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1--- roxanne
recommended pokemon level: 16+
what to do:
if you picked treecko or mudkip in the beginning, this will be a piece of cake, 
since grass and water beat rock.  don't overestimate yourself, though. her 
nosepass can be really tough, even if you have the advantage, so train hard 
first.  If you picked torchic, don't worry. you can catch a pokemon such as 
seedot, lotad, wingull, marill or shroomish to take this one.

2--- brawly
recommended pokemon level: 20+
what to do:
brawly can be tough no matter which pokemon you chose in the beginning.  The 
best way is to catch and train a flying pokemon, such as zubat and wingull, or 
a psychic pokemon, such as ralts.  ralts is very hard to find, but highly 
recommended because if you catch one it will grow to be very strong.

3--- wattson
recommended pokemon level: 25+
what to do: 
gym leaders have come a long way since you battled brawly.  His pokemon are 
much stronger.  If you chose mudkip, you can use mud shot to clear this one 
easily.  with torchic, you can use fire moves to take down his steel pokemon.  
treecko has no advantages, but luckily grass is resistant to electric, so hope 
is not lost.

4--- flannery
recommended pokemon level: 30+
what to do:
if you chose any pokemon besides mudkip, the best thing to do is to catch a 
water pokemon, such as lotad, marill or wingull.  all her pokemon are pretty 
easy to beat with water, but watch out for torkoal- it is surprisingly tough.  
it is very important to bring potions to battles like this, and be careful she 
doesn't wear out your PP.

5--- norman
recommended pokemon level: 35+
what to do:
strong fighting pokemon are hard to come by, so if you caught a makuhita or a 
machop, now would be the time to use it.  if not, using a starter pokemon that 
knows strong moves is sure to bring him down.  remember to be prepared and 
watch out for the slaking.  here is where strategy really becomes important.

6--- winona
recommended pokemon level: 35+
what to do:
this is pretty easy if you bring along the right pokemon.  flying is weak 
against rock and ice, but your best bet is probably electric.  use a pokemon 
such as electrike, magneton, voltorb or pikachu and this should be a snap.

7--- tate and liza
recommended pokemon level: 40+
what to do: 
they can be much more difficult than the previous gym leaders, so train hard.  
the unique double gym battle requires a change in strategy, but if you bring 
the right pokemon you can use this to your advantage.  the xatu is best 
defeated with electicity, but watch out if the claydol uses earthquake.  you 
may want to beat xatu either as soon as you can or very last.  the rest of 
their pokemon have a rock or ground subtype, so use strong water or grass moves 
against them.

8--- juan
recommended pokemon level: 45+
what to do:
juan uses water pokemon, so most of them are beat easily using grass or 
electric moves.  his kingdra is pretty much the only real challenge.  it has 
stong moves, and uses rest to restore hp.  if you cant beat him the regular 
way, yu may need to wear out all his PP.  bring along plenty of restorative 
items for this battle.

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