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                                Table of Contents

List of Levels
Chapter 1: Main Characters
Chapter 2: Transformations
Chapter 3: Controls/Moves
Chapter 4: List of Items
Chapter 5: Spiral Mountain 


List of Levels (are in order by the way you play. Level 1 is Number 1.)

1. Spiral Mountain                                 Grunty's furnace Fun  will not be 
2. Mumbo's Mountain                                mentioned in this FAQ. For answers
3. Treasure Trove Cove                             to Furnace Fun E-mail me at 
4. Clanker's Cavern                                [email protected] Thank You.
5. Bubble Gloop Swamp
6. Freezeezy Peak
7. Gobi's Valley
8. Mad Monster Mansion
9. Rusty Bucket Bay
10. Click Clock Wood

                            Chapter 1: The Main Characters

Gruntilda The Witch- A mean old green old witch. She yearns for beauty like Tooty. 
You could say she is green with Envy. Gruntilda is the bad Girl in the game.

Tooty- An adventure seeking little bear. She is Banjo's sister and the one in need 
in this game.

Bottles- Bottles is the smarty pants in the game. He assists Banjo in hunting down 
Grunty. He teaches Banjo new moves and sometimes is helpful in giving hints.

Kazooie- She is a Fiesty little bird helpful to Banjo in many ways. She can shoot 
eggs and a whole bunch of neat things.

Banjo- When I think of banjo I think of a Cunning, adventerous bear. He is The 
Mainest of Main Charecters in this game. He outsmarts Grunty and is very strong.

Mumbo Jumbo- The local Shaman who works magic on Banjo acorrding to the missions 

Brentilda- Gruntys nice sister who gives you hints about Grunty to help you win 
Grunty's Furnace Fun.

                          Chapter 2: Transformations

How to transform: Collect enough Mumbo tokens for the spell you want Mumbo to do, 
then find Mumbo's Shaman Shack. Go inside the shack and stand on the Mumbo face 
switch in front of Mumbo's chair and press either the A or the B button. When Mumbo 
gets done with his magic you will not be a Bear anymore.

What you can Transform into:

Termite-Mumbo's Mountain-Can walk on steep surfaces.
Can't Attack. Costs 5 Mumbo Tokens.

Gator-Bubble Gloop Swamp-Has Piranha-proof skin.
Can't climb. Costs 10 Mumbo Tokens.

Walrus-Freezeezy Peak-Can swim in cold water.
Can't attack. Costs 15 Mumbo Tokens.

Pumpkin-Mad Monster Mansion-Can fit in small places.
Can't attack. Costs 20 Mumbo Tokens.

Bee-Click Clock Wood-Can fly without red feathers.
Can't attack. Costs 25 Mumbo Tokens.

                          Chapter 3: Controls/Moves

Bottles Teaches Banjo All Moves Except walking. Bottles lives in a molehill 
underground so whenever you see a little mound of dirt walk over to it press A and 
Bottles should pop out.

Left and Right C-buttons=Moves the camera to different angles around Banjo.
Up and Down C-buttons-Zooms the camera in and out.
R-button=Over-the-shoulder view.

A+A= Double Jump
A+B= Rat-A-Tat Rap
Z+A= Flap Flip Jump
Z+B= Beak Barge
Walk+B= Forward Roll
Up C+Walk= Look

B= Dive
B+A= Bear Kick
B+B= Wing Stroke

A+Walk= Climb
During the Levels Bottles will be teaching Banjo new moves. I'm going to list the 
Level then the move/moves you learn in it. When I talk about the levels I will tell 
you where the molehills are.

Mumbos Mountain:

A+Z= Beak Buster
Z+Left C= Talon Trot
Z+Up C= Firing Eggs Forward
Z+Down C= Firing Eggs Backward

Treasure Trove Cove:

Shock Jump Pad- The Shock Jump pad is a green pad with a picture of Kazooie's foot 
on it. The pad only launches you up into the air when you're standing on it and 
pressing the A button. ( Does not let you fly. )

Flight Pad- The Flight Pad is a blue pad with a picture of Red feathers on it. To 
fly you must have lots of red feathers. When standing on a flight pad press the A 
button to lift off.

Clanker's Cavern:
Z+Right= Wonderwing

Bubble Gloop Swamp:

Wading Boots- Find A hopping pair of these green, tall and spectaculer boots and 
walk over them to have Kazooie put them on so you can trudge through things that 
would normally cause you to lose life.

Freezeezy Peak:

A+B= Beak Bomb 

Gobi's Valley:

Running Shoes- Makes Kazooie run really fast when you walk over them. They will 
appear when needed.


                            Chapter 4: List of Items

1.Honeycombs-Restore Banjo's health.

2.Red Feathers-Used for flying.

3.Enter/Exit pads-Used for transporting between worlds and Grunty's Lair.

4.Musical Notes-Used for Moving onto other worlds by passing special magical doors 
put up by "The Witch" to keep Banjo away from her Lair.

5.Jinjos-Collect five of these guys in every world to collect a jiggy.

6.Golden Banjos-Gives you 1 life.

7.Beehives-Gives you honeycombs.

8.Eggs-Used throughout the game to help you advance.

9.Gold Feathers-Wonderwing is the use of these feathers.

10.Jiggys-Used to open new worlds.

11.Witch Switches-Causes Jiggys to appear.

12.Honycomb Pieces-Collect 6 to move your health meter one honeycomb.

13.Mumbo Tokens-Collect these tokens and give to mumbo to change shape. See chapter 
2 for details.

                                      Chapter 5: Spiral Mountain
Coming soon.



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