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Goldeneye 007 FAQ
By:John Richardson

These are questions people have asked me because I master this game.
What is the Spydar in the Instruction Manual?
Doesn't the discription remind of a weapon???It's the Klobb!

What levels are Mayday and Oddjob In?
None.They are just added for the multiplayer mode after you beat the game.

My friend told me how to Get To that Island in the Dam but it doesn't work!
That's because you have to have a Gameshark code and Gameshark 3.0 or higher!

How do you Use Line Mode?
There is one space after all the cheats have been earned.Press a button code or use 

How is 006's Last name pronounced?
Trev-al-ian not Trev-o-lin and is spelled Trevelyan.

Some codes I get work on my Goldeneye sometimes and then Don't.How Come?
That happens to me to.You can only enter so many button codes at a time.

In the movie,the final fight of 007 & 006 is held on a small circle,how come in the 
game its huge?
This just makes it eaiser for the fight.

Can you Play Cradle in 2-Player mode?
Yes.With a Gameshark cheat at you can play that and statue 
and with Walk Through Doors you can fall off the cradle and walk in air!I taped me 
doing this for proof!

Why Does Boris Set the Alarm off?
He enter's the wrong password.Chair is the password but he entered knockers.

Are there funny things not on websites?
I'll give you a few (now there on one!!) one is go farther then Natalya in the 
jungle and sometimes you shoot behind and hit her.
One more is in the control once you have the key cracked (Natalya Does this)
go to where 006 shoots at you.With turbo mode you might get in the elevator to kill 
him with the golden gun!

Is there an eaiser way to get Invincible?
Yes.In 007 Mode set enemy health to 1000 and every other thing to 0.Now the guards 
shoot and miss you and can't kill you but fire still can.

What Mission do you find plain simple?
Dam.DUH!!!!!!One objective on Agent!

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