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Ok tennis lovers this is the basics for Top Spin for xbox. If you have comments or 
questions contact me at [email protected]

Getting Sponsors:

It is easy to get a sponsor. Just beat the person they put you against. If you 
complete all the challenges for the sponsor go to another one. It is a great way to 
make coins if you need them.


You don't need this skill very much unless you want to put all of your effort 
toward winning by hitting the ball once. So i would recommend 1-2 stars.


I recommend that you make your forehand 4-5 stars. This is one of the most useful 


I recommend that you make this 2-4 stars it isn't that necessary as the forehand. 
Usually you use forehand more than backhand.


Very useful such as your forehand i recommend 3-5 stars. If you like to go up to 
the net and continously hit the ball this should be your main skill.

Getting that 15th star:

If you beat all of the challenging players in the game you will recieve this star. 
Go to Grand Slam tournaments to find such players.


Minor Pro:

Very easy simply put you probably only need 1-3 career stars to beat these 
tournaments (worth 15,000 a piece).


A lot more harder than minor pro. You need anything from a range of 6-10 career 
stars (worth 100,000 a piece).

Major Pro:

Very hard tournament! I would recommend 12-14 career stars for this tournament 
(worth 500,000 a piece).

Grand Slam:

Woah! The hardest tournament in the game. You need 14-15 career stars. This is 
where the best players are (worth 1,000,000 a piece).

Spending Coins:

If you have coins on hand I would recommend these things:

1. Build up your career stars first before anything else
2. Buy new rackets and other essential materials
3. Buy all new clothes for the look

This concludes my guide if you have questions or comments or if you thought this 
guide was of no use to you contact me at [email protected]

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