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         Boss list/Weakness/Way to Beat (In Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time)
                          Young Link’s Bosses:

2)King Dodongo
4)Ganondorf and Ganon

0. Introduction:- Okay, I've edited this guide a few times.But at least you will 
know how to beat Young Link's Bosses(And Ganondorf and Ganon). The day has finally 
come! I'm gonna figure out to beat Barinade and then edit the guide once more!

Hint: Press Ctrl and F(Or Alt and F) and type in one of the bosses in the 
contents. Example: 1. Gohma


Gohma level rating:Easy, Gohma is a bit hard for starters but if you know what to 
then it might get a bit easy.

About Gohma: Gohma is a parasite arachnid that Ganondorf sent into the Great Deku 

Weakness: It’s eye.

How to beat: After getting past the Deku Tree dungeon, you’ll end up fighting 
When you get into It’s lair, move forward and look up. Then it will see you and 
down from the ceiling.  First Z/L target it while moving away from it. When it’s 
is has a reddish color, use your slingshot or deku nuts on it’s eye and rapidly 
attack it with your sword until it moves away. (Remember keep Z/L targeting Gohma)
Gohma will then climb up on the ceiling and start laying eggs. Use the slingshot
 (Still Z/L targeting)
and it will fall down.This is a good opportunity to attack it’s eye.
Repeat this process until you beat Gohma.



King Dodongo rating level: Easy/Medium

About King Dodongo: King Dodongo(as said in it’s name) is the king of the Dodongo.
It is a prehistoric dinosaur.

Weakness: It’s mouth?

How to beat: When you get to him make sure you have a lot of bombs(optional) and at 
least four hearts. (You have to play mini games and look around Hyrule a lot to 
heart containers and heart pieces)
Start out by grabbing the bomb flowers at the side or your own bombs and have King 
Dodongo near you. Then throw the bomb into his mouth and slash him. He’s not to 
so repeat this process until you win. (I think he dies after about 3-5 hits)

3. Barinade

Barinade level rating: Medium-Hard

About Barinade: It is hard, so be very careful! I forgot what it was called but I 
can tell you that it has three forms.

How to beat: To beat Barinade, keep the boomerang on one of the C buttons/Stick and 
keep the Deku Shield equipped. First target one of the tentacles that attach 
Barinade to the ceiling and hit them with the boomerang (Make sure you are dodging 
the electric beams) . Repeat that process until all four of the tentacles are 
demolished. Then you’ll have to kill the jellyfish that swirl around Barinade.
Note: Leave one jellyfish so others don’t grow.
To kill them, wait until Barinade tires and stops spinning. Then kill a few 
jellyfish and aim for the bottom of Barinade and use your boomerang. (At least kill 
one jellyfish so you have time to hit Barinade.)
Then run to the part where you hit with the boomerang and slash there a few times.
After defeating all the jellyfish and hitting Barinade, it will be flying and you 
will have to either I think hit it with the boomerang or wait until it goes into 
Jabu Jabu’s "floor". Then rapidly hit the same spot until he dies off….

                                THE END… Wait,it's not the end!

Well that’s the end(No it's not me) of beating Young Link’s Bosses. If you have any 
questions, email me at [email protected] (Scroll down for a bonus)
                        Ganon and Ganondorf
Starting with Ganondorf....

Ganondorf Level rating:Hard

About Ganondorf:THE KING OF EVIL!!!!


How to beat:Okay,this guy is a pain!You don't even get to use li'l Navi to target!
You start out at the top room of Ganon's Castle.When the awesome cutscene is 
over,imediatly go to a side of the room with a little window or if you don't,you'll 
fall and take HEAVY damage.Okay,as soon as you get there,look at Ganondorf.He'll be 
sending you a blast of power so,knock it back to him by hitting the blast with your 
sword.Continue this game of"Tennis"which I like to call it until Ganondorf gets 
hit.Then shoot a LIGHT arrow right onto him,then either LONGSHOT to him,use the 
HOVER BOOTS,or JUMP to him.I usually jump to him.Then keep hitting him with your 
sword.To give him double the damage,use the QUICK SPIN ATTACK by keep on spinning 
the anolog stick and pressing B,you should land at least 3-4 blows from the spin 
attack.If you don't,go practice!Repeat this process until Ganondorf charges up to 
send a huge ball.While he is charging,shoot a LIGHT ARROW right at him.If you don't 
do it fast enough..........ouch!Then do the same thing and go to him and do the 
quick spin attack until he dies.....but then after the cutscene when he 
dies,Ganondorf will try and take you and Zelda down by crushing to the place.Zelda 
will open the doors for you!Well,just keep going and eventually you would Zelda 
will get surrounded by flames and you would have to fight TWO,I repeat TWO Stalfos!
Beat them and go on until you get outside.Then you'll have to go to the middle of 
the place after the the little cutscene.Man!How many cutscenes are there?
Well,ANOTHER cutscene will appear and Ganondorf will come out of the destroyed 
castle,and amazingly he'll turn into a Minitor,devil creature,pig like freak named 
GANON!Just a perfect boss!

Ganon level rating: Pretty easy yet it can be hard


Weakness:The tail

How to beat:YOU COULD USE NAVI!Wow nelly,now he's hard and huge!You will lose your 
Mastersword so all you have is your Megaton Hammer.You can also use the Biggoron's 
sword if you have it.To learn how to get it,go to the strategy guide,TheLynch 
made..Okay,now,Z/L target him and shoot a LIGHT arrow at his face,then roll under 
him and with the Megaton Hammer or Biggoron's sword,hit his tail.REpeat this 
process until he falls.WAIT!Your not done yet!The flames will stop and you could 
get the MASTERSWORD!Now,go to the side where the flames were and shoot a LIGHt 
arrow at his tail.You will get barbecued but,at least you hit him.But you could 
have just went to Ganon.Okay,continue what I said before except you'll use the 
Mastersword.Then Ganon will fall and Zelda will use all her power to make him stay 
still and your Mastersword will glow with the power to take ganon down!Okay,go to 
Ganon's head and hit it.........And...........CONGRATULATIONS!YOU BEAT THE GAME!


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