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---------BASIC GUIDE

---------Written by CHU Vegetta

Here, we are going to see some basic things about this game. First, we will see the menu of the game and the use of each icon. We will show 
the ranks you will be promoted, the reputation you may gain, the ships you can sail and their ammo.  In addition we present the types of relationship 
with other nations and some basic information about naval battles. Last but not least we will see how to trade stuffs.

------------MAIN MENU


1) Chronicle: Chronicle keeps the news of Carribbean. When you talk to other captains or governors, Chonicle is updated.
2) Log: This is your personal diary. There you can find your missions/quests, personal status, assets, the map of Caribbean
3) Options: Options of the game

In the right side of the screen there is a table. There you can see:
1) Your ships
2) Stats of the ships
3) Your supplies.
4) The map of Caribbean
5) Convoy Cargo's status (it is the barrel icon). This shows the supplies you have on your ships. Make sure it is full, othewise your crew will be in a 
bad mood and they will start rebillions.
6) Moral of the crew (it is the bar/ face item). Moral of your crew is a big deal. When the bar is green (the face is green) everything is fine. 
However this will not last a long time. After a few hours the bar will start getting red (and the little face too). That means that the crew is very sad.

What can i do if the moral of the crew is terrible? (the bar/ face is red)
The only thing you can do is to distribute booty. See below how you can do that. (See the B of Section "Main Menu")


Buildings/ items of a town

1) Governor's house. There you can find the governor. He is the one who commands you to complete quests/ missions
2) Inn. There you can either gamble or talk to persons.
3) Market Square. There you can buy-sell products
4) Dockyard. There you can sell or repair your ships
5) Treasure Chest (you will find it in some towns). Click it to distribute the booty
6) Flag. Information about the town.
7) Pirate Wanted Poster. Information about buccaneers.


The ranks are in order:

1) Shipboy
2) Ordinary Sailor
3) Sailor
4) Seaman
5) Helsman
6) Navigator
7) Captain
8) Admiral
9) Ruler of the sea

How to promote:

Complete Quests:

1) Capture enemy pirates and infamous buccaneers. A governor will command you to capture enemy pirates/ buccaneers.
2) Supply a town. A governor will inform you  which town need to be supplied with goodies.
3) Deliver important documents. A governor will ask you to deliver important documents to a town.
4) Deliver valuable packages.A governor will give you a package that you should deliver it to a town.
5) Explore towns/ locations and describe the condition to your governor. A governor will tell you what to explore.
6) Loot enemy ships. A governor will command you to loot enemy ships (see below "Letter of Marque")
7) Find sunken ships. A governor will tell you where to look. Find it and take your reward.
8) Annex a town. This is the main quest of the game. A governor will command you to conquer a town. Beware, you can always attack and annex 
a town but if the governor hasn't told you so, then the town doesn't belong to the annexations of the quest. In addition, the nation that lost the 
town will be mad at you. When you annex all the towns the governor has commanded, the game is over.

Other Missions:

1) Rescue castaway person. While sailing you will find castaway persons. Rescue and transport them to the town they would like to go and 
receive your reward.
2) Transoprt travellers. You will find them in the Inn. They will pay you to transfer them to a town.
3) Find treasures. Talk to a traveller and perhaps he gives you a map. (he is in the Inn)
4) Buy goodies. Talk to the person in the Inn and he will ask you to buy and bring him some goodies.

BEWARE: There is a time limit to complete the above Quests/ Missions. When the time limit goes off you fail in Quest/ Mission

---Letter of Marque: A governor gives this letter and authorizes you  to pursue and loot enemy nation ships. Your relations with enemy won't suffer. 
Beware, having this letter means that you can only loot ships. You  can't sink/ capture them without suffering your relations.
(see below the section "Capture enemy ships")


The following reputation is in order:

1) Inexperienced
2) Not Dangerous
3) Bold
4) Intrepid
5) Audacious
6) Infamous
7) Dangerous
8) Deadly
9) Unbelievable

How to gain reputation:

1) Capture pirates/ buccaneers
2) Persue enemy ships having a "Letter of Marque"
3) Find sunken ships.
4) Find treasures.


There are a few ships that you can sail. You will see them below, so can choose wisely what type of ship you need while battling. 
They ships are sort by size. The numbers next to the ships are: max speed in knots/ max cannons/ max crew

1) Pinnace:          10/ 8/ 30
2) Sloop:              11/ 14/ 40
3) Brig:                 11/ 16/ 50
4) Barque:            12/ 20/ 60
5) Flute Ship:       10/ 16/ 80
6) Frigate:            11/ 28/ 100
7) Caravel:           10/ 36/ 120
8) Carrack:          12/ 40/ 140
9) War Galleon:   13/ 46/ 160

Maybe someone is wondering which ship is the best. Unfortunately we can't answer that. War Galleon seems to be the best but it is not true.
You can sink a War Galleon using a Flute Ship. That happens because each ship has advantages and disavantages. A War Galleon has
many cannons and crewmen but it isn't easy do manoeuvres. On the other hand  it is easy to control a Brig or a Barque but they don't have 
the power of a Carrack or a War Galleon. Below we will see some general things about how to capture/ sink a ship

------------CANNON BALLS

There are three kind of cannon balls. Each of them damage certain parts of a ship.

1) Chain Shot: These cannon balls damage the sails of the enemy ship and also kill some of the crewmen.
2) Scatter Shot: Use it to damage enemy crewmen.
3) Heavy Ball: Fire these cannon balls to damage enemy ship.

Beware. If you want to capture or loot an enemy ship don't fire always with the Heavy balls because you will sink it. Fire with Chain Shots/
Scatter Shots to reduce the enemy crew and then capture the ship. (see below the section "Capture enemy ships")


Let's see now what you can do while battling

1) Sink a ship: It is the easiest thing you can do. Fire always with HeavyBalls to sink it.
2) Loot/ Capture a ship:
a) Loot: While battling enable the option  "Board enemy ship" (it is an icon like a hook. It  becomes green  when you enable it). 
First , reduce the enemy crew and then go close to the enemy ship to capture it. Your crew and the enemy crew will start fighting and whoever 
has the more crewmen is going to win. Then prees the button "Loot" to get all their stuffs and set the ship free.
TIP: If you have a "Letter of Marque" your relations with enemy nation won't suffer. 
b) Capture: Same as above but now press the button "Capture". You get all the stuffs and the ship 

If you see that you are losing a battle, go to the edge of the screen to flee.


Good relationship with other nations is a very important thing. There are 4 types of relationship.

1) Hunted: Unfortunately you are the most hated person around Carribeean. This nation is mad at you. You can't trade stuffs neither repair your
ships at the towns of this nation. Sometimes, maybe enemy ships attack to you.
2) Hostile: A little bit better than be Hunted. However, you can't trade neither repair your ships at this nation's towns.
3) Neutral: Your relationship is good enough. You can trade with them and repair your ships.There is no problem with this nation.
4) Friendly: Congratulations! You are a hero and they really like you. It is the best relationship you can have.You have completed most of the 
missions/quests and governors are very happy.

Why my relationship is:
Hunted/ Hostile?: There are several reasons for that.
1) Failed in missions/quests.
2) Loot other nation ships without a "Letter of Marque".
3) Capture/ Sink other nation ships.
4) Annex town without the permission of your governor.

What can i do to renew my relationship?
It is very simple. A governor will ask you to pay him some money and your relationship will be renewed.


Products you can trade:

1) Grain               10) Timber                18) Iron   
2) Fish                 11) Hemp                  19) Pottery
3) Meat               12) Tobacco              20) Clothing
4) Potatoes        13) Dyes
6) Rum                14) Cocoa
7) Cloth               15) Sugar
8) Salt                 16) Cottom 
9) Brick               17) Wine

Besides the other things you can do during the game (naval battles, complete missions etc), you might decide to become a great trader too. 
The only thing you need to know is the basic economic theory "buy low-sell high". 

a) Where do i buy cheap products?
This is very simple. While sailing around (left) click a town or sail into the harbor and click the Flag icon. You will read the normal production
of that town. There you can buy cheap those products.

b) Where do i sell high?
This is a little bit more complicated. There are two ways to learn where to sell high.
1) While sailing, go close to a town and some icons will suddenly appear on the building. Read them and learn what citizens desire.
e.g. Maybe these icons report that there is lack of food or fish/ timder etc is  scarce. What that means? There you can sell some products high. 
(If there is lack of food, sell them food. If a product is scarce in a town, that means you can sell it high there. It is simple as that)
2) Read often the Chronicle. Chronicle keeps the news of Carribean. Learn what towns pirates looted or where there is an outbreak of a plague.
Go there and sell the products that they need.

If you face problems PM(PrivateMessage) me at cheathappens, e-mail [email protected]

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