it a lot easier.

There are four tanks at the start of this stage so you have to be pretty
careful.  Switch to your heavy weapons expert and head right around the wall,
make sure you don't get too close to the wall, because the blast from a tank's
shot can still hit you if you're that close to it.

Shoot the boxes when you reach them and pick up the mortars that they leave
behind.  Carefully use your mortars to take out the four tanks, then run past
them to some small hills beyond.

You should see a guard just past the gate up ahead so shoot him before using
his wall to hide behind, he will drop a radio so be sure to pick it up with
your communications expert.  Shoot two more guards up ahead and switch to the
other character.  Head right to a rocky area and shoot a pile of boxes for some
sniper ammo and a rocket launcher.  Get the rocket launcher with your heavy
weapons expert and get the sniper rifle if you brought a sniper with you.

Snipe a few guards from the ledge on your right if you brought a sniper with
you, otherwise head for the group of houses up ahead.  Hide on the right side
of one of them, then look left.  You should see a tower in the distance with a
sniper in it, make sure you're not too close to the wall of the house.  Use a
mortar to kill that sniper and destroy the tower in the same shot.

Follow the path to the next gate (use the medkit that one of the guards drops
if you need it) and hide behind the logs and woodpiles as you shoot the enemies
along the way.  You can also use the sniper rifle if you brought a sniper with

Once you reach the gate you'll want to head right to the machine among the
boxes.  Use the radio that your communications expert has with this machine to
radio your base.  They will send a submarine to the dock up ahead, which is
where you'll be going next.

Blow up the boxes around you for some rocket launcher ammo, then use a mortar
on the tank if you have any left.  Otherwise you should be able to use your
rocket launcher to get rid of it as long as you're fast.  Work your way towards
the dock now and hide behind the walls as you shoot the enemy along the way.
Finally take both your troops down the dock to the submarine to end the stage.

Stage 04: Sub Stalker

Requirements: None.
Recommended: Doesn't matter.

Head left around the rocks and blow up the mines as you follow the left wall
around.  Shoot the turret here twice to destroy it and beware of a sub to your
right.  Destroy it when you can and continue along the left wall, destroy the
mines up ahead and a message should appear about depth charges coming up.

Just let them fall harmlessly ahead of you, then clear out the mines on your
left and follow the path beyond.  Destroy a turret and sub in this area and
continue along the left path.  You should find another sub and a pair of mines
along the way but they're not much trouble.

Another sub is farther up ahead followed by a turret slightly to your right.
Take out a few mines on your left once they're out of the way and get ready to
fight a pair of subs up ahead.  Once they're gone the path will be clear and
the mission will end.

Stage 05: Underground Battle

Requirements: Demolition & Mechanic.
Recommended: Xhado & Boomer.

As soon as the stage starts you'll want to hide behind the boxes up ahead with
whichever of your troops is on the left dock.  For the other troop you'll want
to back up and hide behind the metal object on your left.  Now you can take
take out the enemies with the troop behind the boxes.

Once they're dead you can shoot a number of boxes and barrels in this starting
room to find a toolbox, a sniper rifle, grenades and some mines.  However when
you run to the back of this room some enemies will try to chase you.  Quickly
shoot the closest pair and switch to your partner to kill the rest before he
gets shot.

Take your sniper and head up the cliff on your left, then snipe as many enemies
and barrels as you can.  Make sure you don't forget to shoot the guard on the
walkway to your right.  Once the room is clear you can return to the starting
room and take the middle path to the open room beyond.

The gate will close as you move through the room, also one of the enemies left
a medkit so collect it if you need it.  Use your toolbox with the green machine
beside the gate to open it, then hide behind the low rock formation beyond and
shoot the pair of guards that appear.

Take the left of the two paths and hide behind the boxes as you get rid of
another pair of guards.  Hide behind the pipe up ahead and kill yet another
pair of guards, then hide behind the rock formation up ahead.  Shoot any of the
explosive barrels to destroy the barrier, then back up quickly as a number of
rocks come tumbling down.

Head towards the target area on the map/radar and take the path that branches
right, then shoot the guard there.  When you get to the other side there is a
trio of guards on your right and one on your left.  Once all are dead you'll
find some explosives from the lone guard.  Bring your partner here and collect
the explosives, then use them on the white door at the target area.  Finally
move both of your troops through the open door to end the stage.

Stage 06: Dangerous Mazes

Requirements: Sniper & Linguist.
Recommended: Xhado & Boomer.

Hide behind the log in front of you with your sniper and kill the guard ahead,
then look left and you should notice a guard patrolling a rocky area.  When he
gets closer run towards him and kill him, then grab the sniper rifle that he
drops and quickly return to your log.

Snipe the guard in the left tower and the guard walking around at the main
gate.  Hide behind the lone tree on your right, then sidestep left a little and
snipe the guard in the tower in the distance.

Head to the front gate of the hedge maze and face the tree in the distance to
the left.  Walk forward until you see a guard in the sky, then snipe him and
climb up the ledge where you got the sniper rifle originally.

From here you can snipe almost every guard in the hedge maze so keep an eye out
for a tan head just peeking over a hedge because chances are you can hit it.
Most important is hitting the guard directly below you because he will be
facing you if you try to sneak through the maze with him still alive and he can
be quite tricky to get past that way.

Once you feel you've got all the guards you can enter the maze, chances are
that you will have hit just about everyone and if you haven't you shouldn't
have any trouble taking out the last two to three guards.  Just treat every new
corner as a potential patrol route for an enemy and you should be fine.

From the entrance to the maze you want to go ahead to the first wall, then turn
left and head for the right end of the outer wall ahead of you.  Follow the
path past a picnic table and turn left when given the chance to find a medkit
from the guard that you shot here.

Turn around and follow the left path until you see the castle, there will be an
enemy around the next corner.  You can either run and shoot him or roll to the
side and get him.  Follow the path from here and you'll exit the hedge maze in
front of the castle.

Just inside the castle you should see a rock on the right, run up to the rock
and dive behind it.  Shoot the trio of enemies that come running and collect
the medkit in the fenced area on your right if you need it.  Bring your partner
here and put on the tan uniform that one of the three guards dropped.

There are two doors up ahead, you want to enter the one on the right with your
tan troop.  Once inside though MAKE SURE you don't use any weapons or the
enemies will start shooting you.

Walk past the benches and turn right, enter the next room and climb the stairs.
Shoot the guard here and walk to the prison cell in the corner, at this point
the prisoner will try to escape the building and warn you of the castle being
booby-trapped.  Turn left and go down the stairs (NOT the stairs that you
entered the room from), then turn left and run into the next room.  Shoot the
guard that lies down here because he will try to shoot the prisoner if you
leave him alive.  Follow the prisoner through the door at the end of the room
and let him kill the guard by the plane in the next area.

Switch to your partner and take the left of the two doors to the next area.
Hide behind the wall and shoot the lone guard, then enter the next door to meet
up with your partner and the prisoner.  Finally move your troops to the plane
to end the stage.

Stage 07: Aerial Defense Force

Requirements: None.
Recommended: Doesn't matter.

In this stage you control two different turrets as your plane flies to the
target area on its own.  The main enemies are planes but there are also ground
troops in some areas that use rocket launchers on you.  The planes are easiest
to hit when they're closest to you.  They often fly directly over or under you,
and these are the best times to shoot them down.

As soon as the stage starts switch to the lower turret and kill the troop
behind you.  Two planes will circle you shortly after so use your lower turret
to get rid of them quickly.  Three more planes appear next followed by another
pair, just focus on one target at a time and you should be alright.

You should get a warning to "look out below" at this point, switch to your
lower turret and rain the island on your right with shots.  There are about
three troops running around down there firing at you and they can take you out
pretty quickly.  Also there will be one more troop in a small cove on the
island with some trees.

Unfortunately there will also be a number of planes firing at you as well so
you have to try your best to take them out as well as the troops below, it's
not easy.  I recommend taking the troops out first as fast as possible, then
trying to take out the planes.

Although you will be close to death at this point, you're also close to the end
of the stage.  Once you see a message about the plane going down, you will land
and the stage will end.

Stage 08: Desert Swarm

Requirements: Heavy Weapons & Mechanic.
Recommended: Xhado & Tyke.

This stage has a few tanks and jeeps so keep your eyes open and you should be

Hide behind the rocks with shrubs in front of you as two guards take positions
nearby.  Hide behind the rock that's behind the farther of the two guards once
they're both dead, then kill the guard on your left.

Hide behind his rock and kill the two guards nearby, then shoot the boxes near
the tree for a rocket launcher.  Turn around and shoot the guard up ahead, then
walk to his rock and kill the next guard to your right.

Walk towards the dead guard and shoot another guard near the trees, then shoot
the boxes for a sniper rifle.  Bring your partner here and collect the rocket
launcher if you haven't already, then get the automatic from the dead guard

Follow the main path and hide behind the rock on your right, then shoot the
pair of guards up ahead and hide behind one of the rocks near them.  Shoot
another guard up ahead and collect the medkit beside you if you need it.  Two
more guards should appear, so shoot them quickly.

Snipe the jeep in the distance (or run closer to it and use the automatic),
then collect the medkit and grenades from the guards that you killed most

Turn left and you should see a pair of guards running in the distance, snipe
them for now.  Keep as close to the rocky area on your left as you can, then
run into the first path on your left.  A tank in the distance is moving around
as you do this and it can hit you but it's not likely that it will from that

Hide behind the first rock in the new path and shoot the pair of guards ahead,
then hide behind a rock that's closer to the guards.  There is a guard behind
the rock near the bushes and a trio of guards to your left.  Snipe the trio of
guards and use your normal gun or automatic on the other guard.

Collect more ammo for your automatic from one of the guards and shoot the boxes
by the trio of guards for some mortars and rocket launcher ammo.  Move your
partner here if you haven't already, then hide behind the group of rocks up

Shoot the pair of guards with the sniper rifle or automatic and do the same to
get rid of the jeep, then collect a portable medkit from one of the guards and
hide behind the rock there.

A tank patrols this area so you need to make sure that you stay behind
something when not moving.  Once the tank drives into the distance shoot the
boxes to your left and hide behind the rocks over there.  Collect the mortars
here and shoot the guard that will likely be shooting at you.

Now you have one of two options, you can use mortars to take out the tank which
is pretty tricky while it's moving (I got lucky once and it got stuck though).
You can also switch to your rocket launcher and roll to the side fire a shot or
two and roll back again.  Three good rocket launcher shots should take out the

Make sure you don't walk near the tank because I have sometimes been blown up
somehow by walking too close to it even though it's destroyed.  As you continue
along the path you should see a trio of guards, but if you see them early
enough you can kill them before they see you.

Collect the automatic ammo from one of the guards and shoot another guard in
the distance.  Hide behind the guard's rock and snipe a pair of guards in the
distance, then head towards them.  Shoot the guard that appears nearby and work
your way to the target area on your map/radar.

As you get close you should see some guards start running to your right,
quickly turn around and shoot a pair of guards behind you.  Now hide behind a
rock and shoot the guards that you saw running, then head towards those guards
and shoot the pile of boxes.

Pick up the toolbox that you find and use it on the smoking truck in the target
area.  Finally bring your partner to the truck to end the stage.

Stage 09: Skyline Views

Requirements: Sniper & Sniper.
Recommended: Xhado & Squirrel (you can't use any other team).

Although you are required to pick both snipers for this stage I found the stage
MUCH easier if you just use one sniper (Xhado) and leave the other one at the
start of the stage until the very end.  Basically in this stage you need to
protect the truck from the previous stage from attacking enemies, in reality
though all you do is shoot every enemy that you see on rooftops or in the
streets as fast as you can.  It may sound hard but it isn't really if you know
where the enemies are.

Take a couple of steps forward and a guard will run right before running back
left, shoot him and carefully (check your radar) shoot the other guard for a
sniper rifle.

Turn right when you pick it up and snipe the pair of guards near the red
building, then turn left and snipe the guard on the next building.  Cross the
bridge to the next building about halfway, then snipe the guard that's shooting
at you from the roof up ahead.

Continue crossing the bridge and turn right, snipe the guard on the roof of the
next building and snipe the guard further right on the ground near the truck.
Cross the next bridge and climb the steps beyond, then shoot the pair of guards
on your left.  Turn right and shoot the guard on the slightly lower roof, then
pick up the portable medkit that he drops.

Snipe the guard on the grey building with the water tower, then climb the
stairs to the previous roof.  Turn right and take the bridge to the next roof,
then shoot the pair of guards and grab the automatic.  Turn right and shoot the
pair of guards on the lower roof, then go down and collect the grenades from
one of them.

Snipe the pair of guards by the water fountain on the ground near the truck,
then snipe a third guard on the ground in the distance.  Turn to the north side
of the roof and shoot a trio of guards on a lower roof, then go down and
collect the sniper ammo and portable medkit that they drop.

Return up the stairs and cross the bridge on your left, then shoot the three
guards on this roof.  Before you cross the bridge to the next roof be sure to
shoot the two guards down in the alleyway just right of it, then cross the
bridge and shoot the pair of guards.

Shoot a pair of guards on a couple of buildings to the south, then shoot the
four guards on the roof to the east.  Go down to that roof and shoot two
snipers on a roof to the south, then check your radar and shoot a guard down on
the ground if you can.  Otherwise snipe the jeep on the ground to the east
because it can destroy the truck really easily.

About four shots should get rid of the jeep, then you can shoot the guards on
the roof to the south.  The truck should be stopped by now, so switch to your
partner.  Work your way to the truck and your partner but be on the lookout for
three guards or less along the way, once you reach your partner the stage will

Stage 10: Stop That Train!

Requirements: None.
Recommended: Doesn't matter.

In this stage you control a turret and need to shoot troops, planes, explosive
barrels, helicopters and jeeps to protect the train.  Midway through the stage
you also need to destroy a truck before you crash into it, but other than that
the stage is pretty straightforward.

At the start a pair of troops and a jeep are beside the train so get rid of
them, then turn left and shoot a second jeep.  Shoot the barrels next followed
by a troop, a pair of planes and a jeep.

A couple of troops and a jeep are next, then a pair of planes and a helicopter
try to attack.  Shoot a pair of troops and a pair of jeeps next, then shoot
more troops and jeeps.

The munitions truck should show up on your left soon (you'll see a warning
about it) so shoot the truck until it stops moving.  Quickly shoot the troops
among the trees and the pair of planes, then take out some barrels.

Shoot more troops and a jeep, then shoot a number of troops near the buildings.
The train slows down at this point and the stage ends shortly after.

Stage 11: High Terrain Tanks

Requirements: Demolition & Communications.
Recommended: Xhado & Armand.

For most of this stage you'll be driving a tank, then you'll be left to perform
the last few tasks on foot.  

Once the little intro ends you'll want to switch to the gun on top of the tank
and shoot the running guard slightly right.  Drive on the left side of the
small hill in front of you and look right, sometimes a guard shows up here so
shoot him if you see him.  Continue forward and you'll find two guards just
beyond the small hill, they have rocket launchers so shoot them as fast as you

The path opens up more here and you have the choice of going straight or left,
take the left route.  Switch to the tank cannon and look left, once the path
slopes downhill you should see a cannon in the distance.  Fire shots at it
until it explodes (should take two hits) and be sure to move your tank if you
can't aim close enough, the main thing is to be fast about it.  Once the cannon
is destroyed move your tank left a little before moving down the hill some
more.  Another cannon is on your left so destroy it and turn right again.

Continue along the path until you see trees up ahead, follow them left and down
a hill.  When you're almost past the trees a tank will appear on your right, in
fact you can even see it before it starts moving if you're looking for it.
Once you see it start raining it with cannon shots until it stops moving and
black smoke comes out of it.

Continue straight along the path and you should see a cannon on your left, I
find the best way to reach it is to move right towards the destroyed tank and
fire shots at the cannon while moving forward until your shots hit.

Continue forward and you should see a rock roll down the mountain on your left
and end up in your path.  Continue forward but keep your eye on the left
mountain, as soon as you see another rock start to roll put your tank into
reverse and back up fast.  More rocks will come rolling down the mountain and
if you happened to be in the way of one of them you would have failed the
mission, luckily you backed up to safety.

There is a tank beyond the rocks so blow them up to see it if needed, sometimes
the tank shows up as the rocks are falling so you may be able to get rid of it
early.  However this also means that the tank will be firing shots at you as
well, so be ready.

Once the tank is destroyed turn right and take the path on the right side of
the large hill.  Follow it around and head straight for the blue blip on the

Once there you will leave the tank behind and continue on foot.  Shoot the
enemy among the blocks up ahead if you can, then run ahead and dive behind the
blocks to shield yourself from the turrets beyond.  Turn left and shoot the
enemy down the hill, then run and hide behind the blocks near him when you feel
it's safe to do so.

Turn around and grab the automatic weapon if you see it, if not shoot the boxes
to find it.  Shoot the boxes down the hill for a mine detector, then shoot the
enemy up ahead.  MAKE SURE YOU DON'T walk through the gap between the grey
walls as there are MANY mines here.  Instead go right around the walls and
shoot the nearby enemy.  Hide behind the blocks up ahead and switch to the
automatic weapon (the one with limited ammo).  Use it to shoot the guards
inside the three turrets up ahead, then when they're all dead you can get ready
for one of two options.

You could bring your demolition expert here and use the mine detector to find
all the mines near the bridge area while shooting the last guard near the stage
goal.  You can also just make sure you stay as far right as possible as you
walk past the blocks, turn right and walk onto the bridge.  I find this way
faster and easier, but of course you could end up walking on a mine.  I have
found that if you stay as close to the blocks as possible and stay to your
right when walking towards the bridge you should be fine, so it's your call.

Once on the bridge just move both troops to the target area to end the stage.

Stage 12: City Tour

Requirements: Heavy Weapons & Linguist.
Recommended: Xhado & Tyke (who has both required skills).

The briefing for this stage says that the code is either in the city center or
the palace.  The city center has nothing but traps, so you'll want to avoid it
and just head for the palace.

When the stage starts you'll want to shoot the patrolling guard up ahead before
moving.  Once he's dead you can hide behind the boxes up ahead and shoot the
guard beyond.  Run ahead to where you killed the guard and carefully look
around the wall on your right.  Go left enough that you can crouch and shoot
the brown box, this will cause multiple boxes to explode and kill the guard

Quickly hide behind the boxes inside and shoot the two guards that come
running, now this outer area is safe.  Bring your heavy weapons expert here and
collect the rocket launcher, then use it to blow up the brown door up ahead.

Quickly run inside and hide behind the box and wall on your left as two guards
come running.  Shoot them and destroy the box on your left for a medkit, use it
if you need it before hiding behind a wall.

Bring your sniper into the compound and hide behind the boxes on your right,
then shoot the guard that appears at the corner of a building up ahead.  Hide
behind your boxes again until the jeep that's shooting at you drives into the
distance, then collect the automatic from the dead guard.

Hide with the white building covering most of you and aim the automatic between
the white and red buildings.  When the jeep comes back destroy it with a
barrage of shots, then shoot the boxes on your right for a portable medkit and
a sniper rifle.

Head back towards your partner and go through the alleyway between the white
and red buildings, then hide behind the wall or boxes on your left.  Shoot the
guard up ahead behind the boxes and the guard behind the fence near the yellow

Enter the small alleyway near the yellow building and quickly run around the
corner to the end of it.  A guard waits by the fence behind you so shoot him
from behind the box in the corner of the alleyway.  Shoot the boxes at the end
of the alleyway to find some grenades and a rocket launcher.

Exit the alleyway and use your sniper rifle to kill a guard on your left.  He's
behind the large fence and easy to miss, just look carefully and you should
find him.  Hide behind the short wall up ahead and use your automatic or sniper
rifle to take out the jeep beyond.

At this point two enemies will start firing from the fenced area on your right
so get to a good distance and snipe them.  Run ahead through the small
triangular shaped walls and run along the wall to your left.

Two enemies will appear now, one on the other side of the wall and another on
the other side of the path.  Shoot the one on the other side of the path and
notice the uniform that he drops, then shoot the other guard.

There is a tank farther down the path so wait here for now, then switch to your
partner and bring him here.  Be sure to get the portable medkit and rocket
launcher from the alleyway beside the yellow building on your way.  Now when
the tank is driving away from you go around the wall and hide behind the small
building on the left side of the path.  Shoot the box on your left for some
more rocket launcher ammo, then carefully destroy the tank with the rocket
launcher as it drives away from you.

Go back to your partner and put on the tan uniform, then make sure you don't
fire any weapons until I say so.  Walk right up to the target area on your
map/radar and one of the guards will ask to see your ID.  Get behind him and
kill him, then kill the two guards on either side of you.

Wait out of sight behind one of the pillars and quickly move your partner to
the target area to end the stage.

Stage 13: Search And Demolish

Requirements: Sniper & Demolition.
Recommended: Xhado & Boomer.

For most of this stage you have a six minute time limit, but it's more than
enough so don't worry.

Run down the hall with your sniper and stop before you reach the room on your
left.  Shoot the rightmost guard inside and quickly back up towards your
partner as another guard runs out to shoot you.  Shoot him when he appears,
then shoot the last guard in the small room.

Walk to the room and the wall will slide to the side, shoot the lone guard in
the room beyond.  Shoot the box in the back left corner for a sniper rifle,
then go up the ramp behind you.  Snipe as many guards as you can from up here,
a few of them run or crawl along patrols so try to get as many as you can, then
return to the hallway where you started the stage.

Run to the end opposite your partner and the wall will slide open, shoot
whatever guards you missed while sniping earlier and collect the automatic and
medkit if you need it.  Head to the opposite end of the room from where you
entered and the wall will slide open.

Head to the end of the small hallway and another wall will slide open, then
shoot the guard up ahead.  Hide behind the boxes on your right and shoot the
three guards on your right, then switch to your partner and bring him here.

Pick up the bomb-disposal kit and return to the large room, then head for the
wall that faces the bottom of the map.  It will slide open to reveal another
room, carefully shoot the guards behind the walls at the left end of the room.
Pick up the explosives here and use them blow up the wall with the two boxes in
front of it.

Enter the room beyond and use your bomb-disposal kit to defuse the bomb here,
the timer will stop at this point.  Switch to your sniper and check the wall
closest to where you entered the bomb-disposal kit room.

The wall will slide open and reveal another room, as you enter four guards will
appear and take up positions on the left.  Shoot them and head left, then kill
the guard in the hallway here for a medkit that you'll likely be needed right
about now.  Go to the end of the hallway to reveal a room beyond, then run up
to the blackboards to find the code and end the stage.

Stage 14: Ocean Expedition

Requirements: Heavy Weapons & Mechanic.
Recommended: Xhado & Tyke.

This level is about speed more than anything, because if the large boat in this
stage reaches the other side before you destroy it you fail the mission.
You'll also want to keep an eye on the radar while in the boat because other
boats have a habit of sneaking up on you from behind and killing you pretty
quickly if you're not paying attention.  The mines in this stage are easy to
avoid and you can even shoot them while turning to blow them up, usually you
will find medkits among the mines.

When you start the stage a guard will appear on your left so shoot him quickly,
another guard will come running to the right a bit so get rid of him too.  Use
your mechanic to head left a little for another guard, then run down the hill
towards the boat.  Shoot the guard beside it for a toolbox, then dive behind
the boat and use the toolbox to repair it.  Quickly collect the rocket launcher
from the left guard with your partner and bring him to the boat to start using

Ignore the large boat because you can't destroy it yet, then shoot the two
boats in front of you.  Follow the large boat on your left and you should find
two small boats that you can shoot.  Head for the target area now and shoot the
guard on the small island if you reach it.  You'll want to avoid the three
small islands in the top right area of the map because they have guards with
rocket launchers and you can't kill them.  Instead I recommend staying low on
the map until you get close to the target area.

Once you get close you'll likely run into a boat or two so deal with them
before going any closer.  Once they're sunk approach the docks and shoot the
two guards, it's best to kill them both before you reach the target area.  Once
they're dead just pilot your boat towards the target area to get out and
proceed on foot.

Dive behind the closest that cover you can find with both of your troops, then
quickly take out the three guards that are shooting at you.  The left-most
guard is behind a bush in case you weren't sure, once all three guards are dead
you should see two other guards run to a small island ahead.

Switch to your mechanic at this point and pick up the automatic from the
right-most dead guard.  Use it to safely shoot the two guards on the island
ahead, then quickly switch to your toolbox and run to the flaming machine on
the right of the small island.  Repair it and quickly run halfway back towards
your partner, switch to him and collect the portable medkit along the way if
you haven't already.  Quickly run towards the repaired cannon on the small
island and use it to fire shots at the large ship.  After four shots the ship
will stop and the stage will end.

Stage 15: Advance Team Base Assault

Requirements: Heavy Weapons & Mechanic.
Recommended: Xhado & Tyke.

This level has a few tanks in it as well as some enemies that will try to use
mortars on you so be careful.

Shoot the boxes ahead of you and hide behind the boxes that don't blow up.
Work your way towards the compound up ahead and hide behind the boxes to safely
shoot the enemies.  Collect the sniper rifle, mortars, portable medkit and
grenades with their respective characters.

As you enter the compound with your sniper beware of a pair of enemies on your
left, once they're dead head left and hide behind the small building.  Snipe or
shoot the two guards on the left side of it and switch to your partner.

Head right and shoot the boxes in the corner, then collect the rocket launcher
and automatic left behind.  Use the automatic to take out some guards up ahead,
then destroy the jeep among the explosive barrels if you can.  Shoot a pair of
guards between the buildings on your left and collect the rocket launcher.  By
this point a tank will likely be firing shots in your general direction so make
sure you have some cover behind a building.

Chances are very good that the tank will try to get as close to you as possible
but end up getting stuck behind a building before getting a clear shot.  It's
kind of hard to describe but the tank should be stuck to the left of the
explosive barrels where you found the jeep.  At this point you can just
sidestep enough that you have a clear shot at the tank, it shouldn't be able to
hit you so you can use your rocket launcher to destroy it.

There should be a second tank behind the first one, so use the first tank as
cover and use your mortars on the second tank.  Use your automatic to shoot a
pair of guards to the left of the tanks, then get to safety and switch to your

Work your way around the left side of the small buildings and shoot the pair of
enemies between them, then you should be able to shoot a the jeep from between
some of the small buildings without it being able to hit you.  This assumes
that you didn't destroy it earlier with your partner though.

Head all the way back to the entrance of the compound and go join your partner
near the explosive barrels.  You will find a toolbox and portable medkit here
so pick them up, then quickly shoot the guard that appears on your right.  Move
your partner to a safe location, then use the toolbox on the broken tank to
repair it.

Now enter the middle area of the compound and try your best to destroy the last
tank with your cannon and as many guards as you can with your turret.  Some of
the guards will use mortars on you so listen for them and move out of the way.
I found you get best results if you just move the tank enough that the enemy
barely appears in the distance, then fire shots from your cannon at them until
they die.  More often than not you will be too far away for them to
counterattack.  Once your tank gets destroyed be sure to run away to safety
before you get killed.

Use your sniper to snipe the two cannons in the distance, they should take one
shot each.  This should now leave the stage pretty much clear of all threats so
just move your troops to the cannons at the end of the stage and enter the
tunnel on your left to end the stage.

Stage 16: Fortress Of Fire

Requirements: Linguist & Communications.
Recommended: Boomer & Armand.

The enemies in this stage tend to take more hits than those in other stages so
just keep this in mind when deciding if it's safe to move on.  Also once you're
in the tan uniform make sure you don't fire any shots, until you're nice and
safe.  Even if you shoot at a box it could cause the guards to start shooting
at you.

At the very start you'll want to shoot the guard on your right with your
linguist.  Follow the path on your right and hide behind the pipes up ahead as
you shoot the three guards beyond.  Check the bodies of the guards to find a
tan uniform, then continue down the path making sure not to fire any weapons.

Once you reach a room filled with fire you should hug the outer wall of the
room as you go left around it.  This route is both fast and safe, once on the
other side of the room continue down the path until you reach the target area
on your map/radar.  Be careful of the one moving jeep on the way though because
it can run you over if you're not careful.

Once at the target area shoot the lone guard on the middle platform above the
lava.  He uses a rocket launcher if he knows you're against him, so by killing
him before he realizes you're an enemy you'll make this level a lot easier.  He
will drop a radio once dead but your linguist can't use it, so kill the other
two enemies in this area for now.

Return to the path that you took to get here and work your way back to your
partner killing the enemies on your way, assume that every guard knows you're a
traitor and you should be alright.  The first obstacle is a trio of guards
patrolling among some brown pipes.

Once they're dead continue towards your partner until you see some crates
covered with green material.  There are a number of guards here and a jeep, so
try to take them all out from as far away as possible.  One guard drops a
portable medkit so be sure to collect that, another guard drops a simple medkit
so use that if needed.

Be sure to enter the small area to the right of the jeep, then shoot some boxes
for some grenades and an automatic.  From now on you should be using the
automatic to take out enemies because it has better range than your default

Continue along the path to your partner until you reach a number of grey pipes,
there is a jeep just beyond them.  Use your automatic to get rid of it, then go
through the fire room beyond.  Shoot the box among the bunk beds for more
grenades, then bring your partner to meet you.

Send your partner along the path towards the target area but stop before you
reach it, there are now more enemies in the area.  Bring your tan troop to the
target area and shoot the guard up ahead.  Shoot the guard on your right next
and be sure to take out the guard on the middle platform above the lava before
he sees you.  This is because he uses a rocket launcher as a weapon and can
kill you pretty easily.  Other than that just be on the lookout for a number of
enemies to the left and an enemy on the right platform above the lava.

Once all the enemies here are dead you can bring your partner inside and pick
up the radio from the middle platform.  Head to the left platform labeled with
a "II" on the ground and use your radio, then touch the two computers until you
see a message about access being granted.  Go to the right platform labeled
with a "I" on the ground next.  Use your radio once again and touch the
computers until you get access.  Finally go to the middle platform labeled with
a "III" on the ground and use your radio, then touch the computers until you
get granted access.  At this point the mission will end and you can watch the
ending to the game.


Version -1.-
Just a FAQ, no table of contents, no thanks, no words from the author, no anything.

Version -2.-
  Added a Table of Contents, a Thanks section, an Author's Last Words section,  the 
Army Men World War Team Assault title/logo/mod thing, the story, more character 
info, and the Versions section.

Author's Last Words
Well, it's been nice!  It's been a lot of fun writing this FAQ.  I will still
update it periodically if I find any mistakes or I feel like making the
walkthrough more throurough.  If you want to email me about anything send it
to [email protected] I'd appreciate it if the subject said something
like, "Regarding Your Army Men: World War -- Team Assault FAQ" so I know not to 
delete it :)

Please do not e-mail me a question about the game, when the answer is in my
FAQ.  It's time for me to go.  Watch out for any other FAQ's I might write.  I could
always use a nice email if you enjoyed reading my FAQ.  It works as motivation
on the FAQ's that I am working on now :)  Later.


Huge thanks go out to Stephen Crook, Roy Crook, & and Michelle Crook for all their 
Thanks to for letting me post this.

Copyright 2003 Joshua Crook

() ()
(•.-)  -[wink]-

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