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                       _______  _______  _______  ________ _______
                      |       \/       \|       \|        |       \
                      |   |\   |   _    |   |\   |    ____|   |\   |
                      |   |/   |  |_|   |   |/   |   |____|   |/   |
                      |    ___/         |    ___/|        |       /
                      |   |   |    _    |   |    |    ____|       \
                      |   |   |   | |   |   |    |   |____|   |\   |
                      |   |   |   | |   |   |    |        |   ||   |
                  |   \   /   |/         \|          \|    |/         \
                  |    \_/    |     _     |    |\     |    |    ___    |
                  |           |    |_|    |    |/     |    |   /   \   |
                  |           |           |          /|    |   |   |   |
                  |   |\_/|   |     _     |          \|    |   |   |   |
                  |   |   |   |    | |    |    |\     |    |   \___/   |
                  |   |   |   |    | |    |    | |    |    |           |
                  |___|   |___|____| |____|____| |____|____|\_________/

                           A GUIDE TO USEFUL BADGE COMBINATIONS


Paper Mario Badge Combos (v.1.4) (March 11, 2001)

This FAQ is (c) 2001 Matthew Danyeur (a/k/a KirbyManiac). All rights reserved.

T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
I. INTRODUCTION (Greetings, etc.)
II. VERSION HISTORY (The what and when of each version of this FAQ)
III. WHAT IS PAPER MARIO? (According to me)
IV. WHAT IS A BADGE? (Pokémon this ain't)
V. WHAT IS A BADGE COMBINATION? (Not a term used in the game)
VI. BADGE COMBINATIONS (The purpose of this FAQ)
VII. COPYRIGHT INFO, ETC. (Blah, blah, blah, etc.)
VIII. THANKS AND FINAL WORDS (So long, farewell, until we meet again!)
I. I N T R O D U C T I O N
Greetings! This is the first FAQ I've written ever, and I hope it will be some help in any
way possible to all of you who read it ^_^. Anyway, I'll just ask you to walk right this
way to the main purpose of this FAQ since that is the whole purpose of this thing ^_^. Oh,
by the way:

As of v.1.2, and both have permission to host my FAQ. Also,
here's something for submitters to read: when I receive a Badge Combo, keep in mind that I
will proofread it and change spelling/grammar or other errors I see. Badges are rearranged
in the order the game lists them, and quotes are placed around your description so people
know I did not write it, but rather the author of the Combo did. OK? Good.

And please don't steal the cool ASCII title at the top of the FAQ. Thanks.

"Please sit back and prepare for takeoff. Thank you, and have a nice day."
II. V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y
v.1.0 (submitted February 27, 2001): This was the first draft, containing the first three
Combos by me. I hope to add more, so send 'em in (details at the end of the FAQ). So far,
GameFAQs is the only site allowed to post this FAQ.

v.1.1 (submitted March 1, 2001): Updated a few errors, and added some Combos, including
some that others have given me permission to use. Send in any you may have, too!

v.1.2 (submitted March 5, 2001): A couple of new combos. Oh, and offered to
host my FAQ. So if you see it there, remember, it's allowed to have it! And it's been four
weeks since my fifteenth birthday on February 5! Woohoo!

v.1.3 (submitted March 7, 2001): I read something from Spike on the GameFAQs Message
Boards. He says to combine the "Last Chance!" and "Untouchable" Combos. Excellent idea.

v.1.4 (submitted March 11, 2001): Mastermind really is the mastermind of Badge Combos,
sending in four spectacular ones, each requiring the maximum of 30 BP.
III. W H A T   I S   P A P E R   M A R I O ?
If you have no idea who Mario is, then you're either incredibly ignorant or have been
living somewhere far from civilization, etc. Anyway, Paper Mario is an RPG starring one of
the greatest plumbers ever to be a hero in a far-off fantasy land, and I hope the first
person to come to mind is, of course, Mario. Many of you probably know about Super Mario
RPG, which shows Nintendo's famous hero and Square's reputation for RPGs combining to make
a big splash in the gaming industry (and the waves from that splash probably still
resonate for some of us today). Paper Mario, although not intended as a sequel, is a
Nintendo 64 version of that recipe, but with substituted ingredients (i.e. Square had no
involvement in this). But still, this game is as enjoyable, and probably in some respects
that the SNES version didn't, and vice versa. The name of the game comes from the fact
that all the characters move about a 3D world as a bunch of walking 2D cardboard cutouts.
Don't let that make you shy away from trying this game, rather, I find it to add a bit of
flavor to the game.
IV. W H A T   I S   A   B A D G E ?
Paper Mario doesn't have much in the way of equippable items, at least, not the kind like
in most RPGs. Sure, you have a few upgrades to your hammer and boots, but what makes this
game somewhat unique is the fact that by equipping various Badges found throughout the
game, Mario gains special techniques, increased skills, or some other wild effects.
However, Mario is limited to the number of Badges he can wear at once by his Badge Points,
or BP (he starts with three BP). As you gain levels, you can increase one of three stats,
Mario's Hit Points (HP), Flower Points, (FP, this is like Magic Points (MP) in other
RPGs), or his Badge Points. In general, the greater the Badge's effect, the more BP is
needed to wear it. About a half-dozen don't cost any BP (but these ones are more of a
novelty than anything else), while others cost up to seven, I believe. I won't go any more
in-depth on Badges since some FAQs already do a good job of that.
V. W H A T   I S   A   B A D G E   C O M B I N A T I O N ?
This term was made up by quite a few people (I thought of it before seeing anyone else use
it, though). A Badge Combination is a term I give to a group of Badges (see section III
for more information on Badges) that work well together due to similarities in effects. If
any of you have a Badge Combination of your own, send it in and I will add it and give you
full credit for it! Make sure that your own Badge Combination actually works under my
definition (in other words, don't send in a Badge Combination of Badges that don't work
together). Hopefully your judgement can tell between good Combos and bad Combos.
VI. B A D G E   C O M B I N A T I O N S
Badge Combinations are written in this format:


For instance:

NAME: For Demonstration Only!
CREATOR: Matthew Danyeur (a/k/a KirbyManiac)
BADGES: Badge A (1)
        Badge B (2)
        Badge C (3)
This Badge Combination is for showing what the format for a Badge Combination looks like.
As you can see, it costs six BP to equip all three Badges in this Combination.

NOTE: Badges are written in order from top to bottom, according to where they are located
in the list that the actual game puts them in (for instance, most, if not all of the Jump-
related Badges, are at the top, and Attack FX badges are at the bottom). Also, keep in
mind that you don't need to equip EVERY Badge in a given Combo. After all, you aren't
going to start with all the BP and Badges you need, right?


NAME: Jump to It!
CREATOR: Matthew Danyeur (a/k/a KirbyManiac)
BADGES: Power Jump (1)
        Mega Jump (3)
        Multibounce (1)
        Jump Charge (1)
        S. Jump Chg. (2)
        Shrink Stomp (1)
        Sleep Stomp (1)
        Dizzy Stomp (1)
        D-Down Jump (2)
        Power Bounce (2)
        Ice Power (2)
        Fire Shield (2)
        Spike Shield (2)
As you can tell, this Badge Combo is suited for Jump attacks. Although some, like Power
Jump, aren't very useful by the time you get some of the other Badges, they allow for a
variety of attacks. Other Badges in this Combo let you Jump on enemies that usually hurt
Mario if he tries to jump on them.

NAME: Hammer Time!
CREATOR: Matthew Danyeur (a/k/a KirbyManiac)
BADGES: Power Smash (1)
        Mega Smash (3)
        Smash Charge (1)
        S. Smash Chg. (2)
        Spin Smash (1)
        Quake Hammer (1)
        Power Quake (2)
        Mega Quake (3)
        Hammer Throw (2)
        D-Down Pound (2)
Similar to "Jump To It!" but with Hammer attacks instead. In case you don't know, the Ice
Power Badge gives both Jump AND Hammer attacks an icy boost, which is why it's also in
here. For Spear Guys with their spear pointed forward, you might want the Spike Shield
Badge equipped if you decide to use Hammer attacks on them.

NAME: Sound Off!
CREATOR: Matthew Danyeur (a/k/a KirbyManiac)
BADGES: Attack FX A (0)
        Attack FX B (0)
        Attack FX C (0)
        Attack FX D (0)
        Attack FX E (0)
Each Attack FX Badge causes Mario's attacks to have different sounds when they hit.
Equipping more than one Attack FX Badge at a time causes the Badge that changes the sound
made from attacking to be randomly chosen for each hit, causing a smorgasbord of varying
sounds. Attack FX Badges cost no BP to wear, so why not try this Combo at least for fun?

NAME: Now You Saw Me...
CREATOR: Matthew Danyeur (a/k/a KirbyManiac)
BP REQUIRED: up to 14
BADGES: Chill Out (2)
        Speedy Spin (1)
        Dizzy Attack (2)
        Spin Attack (3)
        First Attack (1)
        Bump Attack (5)
When rushing through areas with weak enemies, not wanting to fight, this Badge Combo
allows you to blaze through battles, should you find yourself in an unwanted one. Many of
these Badges require the enemy to be a "weaker enemy" to work, and I'm not too sure what
the definition of such an enemy is (my guess is that it's an enemy that won't give any
more Star Points when defeated).

NAME: Power Up! (name by KirbyManiac)
CREATOR: wwwcom654
BADGES: Power Plus (6)
        Power Bounce (2)
        Spike Shield (2)
        Dodge Master (2)
Not a bad Combo. Sure, it's like my first one, but it's simple and more likely you would
equip all of it ^_^, plus it has Power Plus in it. Dodge Master allegedly makes Action
Commands work more often, which MIGHT work on making more Power Jumps in a row. Spike
Shield is pretty much a must for Jump-related Combos.

NAME: Coins Galore! (name by KirbyManiac)
CREATOR: wwwcom654
BADGES: Power Quake (2)
        Peekaboo (3)
        Happy Flower (3)
        Happy Flower (3)
        Power Plus (6)
        Power Plus (6)
        Money Money (7)
According to the creator, this helps make money in Dry Dry Desert. Well, it works, but
later you can use something like Bump Attack to instantly beat the enemies in the Desert.
Plus, you need quite a few Star Pieces to trade to Merlow for Money Money. Of course, this
Combo can be quite practical elsewhere.

NAME: Last Chance! (name by KirbyManiac)
BADGES: Last Stand (1)
        Power Rush (1)
        Mega Rush (1)
If you find yourself in Danger (5HP or less) frequently, this Combo can work wonders. Now,
there are some other Badges that work well with this Combo (like Lucky Day), but this is
quite a good start. It packs a wallop, and even at the start of this game you would have
enough BP to wear this Badge Combo (if you somehow had these Badges back then).

NAME: Untouchable
CREATOR: Chris Tran (a/k/a PaperBowser)
BADGES: Close Call (1)
        Pretty Lucky (3)
        Lucky Day (7)
"This Combo will make you almost invincible. With Pretty Lucky and Lucky Day, you would be
less likely to be hit. When you're in Danger, Close Call will be activated making you even
more invincible. If you want to become even more invincible, use Lakilester's Cloud Nine.
When you use this, the chances of being hit is 25% or less."

Spike suggested to combine the two combos above. Heh, just look at what it does...
Jolly good idea, I must say. Plumber caps off to Spike!

Name: All-Purpose Battling Outfit
Composed By: Giovanni
Badge Points: 30
Badges: Power Bounce (2)
        Double Dip (1)
        Peekaboo (3)
        Dodge Master (2)
        Power Plus (6)
        Damage Dodge (3)
        Ice Power (2)
        Fire Shield (2)
        Spike Shield (2)
        Feeling Fine (4)
        Zap Tap (4)
        Attack FX A (0)
        Attack FX B (0)
        Attack FX C (0)
        Attack FX D (0)
        Attack FX E (0)
"Basically an all-out battling outfit.  Fire Shield - Ice Power - Spike Shield are there
so you can Power Bounce on anything, and Power Plus-Ice Shield ups the damage you do.
Dodge Master is deceiving: it not only makes the action command work more when you defend
against enemy strikes-but it also makes the action command work more when you attack, too!
You can get like 75 Power Bounces (my record) this way. Feeling Fine so you can continue
to Bounce unobstructed, and Zap Tap for that extra damage and for when those annoying
Fuzzys decide to become vampires... They won't even touch you. Double-Dip so you can fully
heal w/ a Deluxe Feast and something else. Damadge Dodge combos with Dodge Master so you
block more attacks w/ more effectiveness.  Peekaboo makes it so you don't have to Tattle
on Bowser and still see his HP, netting you an extra turn to attack.  And the Attack FX
Badges are there for no reason at all..."

Name: Pure Offense
Creator: Chris Tran (a/k/a PaperBowser)
BP Needed: 24
Badges: Power Bounce (2)
        Dodge Master (2)
        Power Plus (6)
        Power Plus (6)
        P-Up, D-Down (2)
        All or Nothing (4)
        Spike Shield (2)
"With this Badge Combo, all you want to do is just keep using Power Bounce.  If you have
the Ultra Boots, your attack power will be 7. With the Power Bounce and Dodge Master
badge, you will be able to do 20 damage or more if you're good at timing. I also recommend
Watt for your partner because she can use Electro Dash, doing 5 at Ultra-rank so that's
25+ per turn. You can easily beat the Master's final form in 4 turns or less."

Name: "The Fortress"
Creator: VGMaster96 (a.k.a. Mastermind)
BP Required: 30
Badges: Defend Plus (6)
        Power Plus (6)
        HP Plus (3)
        HP Plus (3)
        FP Plus (3)
        FP Plus (3)
        Mega Quake (3)
        Power Bounce (3)
Quite aptly named, IMHO. A fortress has solid offense and defense, and this Badge Combo
delivers there. The Plus Badges increases your powers, while Mega Quake blasts earthbound
enemies and knocks off enemies on the ceiling. Power Bounce can nail a single threat,
while Mega Quake shakes up anyone on the floor and/or knocks off those on the ceiling.

Name: "The Brick Wall"
Creator: VGMaster96 (a.k.a. Mastermind)
BP Required: 30
Badges: Defend Plus (6)
        Defend Plus (6)
        Defend Plus (6)
        HP Plus (3)
        HP Plus (3)
        HP Plus (3)
        Dodge Master (3)
This one's all about defense, obviously. With Defend Plus, the enemy needs quite a bit of
attack power to make a dent in Mario's HP, and Dodge Master makes you block easier,
further decreasing the hurt the opposition can deal. With all three HP Plus Badges, you'll
be able to keep Mario going a bit longer, which can sometimes make a big difference.

Name: "The Cannon"
Creator: VGMaster96 (a.k.a. Mastermind)
BP Required: 30
Badges: Power Plus (6)
        Power Plus (6)
        Power Plus (6)
        FP Plus (3)
        FP Plus (3)
        FP Plus (3)
        Mega Smash (3)
Quite the opposite of the last one, this Combo reverses the roles. Mario hits with a ton
of attack power to blast through high defensive ratings, and FP Plus Badges give him more
Flower Points to use for Mega Smash, which hits with mucho attack power anyway.

Name: "Preparation X"
Creator: VGMaster96 (a.k.a. Mastermind)
BP Required: 30
Badges: Power Plus (6)
        Defend Plus (6)
        Power Bounce (3)
        HP Plus (3)
        FP Plus (3)
        Peekaboo (3)
        Mega Smash (3)
        Mega Quake (3)
When in unfamiliar territory, you can never be too careful. This well-rounded combo is
definitely a great way to go in such cases. Until you can max out your BP to 30 and get
all the needed Badges, you can use the various Badges you do have to assemble a more BP-
friendly version of it.
VII. C O P Y R I G H T   I N F O ,   E T C .
Paper Mario, Mario, and all related characters, etc. are (c) and TM Nintendo.

This FAQ, however, belongs to me, Matthew Danyeur (a/k/a KirbyManiac).

As of v.1.2, neoseeker and both have permission to host my FAQ.

Whoever is written as the creator of a Badge Combo has been credited by me as submitting
it. In other words, I'm not taking credit for Badge Combos where I'm not written as the

Would you like to have this FAQ on your site? In that case, you will need to send me an
email (address is at the end of this section) with the URL (web address) of the site you'd
like to post it on (and make sure the email is nice and polite, please) so I know where to
find it. I will update the FAQ with your site so people know it's allowed to be there, and
I will send you emails telling you if I create more updated versions of the FAQ, because
some people dislike when they get questions because the reader wasn't reading the latest
version of the FAQ, which answered the question (this is why some people don't allow their
FAQ to be posted on someone else's site).

Please don't steal the ASCII art on this FAQ. I made it myself, see?
VIII. T H A N K S   A N D   F I N A L   W O R D S
Thanks to me for writing this FAQ.

Thanks to my grandmother for sending me the birthday money I used to buy Paper Mario. ^_^

Thanks to you, the reader.

Thanks to Nintendo and Intelligent Systems for creating a great RPG for the Nintendo 64.

Thanks to people who wrote other FAQs for Paper Mario that are at GameFAQs (since I've
probably read them to see what they had to offer that others may have missed).

Thanks to anyone who has submitted their own Combos to me. Currently, there are four:
wwwcom654, Spike, PaperBowser, Giovanni, and VGMaster96

Thanks to Spike for pointing out about combining two of the Badge Combos to make an even
more unstoppable Combo.

Thanks to and for hosting this FAQ. Now the whole Internet
world can see the great work all us Paper Mario fans can do. ^_^

E-Mail Information for submitters will not be posted unless permission is given.

E-MAIL: [email protected]
AIM: Mathias Meioh


KirbyManiac: The Name Says It All!

Once again, this FAQ is (c) 2001 Matthew Danyeur (a/k/a KirbyManiac). All rights reserved.

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