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Paper Mario: The Thousand-year Door (Badge Combos)


Matt Warrington (Sage of the Games)
[email protected]
FAQ Number: 1.1
Date Last Edited: Jan. 24, 2005

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1. Badges: Pros and Cons (For and Against)
2. Focus: Mario / Partner (Who?)
3. Combos (Lottsa Badges)
4. Legal (Mumbo-Jumbo)

1. Badges: Pros and Cons (For and Against)

In the game of Paper Mario, one of the most important objects that you can acquire are called badges.
These badges can be very helpful if used used properly, but they can also hinder your progress if you
do not know how to use them.  This guide will explain the many differances between badge-dependant
and badge-independant combat.  This is my first FAQ ever created, so constructive criticism would be appreciated.

Now. . . onto the main point. 

Every time you level up, Mario can select to increase one of three stats.  "Badge Points", or "BP", is the stat
that I have found most useful.  Badges, unlike items, have a never-ending effect, as long as you don't take them off.
Items can only be used once, while badges can be used and re-used without fear of breaking or "being used up."
Now, badges come in many veriaties, and the combination (combo) of these types are essential to the survival of any 
Paper Mario fanatic. You may not realize it, but you have probably formed your own combos already.

As stated earlier, badges can be used more often than items.  They also have many differant effects; some of which are good,
and some of which are not so good.  Badges bring one of the most strategic elements to the game, and they are also one of
the most addicting. Badges can increase your Attack Power (AP), Defense Power (DP), Health (HP), Flower Points (FP), and 
numerous other things. They are also fairly common in Mario's world of paper, and they are also valuable.

Increasing Badge Points (BP) does have some drawbacks.  You cannot increase your max HP or FP as fast. Badges can also be stolen by
the feared "Badge Bandit". Okay, they aren't exactly feared, but they can be a nuisance.  Badges will also become harder to find
as the game progresses, and only a limited amount of badges exist. It is important to increase your max HP and FP as well.


2. Focus: Mario / Partner (Who?)

If you decide to use badges, then you have the problem: Who should I power up?
This is where your main priorities come into play. Who do you think is more important?
Mario, or your partner? Below, I have listed some of the good things about each choice, as well as bad things.

+ (good)
- (bad)

Focusing on Mario
+ Mario can survive longer, thus prolonging your game
+ Mario is a more versatile fighter, so you attack a wider array of enemies
+ Most badges are made for Mario, including stat boosters.
- Your favorite partner will run out of HP sooner.
- There's only one Mario, while you have multiple partners
- If Mario's asleep or confused, some of your badges are useless.

Focusing on Partner
+ ALL your partners get the Badge effect (i.e. 1 "HP Plus P" will give ALL your partners 5 extra HP)
+ If your partner is innefective against a particular baddie, just switch partners and retain the bonus
+ When one partner dies, just bring in another
- Mario isn't powered up as much, making him die sooner
- Some "P" badges cost more than "regular" badges.
- Most badges are centered around Mario

Generally, it all depends on which you think outweighs the other, although certain strategies focus more on partners,
while some strategies focus on Mario.


3. Combos (Lottsa Badges)

This is where all the strategy sets in, and where all those badges really pay off.  By creating combos, you can
ensure that you have a way of winning (or at least making it more likely).  Below, I have listed SOME of the combos
that I use. If you see a badge marked with a *, you should equip as many of those badges as possible. Use extra BP
for any badges you wish.

(Badges) (advised number of badge equipped)
(Brief Description of how it works)

Man of Stone

Defend Plus*
Damage Dodge*
Zap Tap        1
Feeling Fine   1
Lucky Day      1
P-Down, D-Up   1
Pretty Lucky   1
Close Call     1
Super Appeal*
Optional: Happy Heart*

This combo is used for those players that wish to enter battle defensively.  Players who adopt this strategy should
be at least semi-accurate with blocking attacks via Action Commands.  Because of the excess amounts of Defend Plus
and Damage Dodges that Mario has equipped, just using the A button should block most, if not all, of the damage.
The Zap Tap badge will also harm any direct attackers, rendering the difficult B-button action command almost
useless.  P-Down, D-Up further increases defense. Feeling Fine prevents status problems, and Lucky Day / Pretty Lucky / Close Call
will cause your enemy to miss you several times.  Super Appeal is helpful, so Mario can appeal and rack up star-points
while his partner does most of the attacking.


Iron Hammer

Fire Drive*
Hammer Throw*
Power Plus*
Power Smash*
Quake Hammer*
Ice Smash*
All or Nothing  1
Hammerman       1
P-Up, D-Down    1
Piercing Blow   1

Obviously, this combo is focused entirely on Mario's Hammer, giving him amazing attack power for any foe. I find Hammer Throw to be one
of the most helpful badges, because it allows me to attack flying enemies with the hammer's power.  Fire Drive will allow you to attack
multiple enemies at once, though the FP price is a little high.  Power Smash will allow you to attack ground-bound foes with even more
attack power, while Piercing Blow will ignore defense entirely.  Only use All or Nothing if you are very adept with the Action Command.
Hammerman will increase your attack power, while disabling all jump attacks. P-Up, D-Down will increase your attack power while decreasing 
your defense. Finally, Power Plus will just make you stronger.


Iron Boots

Power Plus*
Power Bounce*
Power Jump*
Shrink Stomp*
Sleepy Stomp*
Soft Stomp*
Tornado Jump*
Spike Shield    1
Ice Power       1
All or Nothing  1
Jumpman         1
P-up, D-down    1

This is the opposite of the "Iron Hammer" combo, giving special emphasis to Mario's jumping ability.  The badges "Spike Shield" and "Ice Power"
will protect Mario's tush from spikes and fire, respectively.  As mentioned above, the All or Nothing badge will increase your attack power,
as long as you pull off the action command each attack.  Jumpman will deactivate your hammer attacks, but increase your attack power.
This strategy has a less overall attack power than the "Iron Hammer", but allows you to inflict "status damage" to the opponents. By this, I 
mean that you can make baddies confused, dizzy, or sleepy if you are lucky. You can also pull off massive damage if you use Power Bounce
effectively. Multibounce will allow you to attack all enemies unless you miss an action command.


Flower Fanatic

Flower Saver*
FP Drain*
Fire Drive*
Hammer Throw*
Power Smash*
Quake Hammer*
Ice Smash*
Power Bounce*
Power Jump*
Shrink Stomp*
Sleepy Stomp*
Soft Stomp*
Tornado Jump*
Spike Shield   1
Ice Power      1
Piercing Blow  1
Double Dip     1

The most important badges are Flower Saver and FP Drain.  Using at least 2 "FP Drain" badges will reduce the FP price of all Mario's special attacks,
making most of his special attacks only require one FP. All the "special Move" badges are there so you can inflict status damage, direct damage, or
peirce the defense of most baddies.  Spike Shield and Ice Power are used so that Mario won't receive damage by stomping on spikey or hot baddies.
Double Dip is optional, though it will allow you to recover FP if you are running dangerously low.  So, what's the secret to this strategy?
Once most of Mario's special moves only require one FP, you are ready to use the strategy.  With FP Drain equipped, Mario will regain one FP every
time he attacks. This means, if you use a "1 FP" special move each turn, you will just get the FP back because of the FP Drain.


Astounding Allies

Damage Dodge P*
Defend Plus P*
HP Plus P*
FP Plus*
Super Appeal*
Happy Heart P*
Happy Flower P*
Lucky Day         1
Feeling Fine P    1
Power Plus P*

This is one of the costliest combos that exist, but it also pays off quite well.  As should be obvious by the name, this combo focuses on the enhancing
and strengthening of your allies.  The Damage Dodge P and Defend Plus P badges increase their defense and make them last longer. The "Happy" badges will
allow them to regain HP and FP simultaniously, while the "Plus" badges will increase their max HP and FP. Lucky Day will allow Mario to dodge attacks more
often.  Super Appeal is handy, so Mario can rack up those star points and replenish FP when it runs low.

. . . More Strategies Coming Soon . . .

4. Legal (Mumbo-Jumbo)

All content mentioned herein was originated, created, and typed 
by Matt Warrington (unless otherwise specified). You may not take,
in part or in whole, any section(s) / division(s) / the entire document
and claim it as your own work. You may, in no way, shape, form or process,
alter this document, unless specific information and permission is given by me.
Do not post this document, or any part hereof, on your site unless I have
given express consent.

The Following Sites Have my Permission to Post This FAQ

Only sites that I see as "professional-grade" or "large-scale" will be allowed to post this FAQ.
Smaller sites may be able to link, if I give them permission.

4a. Contributions

If you wish to submit any information, feel free to sumbit. I will give the first (1st)
person to submit the information proper credit. Duplications will not be published!


Hope you enjoy my first ever FAQ!

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