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Contents:  I: FAQ
           II: Other Hints and tips
           III: Legal Crud 
           IIII: Thank yous  
        I: Heres a really easy way to beat Serris. When the battle starts,
roll into morph ball form to avoid Serris as he whizzes around the room at Speed 
Booster speed. Once he's called down, hold down R so that you're always ready to 
use missiles; this will come in handy. Just wait till you see Serris coming towards 
you, then pump as many missiles as you can into its face. Next, quickly jump then 
cling onto the latter on the top of the room beacause when Serris gets hit it flys 
around the room super fast. Now it may seem stupid to hold up onto the ladder but 
its actually helpfull in 2 ways; 1stly beacause Serris hardly ever zooms up there 
and 2nd cause even if you do get hit up there, u still fall onto a platform instead 
into Serris' tank, which is the most dangerous part of the place. Anyway, keep 
doing the above untill Serris explodes and out comes a- surprise- Core X. Heres my 
stategy to beat it: Just keep pelting it with missiles. Its so fast its near 
impossible to dodge it, so instead get hit with it and concentrate on the missiles. 
After 5 hits it'll die, regaining Samus' Speed Booster ability.

II: Fake Screw Attack: U can only use this when u have the charge beam. Charge up 
your beam, then summersault into an enemy. It'll kill 'em all in 1 hit, exept for 
Beat The thing next to your ship at the end of the game: all i can say is hold L 
and keep on shooting. after it turns orange then red it'll die.

III: I only allow this walkthrough to be used by:
                                            AND NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!
IIII: I'd like to thank:   Gamestop, for letting me get metroid fusion for 
$18.99....        , for publishing this....
                           My Dad, who let me stay up till 11:00 to fianally beat 
this....                   AND YOU, FOR READING THIS!

My email is: [email protected] Email me for cheats and hints on almost all 
rated E gameboy games.          

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