Battle the Real Shadow - Guide for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

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Sonic Adventure 2:Battle

Attention Sonic fans in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle in the last stage in the space 
sation Ark Sonic&Shadow battle the real shadow.Shadow the hegehog is not the ulitate 
life form?This last stage is geting weirer and weirder.Any way this tip will help 
destroy the realll shadow!!!!!!!!

According to my tip they are two parts to this battle first part is that you dodge 
his attacks which are shadow ball,bite,bombing,charge.Then when he gets his energy 
form his life force orb grind the pipe coming out of it mouth.Then use homing attack 
to hit the orb in his back.Then when he use bombing attack homing attack until hit 
the orb.To switch between Sonic & Shadow go under FinalHazard and change 
characters.After you beat both bosses then warb the space station back into 
orbit.The n suddenly Processor Gerald Robbink aka Dr.Eggmans GrandPa  stops balabing 
on the scrren in the reserach lab in the station.Then Sonic is sad because Shadow 
the Hegehog died when the real shadow destroed him.Then the rolling credits pop 
up .Then after the credits it shows what reallly  happend on the Space Colony Ark 50 
years ago.

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