Beating the Gym Leaders - Guide for Pokemon Ruby

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This is how i belive is one of the easist ways to beat the gym 
Rustobo City
Gym Leader: Roxanne
   Evolve Torchic into Combusken (lv 16),then use Double Kick on her pokemon. OR 
catch a Slakoth in Petalburg Woods & raise it to lv. 13-15. Trade it in Rustobo for 
Makuhita and ,well you get the rest.

Dewford Town
Gym Leader: Brawly
   Evolve Mudkip into Marshstomp (lv 16), then use Mud Shot on his pokemon. OR 
train Wingull and Tailow to lv 14-17. Use wing attack on his pokemon and the badge 
is yours.

Mauville City
Gym Leader: Wattson
   Both Combusken and Marshstomp can easily beat Wattson. OR just train a ground-
type pokemon to lv 20 and you'll win.(Makuhita can hold its own against Wattson)

Lavaridge Town
Gym Leader: Flannery
   Evolve Wingull into Pelipper lv 25. just in case, use an old rod(Dewford Town) 
to catch a Magikarp and evolve it into Gyrados.

Petalburg Town
Gym Leader: Norman
   I won by using a Combusken/Pelipper combo. Because Slaking loafs around every 
other turn, use Pelipper's Protect every turn Slaking attacks.Combusken can handle 

Fortree City
Gym Leader: Winona
   Pokemon needed to win: Magneton, Blaziken, Mightyena. Mightyena's effect causes 
Altaria to continuosly use Dragon Song, giving you time to attack. Magneton can 
take down Pelipper and Swellow and Blaziken can defeat Skarmory to secure the win

Mossdeep City
Gym Leader: Tate & Liza
    Pokemon needed to win: Mightyena, Carvanha/Sharpedo, Absol. Use Sharpedo's 
Crunch, Mightyena's Bite to win. Note: Solarock WILL USE SOLAR BEAM!!!!! so i 
suggest you keep switching Sharpedo with a fire-type

Sootopolis City
Gym Leader: Wallace
   Pokemon needed to win: Magneton, Lanturn, Tropius, Secptile, Grudoon. Just plain 
out use electric and grass-type attacks. when in trouble agaisnt Milotic, use 
Grudon's Earthquake.

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