Beat the SA-X for the Final Time - Guide for Metroid Fusion

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  M M     M M E         TT     R      R   O   O   I   D   D
  M  M   M  M EEEEE     TT     RRRRRRR   O     O  I   D    D
  M   M M   M E         TT     R      R   O   O   I   D   D  
  M    M    M EEEEEE    TT     R       R    O   IIIII DDDD 
  F      U    U S          I    O   O    N N   N
  FFFF   U    U SSSSSSSS   I   O     O   N  N  N
  F       U  U         S   I    O   O    N   N N
  F        UU   SSSSSSSS IIIII    O      N    NN  
                     (METROID FUSION)

Beat the SA-X for the last Time

I. version info
II. Beat the SA-X
III. leagal stuff

    I. Version Info
  version 1.0: first version
  version 1.1: second version. fixed grammactical errors
   II. Beat the SA-X
Part 1. First, you go to the top door. It will be locked. You will hear an an 
explosion and see the SA-X. You can only hurt it with charged shots so charge away. 
Now, every time you hit it screw-attack to the side you shot, but only jump once. 
Don't space-jump. Hit it 15-20 times.

Part 2. After you hit it as many times as needed, it will kneel down and transform 
into a giant t-rex type thing. All it does is jump around trying to land on you. 
Just run the opposite of the way it jumped. Hit it 3-4 times with charge shots. 
NOTE: DO Not screw jump in to it. you will go through it but there's a glitch 
that makes all of your attacks will go through it, too.

Part 3. An eye core-x. Jump after every time you shoot a missle. Screw-attacking it 
will release 8 x's (mostly green ones). Hit it 6 times and congratulations! You 
just defeated the hardest boss in the game!
III. legal mumbo-jumbo
I will only allow this walkthru to be used on the following websites:
If you violate this copywrite, I will sue you. My best friend's dad is a lawyer.

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