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				Win with one Pokemon

This FAQ will tell you a easy way to beat the League Four and Champion with just one 
pokemon. This is useful for when you need to evolve another Pokemon. Just give the 
other Pokemon an experience share and go. GOOD LUCK!
Oh Yah and make sure you follow these tips exactly if you use this. 
Thx                                       XOXOXO


Pokemon - Swampert
Level – 100
Hold Item – Shell Bell or Leftovers so you will win with full  health!
Moves –
1.) Surf     pp 15/15
2.) Earthquake     pp 10/10  or less
3.) Strength     pp 15/15
4.) Ice Beam    pp 10/10
               (sorry I cant help you with getting these moves)
			Beating the League Four

Sidney (aka Creepy Dude )

Pokemon                                       Move

Mightyena Lv:46       -             Ice Beam
Cacturne   Lv:46       -             Ice Beam
Sharpedo  Lv:48       -             Strength 
(This will deduct Hp but if you have leftovers or shell bell you’ll get them right 
back, or you wont die without 20 HP)
Absol        Lv:49       -             Ice Beam
Shifiry     Lv:48       -             Ice Beam

              WTG                  YOU WIN!

Pheobe – (aka  Ghost Girl )

Pokemon                                          Move

You know what this might be easier on you and me.
Just use surf on all of her pokemon they should all be one hit Koed. If not you will 
have enough surf for a few extra shots just in case. Just make sure you leave 4 or 5.

        WTG       YOU JUST BEAT LEAGUE 4 person #2

Glacia ( aka Ice Queen )

Pokemon               Lv:                                    Move

Glalie                  50                              Strength
Sealeo                50                              Strength
Sealeo              52                                Strength
Glalia                52                                Strength
Walrein            53                                Earthquake

                Well you get the picture!

Drake ( aka Dragon Dude )

Okay this is an easy one too. Just use Ice Beam on every single on of them. That 
should do it and don’t worry about running out of pp because you wont need Ice Beam 
after this. And Never doubt me.

Steven ( aka THE CHAMPION ) no, no stupid name for        
                                                        This one.

Pokemon                 Lv:                   Move

Skarmory            57                   Surf
Aggron                56                   Surf
Cradily                56                   Earthquake
Claydol                55                   Surf
Metagross          58                   Earthquake
Armaldo             56                   Earthquake

               You just beat the league four!

If you want to know how many experience you get from each pokemon in the league four 
I will be publishing that later. Look for more of My FAQs on cheat codes.
Smell yah l8er!

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