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                 Beat the Elite Four with weaklings!

********************************** STEP 1 ************************************
You will need six of these pokemon(at least at lvl 50)(* means this is best choice)
*Blaziken/Swampert/the highest evolution of Trecko 
*Groundon (absolutely must have, he is necessary n you'll see why)

If you have one pokemon from each group, youll have a strong eletrc, Flying, 
Psychic,ground,water, and a beginning pokemon,which will must likely be ure 
strongest. These will whip the Elites. The pokemon in the front of the groups were 
the ones I personally have, but the stars I realized were better.

************************************* STEP 2 **************************************
Make absoulty sure that Groundon knows the following 4 moves:
Fire Blast/Flamethrower*
*solarbeam/giga drain

   These moves will make Groundon as strong as he can get this early ( or late ) in 
the game.Same criteria as top,* best,move in front is what i used, since i used the 
better moves previously. These moves are rare tho. First, thunderbolt is found after 
completing the New Mauville side quest, but thunder is found in Lilycove for $5500. 
Solarbeam may take 2 turns to hit, but groundon's special effect allows it to attack 
in just one turn, making it better than giga drain. Fire Blast is what Groundon will 
no when u catch him(if u fainted him shame on u!), but flamethrower can only be 
learned thru lvl ups.
************************************** Step 3 *************************************

Run back or fly back to ure mama and get the amulet coin from her. equip it to ure 
pschic poke. then fly back to rustboro and travel back to the two girls u fought 
long ago. Da one in the green is lady cindy, and if u fight her with the amulet coin 
equipped poke, you'll get around $13000.Aftert this, go back into the petalburg 
woods, hop down the steps, and battle the fist kid u see after gettin outta da 
forest. This kid gives u $10000 or so if u win with the amulet coinned poke. Repeat 
this for a few times, and ull be filthy rich! Use this money to go buy 12 hyper 
potions, and about 20 or so lemonades. Now you r sayin "why lemonades?" i no it. 
Lemonades restore 80 H.P. and only cost $350 at the top floor of Lilycove Depot.

Now ull need to become a berry grower and plant berries in almost every place u saw 
them growing. After u plant berriers, water them each 3 times every 5 hrs. if 
possible. This way. everyday u will reecieve 3 times what u planted! Focus on 
planting Leepas,as they work like ethers,only less expense way less.
************************************** Step 4 ***********************************

Coming soon cuz i gotta go. It'll be out like 3 days afta u see this.

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