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Basic Buliding & Cheats for The Sims
(Please note all stated in this FAQ will work for any The Sims game or The Sims 
Expanison Pack)

Table of Contents:
Basic Building
Advanced Building
Destorying Homes
Cheats You Need to Know
Legal Information
Contact Me

First I would like to thank you for choosing to read my FAQ but on to 
bussiness. As you should know The Sims is a monden made role-playing game in 
which you build your own house, person, and made another life to play aroubd 
with. This FAQ will be discussing the basics in buliding a house and then 
destorying parts of it.

When building a house whether you are using the more advanced way it is pretty 
simple. When you begin building first open the BUILD THIS tab then click on 
what you are trying to build. Since you trying to build a house click on the 
fence tool then click on the plaster wall icon. Once activated cilck on the 
spot that you want the wall and then drag the mouse to where you want the wall 
to end and the release the mouse button. Just repeat this until you have the 
outside of you house.

To save tim in the actual building of your home you can use the more advanced 
method. Seting up is the same as the basic way but it just hold down the shift 
button while you click and drag to make the house. 

There are two ways to destory house. The first way is that while on the 
neighborhood screen press the evit and bulldoze button which will destory 
everything on the lot of your choosing. The second way which will only destory 
sections of the walls of your house. What you do is this open up the paster 
wall icon under the BUILD THIS tab. Once you find the point that you want to 
destory press the control button and kept it held while you are clik-and-
dragging until the section that you wanted to destory is gone the click the 
mouse agin to make the change.

To move anything (including your sims)press the control, shift, and C button to 
open up the text box and type in it (excluding the quoation 
marks) "move_objects on" and the press enter. This code stays active until you 
end the game.
To never run out of money open the text box and type in (excluding the quotaion 
marks) "rosebud;;" and then press enter to gain $1000 but the text box will 
stay open with code until you end the game so to gain more money click on the 
text box and hold down enter until you have reached the desired amount.

The copyright to the game The Sims and all The Sims Expansion Packs belongs to 
the game coporation Maxis and EA Games. I do not own either of these companies.

For contact or any help with the game cheats that I have posted you can contact 
me at anyone of these locations
EMail: [email protected]
Youtube: mckenna8237374
MySpace: Declan's Page

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