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I am probably sure that this FAQ is a lot better than the last one that I posted, 
because I went back and beat the game with heavily trained people. (The start-out 
level was 30!) Here is every attack for every person:

NOTE: Every Character starts out with only Battle for attacking.

Kururugi Boy- NORMAL TECH- Raging Flame, Sealed Blue Sky, Great River Offering, 
Blue Sky Confusion, Blue Sky Calamity.
SPECIAL TECH- Grieving Flame, Protective Light, Flame of Judgement, Great River 
Blessing, Light of Judgement.

Kururugi Girl- NORMAL TECH- Raging Flame, Sealed Blue Sky, Great River Offering, 
Blue Sky Confusion, Blue Shy Calamity.
SPECIAL TECH- Obsessive Flame, Protective Light, Light of Judgement, Great River 
Blessing, Miracle of Light.

Inu-Yasha- NORMAL TECH- Iron Reaver Soul Stealer, Blades of Blood, Robe of The 
FireRat, Wrath of Tetsusaiga Swing.
SPECIAL TECH- Wind Scar, Backlash Wave, Wind Scar Barrage, Ultimate Backlash Wave.

Kagome- NORMAL TECH- Bandage, Arrow of Sealing, Aimed Shot, First Aid Box, Rapid 
SPECIAL TECH- Cheer, Arrow of Purification, Mighty Arrow.

Shippou- NORMAL TECH- Fire Bombs, Fox Fire Defense, Fox Fire Attack, Concentration, 
Mushroom Illusion.
SPECIAL TECH- Wheel of Fire, Flee, Smashing Top.

Sango- NORMAL TECH- Hidden Weapon, Hiraikotsu, Chain Attack, Poisen Powder.
SPECIAL TECH- Kirara, Mega Hiraikotsu Strike, Hiraikotsu Tornado, Hiraikotsu True 

Miroku- NORMAL TECH- Spiritual Blessing, Spiritual Vision, Spiritual Purification, 
Spiritual Power.
SPECIAL TECH- Wind Tunnel, Spiritual Life, Spiritual Wind, Furious Wind Tunnel.

Sesshoumaru- NORMAL TECH- Jaken, Poisen Claws.
SPECIAL TECH- Tokijin, Tenseiga.
The only difference in the Kururugi Boy/Girl's (Their given choice of names are 
Kaname= girl and Michiru= boy) attacks are the first and last SPECIAL TECH. 
Michiru's first SPECIAL TECH is sorta like Inu-Yasha's Backlash Wave, only less 
powerful, and Kaname's attacks the enemy, and whatever damage the enemy took, 
Kaname adds to her health. The last ones, Light of Judgement and Miracle of Light 
works two different ways. Only Michiru can use Light of Judgement, which greatly 
damages all enemies by taking away all of his health-- even if it fails. Only 
Kaname can use Miracle of Light, which greatly heals all living party members (it 
doesn't work on the fallen) in exchange for all of her health-- once again, even if 
it fails. 

Inu-Yasha's Blades of Blood attacks all enemies, but usually, that's a preety weak 
attack. The Robe of the FireRat weakens Inu-Yasha's defense, but increases one 
party member's defense. Wrath of Tetsusaiga Swing greatly damages one enemy. The 
Baklash Wave only is effective until Inu-Yasha's next turn, and only damages 
enemies if they attack him. The WInd Scar Barrage uses the Wind Scar on all 
enemies, and the Ultimate Backlash Wave greatly damages all enemies without waiting 
for enemies to attack him.

Kagome's Arrow of Sealing, if it works, limits all enemy attacks to weak ones. 
First Aid Box heals one party member better than bandage, and Mighty Arrow is her 
ultimate attack.

Shippou's Fox Fire either ups attack or defense for all party members. 
Concentration ups accuracy, and Wheel of Fire attacks all enemies. Smashing Top is 
his greatest attack (and it was the final blow for me to Naraku's final form! 
Thanks, Shippou!) 

Sango's Hiraikotsu Tornado attacks all enemies, and Hiraikotsu True Strike is a co-
op attack with Kirara, and it uses three different attacks of the Hiraikotsu.

Miroku's Furious Wind Tunnel sucks in every enemy, but don't try it on bosses. It 
never works, trust me. Nor does the regular Wind Tunnel. Spiritual Life revives a 
fallen character with half their max HP. Spiritual Vision allows you to see the 
enemy's HP, except on Naraku's final form, which appears as a ????. 

Sesshoumaru doesn't have that many attacks because he not with you for long, but 
he's powerful because while your in Naraku's castle for the second time, he's your 
only other party member. 

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