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I: Guide
II: Other cool hints
III: Legal Crud  
    I: Most people would think Ridley(X) to be one of the hardest boss' in the 
game. But if U use my guide, he'll be the easiest. Here's the secret: when the 
battle starts, run over to the frozen Ridley and stand in place for about 5 
seconds. Now run all the way back as far as you can to the right. Ridley's eye's 
should glow red then turn back to gray. After about another 5 seconds he should 
turn all blurry then get a little bigger, then turn a blackish- grayish shade of 
color. Now charge up your beam and shoot him. It would seem wiser to shoot him with 
fully charged Diffusion Missiles, but save your missiles for when Ridley picks you 
up. If he attacks with his tail, wait till it's touching the hairs on Samus' chinny 
chin chin before daring a quick run across the room. After he turns from black to 
red, switch to missles and fire away. A few missles later he should explode and 
turn into a (don't you wish those X knew variety?!) Core-X. Deafeat it the usual 
way then absorb the thorny membrane to recover the Screw 

    II: Fake Screw Attack: If you already read my walkthrough on "Beat Serris 
really easily" then u need not read this, but if u haven't, heres how: charge up 
your beam fully and summersault into an enemy. The enemy will die immediatly. 
This attack has both a good and bad aftereffect: the good is that if it's a enemy 
that gives you almost no time to absorb the X (like those little blue guys that 
shoot yellow balls) you'll be standing right in the X so you'll absorb it before it 
has time to reform; bad news is that if it's a strong enemy, the FSA may not always 
kill it the first time, but u still take the damage. So a good lesson to know is 
never, ever FSA an SA- X or something thats super powerful.

   III: I only allow this walkthrough to be used by the following:

   (of course) 

  And, please, NOTHING ELSE

If u would like to use this walkthrough on your website, email me at 
[email protected]                             

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