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LAST UPDATE: 24_10_04

I have gotten all sorts of beans! Where are they for?
Go to Starbeans Café. Then you can turn them into super helpfull drinks and items!

What does STACHE in my status mean?
How more STACHE, how more chance you get of a LUCKY attack.

Theres someone in a garden that wants to make a photo for 100 coins. Where is that 
It changes the photo in your status!

Can i save the game after i have beaten it?
Nope, i am sorry for for you but no.

What do the circles with crosses in it on the floor mean?
Smash Luigi in the ground and let him dig up underneath the cross to get a Chuckle 

How do i get Teehee beans? They seem to be rare!
Play mini games. The Mine Kart game, The Border jump mini game and other mini games!
Hermie wants somethng to put on his shell. Where is that thing?
Search the island for two blocks and break them. You will meat a star. Bring him to 

Queen Bean is unbeatable!! How can i ever beat her?!
Kill both her arms to make her vulnerable to your attacks for a while.

I heared something about hurting Luigi and getting coins! Is that true and how can 
it be done?
hehehe... Are you angry at Luigi? Let Luigi flatten Mario with the hammer then set 
Luigi to High-Jump. Let Luigi jump on Mario but let Mario jump just before Luigi 
lands on him. It will take 1 Hp away from Luigi, and it will get you ONE free coin.

How many HP has Cackletta's heart?
exactly thousand HP.

Any classic characters from other games appearing here?
Hahahahaha! Oh, excuse me.  Go to the first room of the theater and look at the 

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