Beat the GM Mode! - Guide for WWE SmackDown vs. Raw

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I will show you how to beat the GM mode the first time around.  After the first 
time it's easy as pie...

Method #1
Set up the GM Mode for two controllers.  Have controller #1 be what brand you 
want, the other to control the other brand.  This is the time consuming way but 
you will always get the GM tropie and $40,000 and unlock several nice things 
about this mode.

Method #2
First unlock every WWE Legend.  Set up for one player.  Select the brand you 
want.  Make X number of Legends become advalibe to be signed up.  Find ways to 
get them on your roster.  It sould be noted that with the Legends that they 
cost more but will get you more fans.  This method doesn't always work as you 
will be playing a computer that care nothing but ratings.

When you beat the GM mode you will unlock...
Superstar Happyness: Get way for you keep a superstar if you don't give them a 
title match...
Money: Pay with money are no money (everything is free!)
Inguries: Tired of superstars getting hurt?  With this they no longer need 
Trades: Now can make the computer dumb enough to accept any trade...
Well, $40,000 isn't realy an unlock item however that money can be used to 
unlock more stuff.
If I remenber correctly you also unlock the Saturday Night Main Event arena as 

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