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This is my first FAQ, guide, whatever you want to call it. Just go easy on me! 
When you first start the game, all the people will be doing a lot of talking, 
so just stay patient. If you hold the (a) button down, the text will go a 
little faster, but not much.

1.Rookie Mission- Dont fear failure.
2.Mission 1-Escort the Professor
3.Mission 2-Fall city case log
4.Mission 3-Grimer outbreak
5.Mission 4-Wheres Politoed?
6.Mission 5-Clear the rockfalls
7.Mission 6-The wayward wanderer
8.Mission 7-Three Challenges...and?
9.Mission 8-Save the jungle relic
10.Mission 9-Investgate the factory
11.Mission 10-Find the aquamole parts
12.Mission 11-Aquamole to the north
13.Mission 12-Hideout infultration
14.Mission 13-Fiore temple
15.Special Mission 1-Search the safra sea
16.Special Mission 2-Summerland rescue duo
17.Special Mission 3-Temple's sinister shadows?
18.Ranger Net Mission 1-Gain deoxys trust?!
19.Ranger Net Mission 2- Rescue celebi
20.Ranger Net Mission 3- Find mew, the mirage
21.Unlocked Pokemon

1.Rookie Mission-Dont fear failure!

1. THe first thing you are going to do is tap on the box near the bridge and 
talk to a couple of people. Then you are going to head north on the bridge and 
meet Spencer, the ranger leader of Ringtown. You are going to run into a 
houndoom bothering a Minun(if you are a boy) or a Plusle(if you are a girl). 
Spencer is going to take care of the houndoom and you will catch the Minun or 
PLusle. You will then be lead to the ranger base and introduced to the people 
2. Spencer will ask you to find Larry's lost pokemon(a taillow) in the Lyra 
Forest. This is you "test." YOu should capture a zigzagoon and chikorita. THen 
go talk to spencer again and find the taillow.
3. Taillow flys around but rests every few seconds so thats is when you 
capture it. 
4. WHen you are about to leave hte forest, two trees will catch on fire. Go 
catch a mudkip and use its field move to out out the tree(spencer will explain 
how to use a field move). 

I will be back with guides on the other mission later.!!

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