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                           * Table of Contents*
                         I: Introduction
                        II: Tips and Other Stuff
                       III: Legal Stuff
                        IV: Contact Info 
Hi. I'm making this FAQ in my spare time because I have nothing else to do. I hope 
it helps you to beat your game.
                            * Tips and Other Stuff*
Okay. So. The Space Pirates are actually really easy to beat. These are some tips 
and stuff that PEOPLE ALWAYS MESS UP ON:
        1. Before going through a door, unless your being chased, always wait that 
extra two seconds to have your pistol fully charged. Its amazing how taking 1.5 
seconds out of your life can save you.
        2. While exploring new rooms, check for places that have a dark shadow. Its 
good to know because if the S. Pirates chase you, its one of the best and only ways 
to hide.
        3. Don't hang around and wait for a Space Pirate to catch up to you, then 
shoot it. Congratulations, you just blew your lead.
        4. If your injured, ALWAYS go to a Save Room. I don't know why people don't. 
Again, take a couple of seconds out of your busy life, as it it might save you a 
                            *Legal Stuff*
This is my FAQ, so please contact me if you want to use my FAQ. Some days I'll surf 
around and find one of my FAQs on a site that never had my permission. 
I will find you and sue you if I find my FAQ on your site. Thank You.
                            *Contact Info*
               Email: either: [email protected] OR
                              [email protected]

   Thank you for letting me publish this (hopefully) and myself for 
writing it, and you for reading it. 

    (c) Daniel Kesner 2004-2005 All rights reserved. 

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