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                                     =======---------*Luigi's Mansion*--------========
                                               ===---^Walkthrough of the Mansion^---===

Note: The walkthrough isn't done because of finger and time.

Table of Contents
- Controls
- Meet the Ghosts!
- How to catch a ghost
- Using Elemental ghosts
- Money and misc.
- Catching Boos
- Area 1
- Area 2
- Area 3
- Area 4
- Credits


- A button= search, open door, move an object, continue a conversation, choose an option, ect.
- L button= Use an element (Read "Using Elemental ghosts" for more info)
- R button= Use the Poltergust 3000 (The vacuum)
- Z button= View items, money, ghosts, ect. (use control stick to view ghosts, camera stick to select a ghost, 
A button to see info of selected ghost)
- Y button= 3d map of the mansion (Doors with a lock means it's locked, doors with lock but a key ontop 
means you have the key but you haven't unlocked it, doors that are normal are unlocked, A button to zoom in,  
camera stick for view a different angle, control stick to move map)
- X button=Search mode (This is important, A button to search and an A button on a mirror will bring you 
back to the front of the mansion; where you started)
- B button=Turn flashlight off (Hold down B to keep it off, releasew B to turn it on again)
- Control stick=Move
- Camera stick=Not used much, but used in map, inventory list, ect.

Meet the Ghosts!

- Normal Ghosts= They are the ones you have to face is the hallways, rooms, ect. The orange in the begining 
of the game are one, the long purple ones too. Those that grab and hold are too normal.

- Potrait Ghosts= The potrait ghosts are also boss ghosts, 4 of them though. Potrait ghosts are those that 
you'll need to do something different for them to show there heart. You won't find what you need to do by 
searching there heart, not much though. Some you won't need to catch to proceed, but you need to for some 
in order to continue the game!

- Boss Ghosts= 4 of them in total, all of them are potrait. But, just because I say they are portait it doesn't 
mean they are that easy! It gets much harder every boss beaten. Boss three, you need a certain number of 
boos to fight him. Boos four, will take a lot of work. Boss two, I have no idea if it will be that hard for you.

How to catch a Ghost
Before reading, I will show you the correct way of your hand on the controller.

Left Thumb= On the control stick
Right Thumb= On the camera stick
Right finger (first finger; the one you use to point at something for example)= On the R button

This technique makes it much easier to work through the game and catch ghosts.

- Step 1= I recommend keeping the flash light off when a ghost appears, then flash it when the ghost is very 
close. If you flash it from far away, you can't vacuum it and it will disappear (I learned this while catching the 
Mr. Bones for boss 2 to appear) Once they are stunned, there heart will appear an with a number.

- Step 2= Now start vacuming (R button). Remember the control layout I told you? Ok, once you are holding 
down the R button, use the Camera stick to hurl down the ghost, like fishing! Point the camera stick the 
opposite way from where the ghost is going, along with your control stick. Just remember, just like fishing.

- Step 3= If you are catching 1 ghost from 2, the other ghost may be coming to get you! Now, use the control 
stick while sucking in the ghost with the camera stick. Move, but still keep hurling the ghost. Thaty way, you 
can avoid the other one. So, it would be camera stick used for this "fishing" only while the control stick to 
move out of harms way from the other ghost that is comming.

The position of your fiingers is important!

Using Elemental ghosts

Once you get an element medal, the ghosts of it will appear. You will then need to fight ghosts that are only 
harmed by fire, ice, or water. But, the places that have fire, water, or ice in some way may have these element 
ghosts. They are little chubby fire, ice, or water looking ghosts with yellow eyes, and pop out when you get 
near water, fire, or ice spot. Suck them in the vacuum, you now have that element. Now you can shoot out fire, 
water, or ice from your vacuum (L button). Watch the element meter on the botton of your screen, once it's 
done, you'll need to find another of those ghosts in the same spot.

Money and misc.

- Money:
Golden mice
Money ghosts
Beating a potrait ghost

- Misc:
Mario's items
Element medals

Money is found everywhere! Cabinets, fans, pots, end tables, tables, drawers, treasure chests, ect. The amount 
of money you got when you finsih the game is what rank bonus mansion you get. Rank A is the best.

Catching Boos

In Area 2, you will have get a boo radar after a little scene you will have to go through. This button looking 
machine that will be ontop of the GB on the bottom of the screen will show you if a Boo related thing is 
around. Boos will have to be searched for in lighted rooms. So, when you defeat all the ghosts or a ghost, 
check. Unlike other ghosts, all you have to do is have the vacuum pointing at it until they reach to zero. If they 
go through a wall, go to the direction they went, out of the room. If you here them giggle, they have moved to 
another item.

The boo radar will flash yellow when you enter a room that has a boo. Go to places that you can move with the 
A button. When it flashes red, look for the nearest item, and press A infront of it and run to the center of the 
room! Why? Because you can get more than just a boo!

The Boo radar can detect boo bombs! So just because it's flashing red it doesn't mean it's a boo. A boo ball is 
nothing, does nothing. But keep searching if it's still flashing yellow or red, when the radar is blue, leave the 
room, no more boos here.

There are 50 boos in total, if you get them all, you'll get a golden gem!

Area 1


Ok, you have started the game. Once you're in the mansion, go up the stairs, and try to open the door you see 
in front (A button). You'll hear a ghost giggle. Walk down the stairs, you'll see a ghost (The purple light) 
around with a key. He spots you I guess and scrams to the door you just tried, leaving the key. Get the key, 
and go to the door, open it (A buttons again) and you'll enter the room.


Here, you'll meet Elvis Gadd. After all this, he'll ask you if you want to see the gallery, say no because I don't 
know how you can get out of there.

Ok, back in the lab, say you're going to the mansion. 


Back here. You'll see Toad, the mushroom dude crying. Talk to him (A button) and he'll talk and stuff. The 
lights will turn on, and save. Now walk up the stairs like last time, and go through the door.


Ok, see the candles? 2 sets of candles, blow them away with your vacuum and then the potraits will start to 
speak. After that, turn off that flash light, because it's gonna start gettin' crazy...well atleast if it's your frst 
time playing! Orange ghosts will start to appear. Remember the way of "How to catch a Ghost"? Use it, and 
suck them in until the lights turn on!

Now a chest will appear, open it (A button) to get the key for the door on the North East side of the room. Go 


Now, just like in the parlor, except there are purple ghosts too. Once the lights turn on, go to the door of the 
west side of the room.

==--Wardrobe Room

Here are not just orange ghosts, but the green banana ghosts as well. Slip on a banana and you loose health 
mister! There is a ghost on the far North West Wardrobe in the room, open the wardrobe (A button) to suck 
him and when the lights turn on, a key on the top shelf in the North West of the room will appear. Use your 
vacuum to get it down and go through the west door.


Here is another Toad, talk to him and save.

To be continued...

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