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Camon Valdez

Here is my awe inspiring word art for Armored Core 2...try to contain your excitement

                             <~Armored Core 2~>

Hello people. The perfect Armored core design lies within your own ability to read. 
Or if you’re like 4 years old it lies within your parent’s ability to read. First of 
all I’d like to stress that if you just want the design of this AC and you would 
rather make up your own tactics for it, just get the list of parts below…they’re 
straight below, ya can’t miss ‘em. 


Most of the people who have Armored Core 2 have beaten it by now and have gotten to 
the number one rank in the arena and all that good stuff. If you haven’t gotten to 
the number 1 rank, you probably don’t have a crap load of credits. So just get the 
double vertical missiles, get somewhere high, and you will be able to beat everybody 
in the arena with no effort. Now that you have a lot of credits, you can design this 

This isn’t going to be very long so I’m not going to have a table of contents or 
anything. I’m just going to list all the parts of this AC starting with the head, 
and explain everything so you don’t think I’m insane for using this design. So, here 
we go.

First of all, if you don’t already have it, you need to rack up 583,100 credits. 
Here is a list of every part of this AC; I’m going to give the game’s description of 
the parts instead of giving all of the mixed numbers and letters because it is 
easier to identify them this way.

Head: Stable, high end head by Zio
Core: Mobile battle type, low defense
Arms: dual blade for close battles
Legs: Light bipedal, unstable but popular
Booster: Powerful model with highest output
FCS: Longer lock range, 12 locks max (in case you decide to add some things in the 
Generator: Lightweight high output model
Radiator: Least expensive model
Inside: do not equip an inside unit
Extension: High quality missile interceptor
Back unit L: Quick firing ion pulse cannon
Back unit R: Fires grenades, large explosions
Arm units: Remove equipment (Your arms are the weapons)

At this point I would like to point out that some of the parts I have listed are not 
available until you make a certain amount of progress in the game. Just play until 
you get a new mail from Emeraud or Zio Matrix or whatever that says they have added 
new equipment to the shop and encourage you to use it.

Assuming you have equipped the core I suggested, you should have 16 slots for 
optional parts.

Optional parts: 
Increase turning speed;
Sends pulses that disable lock-ons; 
Ups attack and defense on left arm.

That should use up your 16 slots. 5+5+6 = 16.

Now, in case you’re wondering why I decided to post an FAQ for building an AC with 
hardly any armor points and a performance grade of “below average”, I’m going to 
explain it. This AC is the fastest design you can build. It is the most mobile, 
despite the fact that you don’t use the hover legs with 630 for moving ability. For 
some reason the legs I suggested are the most mobile with this design. You also do 
not have to worry about ammunition. Your speed allows you to dodge anything at any 

I can hear you from here, “How am I going to live for 3 seconds when I’m fighting 
against somebody like Matthias?”~ Easy, this design is so mobile that you can 
actually stay behind him and slice him up with no problem when you master it. Or you 
could just dodge his shots until he runs out of ammo and then go in for the kill. 
You can annihilate every opponent in the arena by using the tactics I will describe 
in a second.

I’ve had this game for uh… Let’s say quite a while and I’ve beaten every aspect of 
it. So, like many people, I just sit around and try to design awesome AC ‘s and test 
them. The arena opponent, “Merciless”, inspired this specific model. The dual blade 
arms are far more effective than he uses them when you fight him. This AC is 
designed to be the fastest and easiest to control of any. So far, I have reason to 
believe that it is. I’ve tested it against everybody in the arena and defeated them 
all over again. So, now I guess I’ll tell you people how to do that with this AC.

Your speed is the only thing you can use to keep yourself kickin. When you try this 
design, you will find that it is ridiculously fast and easy to control. You can keep 
your enemies confused and searching for you if you just use your speed to keep 
attacking from every direction. The funny thing is, if you wind up in a face to face 
battle, you can dodge bullets or artillery at almost point blank range with no 
problem. The key to success is the overboost (press R3 and see what happens if you 
don’t know what I’m talking about). You have a lighter generator at the sacrifice of 
exactly 41.5 KPH. There is a “Lightweight core with great basics” that has an 
overboost that goes at a max of 863.9 KPH, while your current one goes 822.4. The 
reason being, when you are not overboosting, you won’t have an extra 100 pounds to 
deal with, resulting in faster movement. In conjunction with the booster, you’re 
normal moving speed will be around 350 KPH. Just tap the booster while moving to 
avoid overheating. 

Attacking your opponents is the best part about this design. While they are standing 
around wondering where the hay you went, you can drill them in the back with the 
grenade launcher and follow up with a double swing of your blades. By the time they 
recover from your attack, you can be on the other side of the level in complete 
safety laughing at them. Your main weapons are the arm blades.  You don’t have to 
select them, so it’s no problem to blast somebody to Hades with the grenade launcher 
if you miss too much before you get used to using them. I’ve been able to 
successfully land 17 hits back to back on Matthias before he wised up and turned 
tail, by which time his AP was almost completely diminished.  His armor points are 
quite a bit higher than yours, and he is a tough opponent. Anyway, try to keep 
yourself out of your enemies lock on… field …thingy. By doing this, you can keep 
them from shooting at you (unless they have a manual aim weapon) while you attack 
repeatedly with your blades. I’ll give some tactics for certain AC types.

In my opinion, there are three basic AC types. Raw power, Speediness, and a balance 
between the two. A prime example of a raw power type would be “The Animal”, ranked 
#6 in the arena. He doesn’t stand a chance because he’s too slow; speediness is the 
key to beating his type. A prime example of a “speediness” type would be “Super 
Sonic”, ranked uh… like… somewhere in the arena. He can be tough if you let his 
speed overwhelm your own. Just remember that you are faster than him and that his 
wild and uncontrolled overboosting habit will eventually lead to him running into 
something… which means you can connect some attacks when he does. Dodge his attacks 
until he screws up. A prime example of a balance of speed and power type would be 
Ares. I’m sure we all know he is #2 in the arena (if you are #1) and he is quite 
awesome when it comes to layin da smack down. Tactics here are simple… pure 
aggression. From the start of the match, attack and don’t stop until he is crunched 
over and blown up. Do not let him get away from you, he will mess you up pretty bad 
with his “Karasaw 2” right arm weapon thing... and keep in mind that you can still 
swing your swords while flying.

Well, I guess that’s everything. You’ll devise your own tactics when you get used to 
using this. Oh dang… forgot his name and colors. If you want your AC to be exactly 
like mine I guess I need to give you his name and colors. Ok, his name 
is“Kantuchdis”. Crafty huh? Say it fast if you don’t get it…. Anyway here are the 
colors. Going from top to bottom in the “general” section of the edit color screen.
39 red, 39 blue, 32 green. Press triangle. 25 red, 0 blue, 0 green. Press triangle. 
54 red, 54 blue, 47 green. Triangle again. 30 red, 30 blue, 23 green. Triangle one 
last time. 23 red, 0 blue, 0 green. This will turn out to be a tight looking dark… 
kind of… yeah.  Anyway I guess that’s it. Oh yeah, if you want to have an almost 
perfect AC, just give yourself the “Very light, low defense” arms and equip the LS-
moonlight blade with the Karasaw 2 laser rifle. Or, you could equip the “fast dual 
beam cannon” arms at the sacrifice of some speed.  Speed is still the tactic with 
either option.

Nobody gets credit for helping me make this Document because nobody helped me. I 
guess I could give thanks to “Merciless”… but that would be strange so I’m not going 
to. If you don’t understand something about this document, or just need to ask me a 
question… or maybe if you don’t like me, email me at either [email protected] or 
[email protected] Let me know if it works for you. The fine and helpful staff 
of can do whatever they want to with this document as long as I 
receive full credit for creating it.    

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